A woman’s war 8

The armed intervention by the US (with NATO) in the erstwhile communist and disintegrating state of Yugoslavia at the end of the last century, was probably the most unjustifiable war America ever waged.

Why did the US  expend blood and treasure where absolutely no interest of its own was involved? Why did it go to the aid of the Muslims of Bosnia, and protect – as it still does – assorted Muslim terrorist gangs in Kosovo?  True the Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic was a nasty man, but he wasn’t harming America or Americans. And as brutes in power go, he fell well short of the standard set by Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Funny that the left was so against Saddam being overthrown by US arms, yet so ardently for the overthrow of Milosevic.

Now at last comes an answer to “why?”. A revelation. And it should be enough to make the most hawkish of us blush.

According to Samuel Mikolaski, whose article appears today at American Thinker, the answer is: because President Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright hated the Serbs.

At least “in part”  it was her “vitriolic, personal hatred of Serbs” that “facilitated” Clinton’s decision to “import Al Qaeda from Afghanistan into Bosnia”, and “skewed our foreign policy”.

Not since Helen of Troy had a woman’s emotion made nation go to war against nation. (Same part of the world, but a different sort of woman, and an opposite emotion.)

Samuel Mikolaski was born in the Balkans and grew up in Canada. He is a retired professor of theology, so understandably distressed by the “destruction and desecration of literally hundreds of churches, monasteries, cemeteries and other Christian landmarks, some of which are medieval treasures” by the Muslims to whom Kosovo has now been handed over (by the self-described Christian West!). “There are,” he writes, “more churches, monasteries and other Christian landmarks per square kilometer in Kosovo than anywhere else on earth”, because “Kosovo is to Serbian Orthodox Christians what Canterbury is to Anglicans and the Vatican to Roman Catholics.”

Although we don’t share the professor’s religious sensibilities, we do deplore the vandalism and philistinism. But the far greater outrage is the handing over of European territory to Muslim control.

There [was not] even a hint of anxiety or regret [on Clinton’s part] at what his importing of Al Qaeda into Bosnia was causing as they settled down, married Bosnian women, and began the process of imposing Islamic radicalism on Bosnia, which had become significantly secular since the expulsion of the Ottomans from Europe after World War I.

From Bosnia and Kosovo we now have one of the largest and most virulent drug cartels in the world, the worst of white slavery and prostitution trafficking into Europe, and terrorist training compounds. (Several of the 9/11 hijackers spent time in Bosnia among their Al Qaeda compatriots.) …

It is scarcely credible, but nevertheless true, that the Clinton Administration ignored the Islamic Declaration by Alija Izetbegović, former president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which he clearly urged Islamists in Bosnia and worldwide to take up jihad against the West. Instead they regarded him as “their boy,” ignoring the proliferating terrorist cells in Bosnia. …

The latest bombshell is the Council of Europe’s recently adopted report… that Kosovo leaders, including Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, are complicit in crime, including organ trafficking. There is now a strenuous effort to sweep the body parts issue under the rug lest it torpedo efforts to legitimize the illegally mandated separation of Kosovo from Serbia. The data are horrific: Serbian captive youths were selected on the basis of genetic compatibility for killing in order to harvest saleable body parts. … But there is an insuperable obstacle to effective judicial proceedings: Kosovo is tiny, and it is almost impossible to shelter witnesses, should they come forward. Testifying would mean signing a death warrant against oneself and one’s entire family. …

Apart from which, a self-imposed code of “omerta” has been adopted throughout Europe (and in America by the Obama administration), with regard to Islam: a state of affairs commented on by one of the world’s foremost authorities on Islam, Bernard Lewis, in a passage quoted at the end of the article:

[There is now] a degree of thought control and limitations of freedom of expression without parallel in the Western world since the 18th century … Islam and Islamic values now have a level of immunity from comment and criticism in the Western world that Christianity has lost and Judaism has never had.

Which provokes another “why?”.

  • Jillian Becker

    Re the Trackback link on this page:

    “White Pride World Wide” – Stormfront.org – and Nazis everywhere: We are appalled that anything we write should be quoted with approbation by you. We are disgusted by the anti-semitism in your comment section. We loathe all forms of collectivism, whether of the right or the left. We are freedom-loving individualists. To us, you are at least as despicable as the Communists.

    • George

      I agree with you totally Jillian. In my opinion , this Stormfront website is nothing but a bunch of racist white supremacist hate-mongering bigots claiming to only be promoting pride. What a bunch of BS with the garbage they post on their site. I detest bigotry of any kind from any race. I have read various racist propaganda comments on the site and it made my stomach turn. I have also detested IMHO comments by these new Black Panthers as well as the KKK .
      It is going to take intelligent , rational and civil minded people who can see beyond race /skin color , gender , or national origin to bring people together worldwide.

    • George

      Jillian , I came across a book at the bookstore that you will love. It’s a New York Times best Seller. The book is titled — ” INSIDE THE KINGDOM — My Life in Saudi Arabia ” by Carmen Bin Laden . Does that name sound familiar ? The book at the store that I was at had it for sale for $ 13.95 US dollars . The preface says that she married Osama Bin Laden’s brother and now she dares to tell the story. When I read the book I thought immediately of you. Please check it out.

      • Jillian Becker

        Thank you so much, George, for telling me about the book. Actually, I did know about it but hadn’t got round to reading it. I will now.

        Thank you for all the support you give us. We very much appreciate your contributions.

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  • George

    There is indeed “white slavery ” going on from Bosnia to Kosovo and there is also ” black slavery” going on in Sudan and other parts of sub-Saharan regions. There are slave labor camps of Asians coming out of China and Hispanic prostitution rings coming out of central and south America. People sit back and yawn while watching the TV news and simply shrug their shoulders . This is what happens when we don’t have any strong leadership. Welcome to the wussification of our political and social system. It’s pathetic !

  • Ralph

    Why is the most important question in the English language. Could it be that Christians have lost some of their faith? More likley it’s because the west has forgotten that individual liberties created the wealth we enjoy. If Ms. Albright hated the Serbs she is guilty of emotionalism and forgetting that western republics put her in a position to enforce her hate.

  • bornagainpagan

    This destruction of antiquities really bothers me. One must take the religious aspect out, as most any art or artifact that old has some god-like focus. When the Buddhas were bombed in Afghanistan, I was especially disheartened. “Why could this not be stopped?” I fear for the Egyptian treasures as well. Should the Caliphate become so powerful there, Isis will not be tolerated. I really hope I’m wrong.