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On March 20, Terry Jones, a Christian pastor in Florida, publicly burnt a copy of the Koran, a book that orders murder, slavery, cruelty, exploitation of women, intolerance, and aggressive war as religious duty.

On April 1 a shrieking pack of Afghans – Muslims, for whom the Koran is holy writ – killed 20 people, two of them by chopping their heads off, on the pretext that their feelings were hurt by Terry Jones’s little bonfire. (The victims all worked for the disgusting UN, but even that is not a reason to murder them.)

Senator Harry Reid of the Democratic Party and Senator Lindsey Graham of the Republican Party blame the killings not on those who perpetrated them but on Terry Jones, and suggest that Americans should be prevented by law from doing what he did.

Of the many comments published on the issue, the one we like best is by Mark Steyn. He writes:

In defense of freedom of expression … I have no expectations of Harry Reid or the New York Times [see also this comment], but I have nothing but total contempt for the wretched buffoon Graham.

A mob of deranged ululating blood-lusting head-hackers slaughter Norwegian female aid-workers and Nepalese guards — and we’re the ones with the problem?

Lindsey Graham is unfit for office. The good news is there’s no need for the excitable lads of Mazar e-Sharif to chop his head off because he’s already walking around with nothing up there. …

We are expending blood and treasure building an Afghanistan fit only for pederasts, tribal heroin cartels, and the blood-soaked savages of Mazar e-Sharif. … We are sending the message that the bedrock principles of free, pluralist societies will bend and crumble in a vain race to keep up with the ever touchier sensitivities of the perpetually aggrieved. … The real “racists” here are not this no-name pastor and his minimal flock but Reid, Graham, and the Times — for they assume that a significant proportion of Muslims are not responsible human beings but animals … If that is true [and it obviously is – JB], certain consequences follow therefrom. The abandonment of the First Amendment is not one of them. …

A society led by such “men” [as Lindsey Graham] cannot survive, and does not deserve to.

  • George

    If we didn’t have laws to protect us , the zealot Christians here in America would be doing to us what the Muslim terrorists are doing in the Middle East and other locations abroad. There was a time when America had blasphemy laws and people were imprisoned for insulting Christianity , Jesus, and the Bible. If the radical Christian zealots had their way , they would love to return to those days and practice the laws of The Old Testament. As a result , we atheists would be in deep doo doo !!!!

  • George

    I agree totally with Don L regarding what we need to do in regards to the Muslim animals . I agree that the pastor should not have burned the Qurans and started this uprising knowing what could be the result of his actions and yet at the same time , these barbaric murderers had no right murdering innocent people just because they claim that someone disrespected their religious book. They could have protested peacefully and voiced how they were offended by his ( the pastor’s ) actions and been civilized on the matter .
    I guarantee you , had the reverse been the case , and a Muslim cleric had burned a bunch of Bibles , the same Muslim individuals who went on a mudering spree and claimed to have been so outraged over the Quran burnings would have beem totally silent or even more , they would have been cheering and dancing in the streets if Bibles had been burned. Talk about a double-standard hypocrsy. I love this website and it keeps us informed of what is really going on in world society. If only people would pay attention , listen and act on it . The world is becoming increasingly fed up with the Muslim acts of terrorism all over the world and it’s going to come to a breaking point where people worldwide will say —- Enough is enough !!!!!!!! People are going to eventually come to the “end of their rope ” and will then fight back , but it won’t happen until there is even more widespread bloodshed and I only hope it won’t be too late before people wake up and see that you cannot reason with brainwashed religious fanatics. The other problem is that we have Muslim fanatics overseas and yet we have Christian fanatics here and so many atheists ( I hate to admit ) are so cowardly and lazy . It’s pathetic , sad and true !!!!! The truth hurts !!!!!!

  • George

    These Muslim animals no longer fear America because they see weakness in our political structure and a new America that is run by limp-wristed wimps. Our ulta-tolerance just may be the very thing that leads to our doom. We have the military might to crush them ( all of them ) but we ( or rather THEY in political power ) DO NOT have the will. They are so conserned about collateral damage and civilian casualties of war that they sacfifice our own American lives for the sake of these barbarians. It’s crazy. We now have mental patient inmates running the asylum.
    This terrorist problem would NOT be going on if we had men of conviction and guts running the show. We no longer have gutsy men like Gen. george Patton , Gen. John Pershing , America’s first air ace–Eddie Rickenbacker, Pres. Harry Truman and Pres. Ronald Reagan ( even Pres. John F. Kennedy had the guts to stand up to the USSR during the Cuban Missle Crises but he disappointed us at The Bay of Pigs ).
    We have a total nut- case leading Iran and is prepared to build a nuclear bomb and we sit around trying to negotiate or call ourselves promoting SANCTIONS as if that is going to deter these human psychopathic monsters. We have transformed form the GREATEST GENERATION to the GARBAGE GENERATION. It’s sickenening and pathetic ! I hate to even discuss this crap because I get so emotionally “worked up” just talking about it .
    We should have bombed the $#@% out of that nuclear facility in Iran. Instead of sending our troops over seas to get slaughtered just so these barbarians can rebuild and place a new Sharia law government in place of the old is totally asinine. Whatever happened to common sense ? Do people think anymore. Has the world gone completely mad ? Where is our real gutsy leadership ? Where are the men with valor, pride, guts, patriotic dedication and strength , decency, and devotion to doing the right thing ? where are they ? I know I’m an “old school” old fart but at least in spite of all the bad things that happened in my generation at least we had pride and dignity and stood up for something . I don’t want to get on another rant because I know it will be to no avail. All these posts on all of the websites just allow us to “vent our anger and frustration ” via text messages online but the fact still remains , nobody listens and it certainly isn’t going to make the politicians change their behavior and way of thinking. It just makes us feel good to vent ( and it keeps us informed ).
    More and more people of conviction need to let their voices be heard in the political arena , major newspapers , magazines, TV stations and talk radio and let the politicians know we are FED UP with how they are destroying our great country. We need to call and write our law- makers and other political leaders and voice our concern and frustration ( intelligently so ) and wake these individuals up or at least try to. If we keep on at this rate we will no longer have a country and sharia law will take over the world and our children, grand-children and generations thereafter for probably a few thousand years will be affected , tortured, enslaved and murdered.
    This situation worldwide is far beyond serious. A nation is only as good as it’s leadership. It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the problem we are now having in America. Now that I have gotten that off my chest , as I stated before ——————— Will the last real gutsy man in American political leadership please close the door and turn out the light !!!!!!!!! Semper Fi !!!!!!

