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The West, it seems, has lost interest in the crimes of Communist Russia now that the Cold War is over. But documents from a smuggled Soviet archive throw light not only on the past but also on the present.

Claire Berlinski  has been examining them. She writes in City Journal:

These documents … were available to anyone who wanted to consult them. But nobody did. Publishers were indifferent. Only a fraction of the documents had been translated into English. This was, I argued, a symptom of the world’s dangerous indifference to the enormity of Communist crimes.

One thing that the documents make clear is that the Soviet Union sponsored terrorism in the Middle East. Those who tried to convey this information during the Cold War to governments, politicians, foreign ministries, the media and academics, were met for the most part with a refusal even to entertain the possibility.  (I was one who tried and came up against a wall of denial – JB.]

It is one thing to know abstractly … that the Soviets sponsored terrorism in the Middle East. It is another to read a newly translated memorandum from longtime KGB head Yuri Andropov to Communist Party general secretary Leonid Brezhnev requesting authorization to fund a detailed plan by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to kill civilians around the world:

In a confidential conversation at a meeting with the KGB resident in Lebanon in April this year, [PFLP official] Wadia Haddad outlined a prospective program of sabotage and terrorism by the PLFP [sic]. . . . The PLFP is currently preparing a number of special operations, including strikes against large oil storage installations in various countries, . . . the destruction of oil tankers and super-tankers, actions against American and Israeli representatives in Iran, Greece, Ethiopia, Kenya, an attack on the Diamond center in Tel Aviv, etc. . . . We feel it would be feasible, at the next meeting, to give a generally favorable response to Wadia Haddad’s request.

The documents provide proof that the Russians paid for world-wide anti-US and anti-Israel demonstrations:

Also interesting is a document suggesting the pains taken by the KGB to ensure the eruption of “spontaneous” global demonstrations against Israel. According to the KGB’s estimates, spontaneously outraged Muslims cost approximately a quarter-rupee apiece: “The KGB station in India is capable of organizing a protest demonstration at the U.S. Embassy to India, with up to 20,000 Muslims participating. The expenses for organizing the demonstration would amount to 5,000 Indian rupees and be covered from the funds allocated by the CPSU Central Committee for special measures in India in 1969–1971.”

The Russians were active in stirring up terrorist rebellion and promoting Communist movements in South America:

That there was scarcely a miserable group of miscreants on the planet that the Soviets did not, in some fashion, fund, train, and encourage is vaguely known now by some; it should be widely known by all. … In a 1980 document .. the secretariat of the Central Committee resolves “to grant the request of the leadership of the Communist Party of El Salvador and task the Ministry of Civil Aviation with arranging, in September–October 1980, a shipment of 60–80 tons of small arms and ammunition of Western manufacture from Hanoi to Havana, for the Cuban comrades to transfer it to our Salvadoran friends.”

They sponsored propaganda against the United States to exploit deceptively the issue of racism. The documents show that Soviet support for the Civil Rights movement in America was not provided out of principle but entirely cynically as a Cold War ploy:

Above all, the documents suggest that the most enduringly pernicious fruit of the Soviet Union was its propaganda. The cliché view of the United States as a nation whose foreign policy may best be understood as an expression of racism — an interpretation that continues to hinder American efforts to do the world any good — largely emerged thanks to the Soviet Union’s energetic efforts, as a 1970 document details:

Because the rise of negro protest in the USA will bring definite difficulties to the ruling classes of the USA and will distract the attention of the Nixon administration from pursuing an active foreign policy, we would consider it feasible to implement a number of measures to support this movement and to assist its growth.

Therefore it is recommended to utilize the possibilities of the KGB in African countries to inspire political and public figures, youth, trade union and nationalist organizations to issue petitions, requests and statements to the UN, U.S. embassies in their countries and the U.S. government in defense of the rights of American negroes. To publish articles and letters accusing the U.S. government of genocide in the press of various African countries. Employing the possibilities of the KGB in New York and Washington, to influence the “Black Panthers” to address appeals to the UN and other international bodies for assistance in bringing the U.S. government’s policy of genocide toward American negroes to an end.

