Who should be spanked? 24

We said it was a mess, the intervention in Libya. It is. And the mess is getting messier, as this RedState article makes plain:

NATO’s operations to date in Libya have been a joke … Libyan Rebel Leader Abdel Fattah Younes has asked NATO to please quit the field. He wants them out of the way

He said: “Nato is moving very slowly, allowing Gaddafi forces to advance. Nato has become our problem. … One official calls another and then from the official to the head of Nato and from the head of Nato to the field commander. This takes eight hours.”

A part of NATO’s reticence comes from the fact that Libyan Strongman Muammar Khadafy [same guy spelt Gaddafi above] has started taking prisoners and using them as human shields.

Of course he has. That is what Arabs do. It should have been expected. Expect the rebels to do it too.

So much for Obama’s stated aim of the war: to protect civilians.

He let this girl, Samantha –  a political sentimentalist who’s been going about for years weeping for people she knows nothing about, and earning honors for doing so in the vicious circles of the left – persuade him, quite easily, that he suddenly had to “protect” Libyans from their own Ruthless Dictator (normal sort, this one established for forty years), and the result is more Libyans are being victimized than ever before.

What will the squabbling coalition diplomats and generals do now? Do they have a plan at all? A strategy? An objective?



  • George & Sean (alphabetical listing),

    Nice to see a virtual handshake. Picnic? Hmmm…don’t know if we should have fried chicken and watermelon for George or corned beef sandwiches and potato salad for Sean (Irish?). Just as long as you play nice. I’ll pray for you…har, har, Grrr!

    Go Navy!

    • George

      Now Don , you know we jarheads only eat snakes and lizzards. Of course a little soy sauce won’t hurt either ——— Yum yum . The few the proud –The Marines !!

  • Holy Crap!!! If I have to stop this car and straighten you guys out…

    Wait ’til your mother hears about this! LOL

    • George

      Holy Crap is right Don. I simply stated that Reagan ordered an air strike upon Qadaffi and it made Qadaffi shut up for quite some time. I had stated that one of Qadaffi’s sons was killed and Jillian Becker stated that was incorrect and I thanked her for the correction and then Sean comes along on here and reads me the riot act to both Jillian Becker and me and began making all sorts of personal ad hominem attacks upon me and Jillian. I thanked Jillian for the correction and then I got more and more hostile and arrogant coments from Sean . When I commented about Seans OFF TOPIC comments and his mean-spirited demeanor he got worse . ALL of this because of one single comment regarding one airstrike. Unbelievable ! Holy Crap is definately right. I said the same thing when I read the first response comment. Personally I consider it all a waste of time to even bother and I even consider it silly to even respond to such. There are more pressing issues to discuss than this nonsense. By the way, how was your weekend vacation get-away ?

      • Sean

        I really just wish you would acknowledge what you wrote (both the blanket Arab comment and the false Reagan/Qaddafi comment, both quoted in my last post). The rest of this is arguing over semantics.

        • Sean

          Finally, do you have any idea how frustrating it is to say to yourself, “Heck, I was an “Atheist conservative” for 15 years of my life, I wonder what this guy has to say?,” only to find frantic one-paragraph rants that attack me personally without addressing a single point I’ve made (other than a blanket denial, which doesn’t stand up to the evidence)? Well, I do.

          You could have had your fifth or sixth regular reader, but instead you revealed yourself to be too angry and far too persistently personal to be anywhere close to even-handed.

          I deal with a lot of anger issues too.

        • George

          Sean , if I recall , it was both Jillian and I that posted regardeding my original comment. Please go back and see if you’re confusing my comment with Jillian’s posting in response . I’m truly not sure here . I will go back and check to confirm . I don’t have any problem whatsoever with Arab people in any sense or form. I also ,if you believe it or not have quite a number of Muslim and Arab personal friends ( and I hate to use that cliche ) and I respect them completely and we get along perfectly and I would defend all of them by risking my life if necessary. This is not an Arab issue I’m referring to Sean . I’m ONLY referring to one action ( one single airstrike ) and THAT’S ALL ! PERIOD !!! Can we just leave it at that and not turn one single comment into a text message battle ? I don’t know you Sean and you don’t know me and everything I post on this comment page is concerning the fact that I am a pro-American patriot and a conservative atheist ( actually I’m an individualist , as I lean toward certain conservative principles — that’s all ). I’m sure you have a lot of experiences to share with all of as and the same vice versa. Oh , by the way Sean , I’m sure Don L will invite you and I both to his PICNIC and be relieved to know—— SITUATION SETTLED !!!!! Semper Fi !

      • Sean

        Also, I apologize for the fluffing Reagan comment. That was out of line. That was days ago, and my tone for the last three comments or so has been civil. Yours has been increasingly uncivil.