    • George,

      Could not post to the other thread to respond to your P I C N I C comments. You are, inspite of your “tremendous history search” the victim of a hoax:

      Go Navy!

      Don L

      • George

        I know , but in spite of the hoax people later used the idea to promote and circulate it as such . I am aware of the hoax just like the THE LYNCH PAPERS ( a hoax ) , it’s just that it became so widespread in it’s usage. It had nothing to do with you Don L , just reflecting back in my early days of Jim Crow history. We’re still on the same page here. Anyway—— Go Marines I’ll fly 10,000 miles to smoke a camel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Marines !!!!

      • George

        Don L , I know all about the hoax and it’s origin . When researchers did extensive research on the origin of the term “picnic” it turned out that it was fabricated and no historical archives were found of it’s origin. It was found to be a joke and a fraud but the idea quickly spread as per the reason for it’s original intent. I am well aware of the HOAX and it’s origin. What I am saying is that in spite of the original hoax itself , it later became a widespread usage of the term that widely became an ethnic denigration. I know all about the hoax just like the hoax of the Willie Lynch Papers , so NO I’m NOT a victim of anything because I’m well aware how that all began and who started it but I’m refering to how it was spread. When they researched the Willie Lynch Papers they found it to have been a hoax but in spite of that the content of the document was actually put into practiced and believed and carried out by many racists in the antebellum south.
        The confederate Flag was not originally the symbol of the KKK but blacks having seen the KKK and various southern racists in the south carry out acts of terrorism , horror, lynhings and other racial attrocities under the banner of that flag have come to consider that symbolm as such ( and I’m a witness to this back in the day ). Also the German Swastika was originally the symbol of the national state of Germany and later the racist Nazis hijacked that sysmbol and turned it into a symbol of hate . My blonde haired German girlfriend even acknowledged this and I have studied this also extensively. I am well aware of how it started, when it started and WHY it started. I’m not going to dwell on this because I could go on and on and this is getting further OFF TOPIC just like on the other thread. Anyway — Semper Fi !

  • Ralph

    This reminds me of the U.S. flag burnings in the 1960s protesting the Vietnam war. To the best of my fading memory the flames did not incite mass murder. This is an example of the horrors produced by competing religions.

  • Lindsey Graham, John McCain and many others under the banner of free enterprise capitalisim banner are no better than progressive democrats in their promotion ogf government intervention into out lives. The republicans (conservatives – making me ask, again, what is being conserved) seek to intefer in private belief systems: you will believe in a god!!! The dems do it from a equalization of society perspective. Both are fake motives…power is the goal.

    The leadership of middle east nations and our own have it in their interest to keep a populace ignorant. In the mideast they are kept in the 16th century. Here we are just kept ignorant of the knowledge to make good personal decisions. A government-controlled and compulsory educational system that exists to produce socialist autmatons and keep unions happy is the tool in the US.

    Poor schools to wealthy school districts…more money doesn’t improve student performance…it only increases wages and pensions for administartors and teachers. If this were the mideast…the jackasses in WI would not be shouting shame…they’d be killing people because their unearned incomes are being normalized. Oh, study after study shows that decrease student class size has never improved student result…it merely gives teachers less work for the same pay!!! Add up to 90 days sick leave on a 9 month work year…hell of a deal. Workers rights my a__!

    I love Glen Beck and his researchers for their output as to connections and information NOT uncovered or reported by professional journalists (including FOX). He loses it when he goes off into god crap. Even stating many times the solution to the crisis is to suspend reason and have faith…arghhh!

    Yet, he has demonstrated clearly that the purposefully kept ignorant and illiterate muslim believers are being manipulated to do these insane acts. Not my favorite, but one of Bush’s objectives in the IRAQ war was to try to install a functioning republic (democracies always fail) in the middle of these islamic nuts. The problem is that Bush and all the politicians are central planning socialists and anything they install will be a dud to begin with.

    So, a republic in their midst woul;d be a good idea…it will take time to overcome generations of monarch and dictator foster religious-based hatred. It is too bad that a republic doesn’t exist here, anymore, so one in the mideast cannot be expected.

    If Iraq is allowed, by the Domestic Enemy in the White House, to get the “bomb”…I hope some general will take over and nuke the entire mohammed and god damned region!
    The time to try and rehabilitate these losers will be over…waste ’em!

    Have to stop…temperature rising. Oh, the jerk who burned the quoran…he’s a jerk….supposedly the original intent of the Constitutuion allowed us to be human…good and bad personal decisions. Reid and Graham looking into it suggests these learned statesman have forgotten the freedom of speech right/amendment. As have they all. Now I’m done…GRRRRR!

  • TyS

    Yes, Mr. Jones should have known that his actions would, most likely, incite the rabid Muslim hordes.

    But there is only one person (or group of people) who can be blaimed: the filthy mongrel subhuman animals who committed the murders.