The archive has contemporary relevance because they draw “an impressive picture of a world-wide terrorist network, and leave one in no doubt that the Soviet Union deserves all the discredit for the emergence of international terrorism as a major factor in global politics.

Almost all the terrorist activity throughout the world between the late 1960s and the turn of the century was in the name of left-wing causes, and was promoted in one way or another by the Soviet Union, if not directly by funding and the supply of arms, at the very least by political support in international forums, chiefly the United Nations, and through influence on socialist parties in Europe and “national liberation” movements in the Third World.

Islamic terrorism began with the hijacking of civil aircraft by Palestinians under Arafat’s orders in 1970. He was leader of the PLO, an organization consisting of a number of factions including the PFLP – the Soviet’s foot in the Palestinian door.

In the light of what the documents prove, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Islam’s terrorist war against America and the non-Islamic world in general is an extension of the Cold War. The evil that Communist Russia did lives after it.

  • George

    The Russians are “in bed” with the jihadist movement against the USA. When Kruchev stated ” Americans , we will bury you ” , he did not mean by nuclear war. He meant by causing internal chaos from within , a divide & conquer movement, a causation of a financial collapse, and destruction of our great infrastructure. China is a real threat to America and they pose in a position to destroy our economy and our industry and like the gullible sheep we are here in America , we allow it willingly. North Korea is also a threat and that maniac in Iran is getting closer and closer to building a nuclear weapon and if he does he will use it on Israel and then attacks upon Europe and the USA will follow by that nut-case. Obama is in my opinion a “sleeper” president and embraces the radical Muslims who wish to destroy us and then he stabs our allies in the back. Radio talk show host Michael Savage stated — ” Liberalism is a mental disorder” . That is an understatement. I say— ” Liberalism is a form of demented psychosis “. The problem with Savage is that he is in my opinion a religious bigot who hates atheists and bashes atheists regularly and he gets many of his “facts” wrong constantly with his overt religious proselytizing and bigoted racist rants. I agree with Savage on patriotic issues.
    Many of these conservative radio talk show hosts don’t even know that there are a large percentage of secular conservatives out here , but because they (religious conservatives ) have been so blindly programmed to believe that to be a conservative you have to be a Bible-humping Judeo-Christian. There are communist cells as well as jihadist cells here in America and I find that frightening and disturbing. Many people are not aware the serious danger we are in . I wish our government were enforcing acts of treason and sedition , but if they did , many of them would be arrested. Both communism and radical Islam is making a resurgence while we here in America sit around being complacent and allow it to happen. Stupid is what stupid does !

    • Jed

      “Liberalism is a form of demented psychosis.” Haha, that made my day. It’s funny because it’s true.

      • George

        Hey Jed—check this out. I found it on the internet. I’ve been laughing hysterically.

        Question : You’re a business executive that handles a lot of money and you have a concealed firearm’s license and you’re walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly , a dangerous looking man with a huge knife comes around the corner and is running at you while screaming obscenities. You grab your 9mm Beretta and you are an expert marksman. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family. What do you do ?


        Well, that’s not enough information to answer the question ! Does the man look poor or oppressed ? Have I ever done anything to him that is inspiring him to attack ? Could we run away ? What does my wife think ? What about the kids feelings on this ? Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand ? What does the law say about this situation ? Is he really going to be happy by killing me ? Does he definately want to kill me or would he just be content to wound me or scare me ? If I were to call “time out” maybe we could negotiate or reason together and talk this over. If I told him “I feel your pain” maybe he will be understanding and change his mind. If I grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he is stabbing me ? This is all confusing ! I need to debate this with some of my friends for a few days to try to come to a conclusion.


        BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! click, click (sound of magazine being ejected and a fresh magazine installed ).
        Wife : ” Sweetheart , he looks like he’s still moving, what do you kids think ?”.
        Son: ” Mom’s right dad , I saw it too….”.
        Daughter: ” Nice grouping daddy ! “.

        • George

          LIBERAL: You do know that lesbians don’t suffer from depression , don’t you ?
          CONSERVATIVE: Yep, that’s because they all have got their problems licked !