The Church of Christ Sadist 9

CNN’s religious blog “belief” carries this report:

The Society of Jesus‘ Pacific Northwest unit and its insurers have agreed to pay a record $166.1 million to about 470 people who were sexually and psychologically abused as children by Jesuit priests from the 1940s to the 1990s, the victims’ attorneys said Friday.

Blaine Tamaki, an attorney in Yakima, Washington, described the payment as “the largest settlement between a religious order and abuse victims in the history of the United States.”

The Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus is now in federal bankruptcy court in Portland, Oregon

“The $166.1 million is the largest settlement by a religious order in the history of the world,” Tamaki said. “Over 450 Native American children … were sexually abused repeatedly, from rape to sodomy, for decades

Jesuits are the world’s largest order of Catholic priests and are considered the most educated in the priesthood … [They] number about 19,000 worldwide, according to the Society of Jesus in the United States. …

The abuse primarily took place in Jesuit-operated mission schools and boarding schools on Indian reservations in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Oregon …

Most of the abuse occurred in the 1960s, so many of the alleged victims are now in their late 40s and early 50s, Tamaki said.

None of the 57 Jesuit priests accused of sexual abuse by the victims has been charged with any crimes, Tamika said. …

Forty-nine of the almost 100 victims represented by Tamaki were sexually abused when they were 8 years old or younger, he said. The remaining victims were ages 9 to 14 during the abuse, he said.

One of the victims, now dead, “was in third grade when the molestation began allegedly by a priest and a nun who worked with the Jesuit missionaries.”

Before he died, Lawrence provided a statement for Friday’s press conference: “The nun or one of the brothers would send me to the rectory to see (the priest). He would give me candy or call me special – and then he would molest me. They all did at various times,” his statement said.

Asked why he never told anyone outside the order about it, he replied “we were scared that if we uttered even one word, we would go to hell.”

With its doctrine of hell, Christianity is still a cruel religion.

(Thanks to our commenter Macnvettes for the link.)

  • Frank

    And yet the Vatican still claims that atheists are the evil ones.

  • Macnvettes

    Apparently Newt Gingrich believes that atheists are actually islamists, and that christians should run the United States with biblical law. According to him the choice is between suicide bombers or child molesters (he is a catholic). The Republican candidate field is looking bleak this year. Herman Cain said yesterday that he would not appoint a muslim to a cabinet post, a statement that directly goes against the constitutional ban on a religious test for political office. I just hope we can have a candidate who actually FOLLOWS the constitution instead of cherry-picking it like they do the bible.

  • George

    The catholic nuns went into Africa and spoke out against birth control and the use of condoms and now we have massive numbers of babies in poverty not able to be cared for and out of control STD’s because the nuns indoctrinated the people there against the use of prophylactics. Furthermore the catholic priests went into the African societies with a bowl of food in one hand and a bible in the other. They offered the first if one would accept and convert to the second. Certainly sounds like massive scale bribery to me.
    Everyone who has studied history extensively knows that Adolph Hitler was born and raised as a catholic and all his life he staunchly embraced and proselytized his catholic beliefs, yet the theologians in America have continued to spread the BIG LIE asserting that he was an atheist or pagan. Just read his book Mein Kampf ( My Story ) and read his vast speeches where he boasts of such strong religious beliefs.
    The catholic church has continued to cover up the child molestation scandal and instead of punishing the pedophile priests and having them arrested and banned from the church , the catholic church merely transferred them from one parrish to another as if being moved in a form of clergy chess game. And yet these are the people who purport to be so morally superior to everyone else. Spare me !

    • Macnvettes

      I also post on There are some bible-thumpers run amok there. Their excuse for the molestations is that the molesters weren’t acting in accordance with their christian faith. So, I pointed out that in the new testament, there are verses that promote hatred against gays, subjugation of women, and slavery. Of course, I just got bashed as an “anti-christian bigot”. Amazing hypocrisy on the part of the fundamentalists.

      • George

        Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims are the biggest hypocrites on earth. They have absolutely NO qualms about badmouthing secular freethinkers but they sure as heck cannot tolerate any criticism of any kind toward their beliefs. They can dish it out but they certainly can’t take it. The reason is because they have been so completely indoctrinated (brainwashed) to believe that they are the ultimate right and are so enlightened and anyone else who does not subscribe to their indoctrinated beliefs are evil, immoral, misquided, non-understanding, closed-minded, etc . It makes me want to puke when I see what mental robots or psychological puppets these individuals are.
        It’s mind boggling. They are so quick to call us “anti-Christian bigots” but it’s perfectly okay for them to be anti-secular bigots ( that’s the double standard and hypocrisy that they embrace proudly ). You’re actually wasting your time and effort trying to engage in any kind of rational discourse or dioalogue with them because their indoctrination precedes or over-rides rational thinking, common sense, logical analysis , skeptical inquiry, and reason.
        Even when they know they are wrong , they will still argue with you and denigrate you in order to “save face ” because of their out of control egotistical , narcissistic, and conceited mindset. These people are “mental puppets” to their indoctrination and your trying to communicate with them in any sense is a wasted effort and in vain. They have been mentally PROGRAMMED to think in one way and one way only and they will reject any and all other beliefs or point of view ( even if you put facts, proof, and evidence before their eyes ) it doesn’t matter. They are blindly loyal to their indoctrination and that’s the name of that tune.

        • Macnvettes

          I would actually expect any person of true faith to be hostile to non-believers, after all, they believe that they were handed down the law from god himself. The problem is that they overlook all of the blatant inaccuracies, contradictions and moral depravity involved in their faith. I think that the real reason that people cling to faith so much is psychological. You see, parents lie to their children, tell them stories about the easter bunny, santa claus, the tooth fairy, leprechauns, etc. Over time, all of these lies are revealed, and the kids feel like something has been taken away from them. Religion is the last lie of their childhood, so they cling to it fiercely like a child about to lose his last piece of candy to a bully called “truth”.

  • Macnvettes

    Hypocrisy alert:

    If, as most conservatives agree, it is prudent to link Islam to Islamic terrorism, why is it not ok to link catholicism to child molestation? There have been more priest molestations on U.S. soil than terrorist attacks.

    • Ralph

      I do link catholicism to child molestation as well as other crimes against humanity. These priests and nuns are felons and should be treated as such.

  • Macnvettes

    I ask you this: would you continue to donate to a “charity” after they have been found guilty of literally thousands of incidents of systematic child molestation? Especially knowing that your donations would be used to cover-up this abuse and pay out settlements?

    if the catholic church was truly a moral organization, they would shut their doors because they have proven time and again that they are ineffective at preventing abuse of children by their own employees.