        • George

          Sean , I only made one comment of how Reagan ordered an airstrike upon Libya and the result was that Qadafii ( if this is the proper spelling ) kept quiet for quite some time. I am in total agreement with you that he failed to continue and finish the job. That’s ALL you had to say and leave it at that. Instead you got emotional and attacked me and Jillian Becker personally and started making What I consider to be attacking and arrogant comments to me and Jillian. Now , you started this Sean , and I accept your apology and I apologize for my heated response in kind.
          I have as many complaints if not more regarding Republicans as otherwise and I DO NOT pander to either party. Believe it or not , I consider the entire party system as being very divisive in our society as it has turned one half of the country against the other half when we are ALL suppose to be working together for the good of America in general . The original uncivil comments started with you and yes being an old fart JARHEAD my defense mechanism kicked into gear and I got pissed off and responded in kind and we’ll just leave it at that. Remember , we’re all in this together for the good of our country . Semper Fi !

  • Sean

    All this talk of “senseless rants,” and not a note of humility or even reason regarding the point I made that you, despite knowing better, wrote something untrue. Why can’t you simply deal with the fact that you got caught making something up?

    You’re so sensitive!

    • George


      Sean , you have been outed for being the internet troll that you are. Furthermore you are the LIAR ( not me ) considering that I said NOTHING about the Arab people whatsoever and I made no statement about “human shields ” and you can’t quote me anywhere of saying such. So the sensitivity is on YOUR part , not mine. I spoke about one incident about Reagan who ordered a bombing on Khadafy and you turn the matter into a spectacle. Who do you think you’re fooling ? I have encountered trolls like you before and I’m sure you won’t be the last. You came upon the website attacking both me and Jillian Becker. Jillian corrected me regarding when stated that it was Khadafy’s son that was killed and I thanked her for the correction when she stated that it wasn’t , and then YOU started your pathetic whining like a crybaby spouting off your jibberish about other OFF TOPIC issues which we were not even talking about. If you had wanted to make a correction or add additional comment or even make a rebuttal statement , no one would have rejected such, but the SENSITIVITY is upon you and not me.
      Therefore if you don’t have anything of true value or real substance to contribute to the original posting ( and stay on topioc ) that I repeatedly stated was about one person and one incident then go harrass others who want to listen to your BS.
      I’m not going to reduce myself to your level by getting into a name calling match with you as I have better things to do with my time than waste it with your defamatory comments and vitriol. Many people have made comments to this blog that have had different viewpoints and even opposing comments and furthermore the person that can’t admit about accusations that were not true is yourself , so go take your lies and deceit elsewhere. It is quite apparent that you only came upon this discussion forum to disrupt the civil disccourse which you are obviously incapable of engaging in .
      Everyone so far has been exchanging viewpoints ( both pro & con ) without any antagonistic exchange before you came upon this forum. Don’t waste our time and we are all aware what you’re up to. Everyone was getting alone fine before you came alone with your arrogance ( even people who disagreed or had differing views of certain topics ). Typical TROLL behavior. Go bug someone else who falls for your BS .

      • Sean

        “Furthermore you are the LIAR ( not me ) considering that I said NOTHING about the Arab people whatsoever and I made no statement about “human shields ” and you can’t quote me anywhere of saying such.”

        Yes I can, and I already have. Let me refresh your memory:

        “A part of NATO’s reticence comes from the fact that Libyan Strongman Muammar Khadafy [same guy spelt Gaddafi above] has started taking prisoners and using them as human shields.

        Of course he has. That is what Arabs do. It should have been expected.”

        Who is the “LIAR”? The evidence is there in black and white. I never said you were a racist, rather that you had written a racist thing. Just man up and acknowledge the plain meaning of your words, and quit attacking the messenger.

        As for Reagan, you wrote that “We didn’t hear crap from that $#@hole ever since.” That was false, as you acknowledged. I never addressed the question of Qaddafi’s son.

        I cannot for the life of me understand why you are so cordial with Jillian Becker when she corrects you, but you can’t even read your own words when I do. Shit, all I did was make a snarky remark about fluffing a mannequin and you go off the rails! TYPING IN ALL CAPS AND EVERYTHING!

        Seriously, chill out and READ MY RESPONSE BEFORE PASSING JUDGMENT.

        “Trolls,” by the way, write false statements to stir the pot. I’ve cited everything I’ve written, and I have taken pains to make sure I took nothing out of context. I’m even responding to you civilly, despite the fact that you have not behaved civilly toward me. (I acknowledge the incivility of my tone in the first comment.) The main diffrerence between us is that I responded to what you wrote, rather than call you names.

        • George

          Sean , let’s get something straight as this is getting tiresome. You claim that you have been responding to me civily and claim that I haven’t been civil to you . Bullcrap ! Let me quote you on statements that YOU made to me ( and they certainly WERE NOT civil ). I made ONE single post about one single bombing ordered by then President Reagan upon Libya and then YOU “went off on me. You stated to me and I quote — ” Too bad you’e so married to the notion that Republicans are tough and Democrats are wimps to be able to see the evidence before you ” Oh, gee , I guess that’s suppose to be civil . That comment itself is a lie . This is total nonsense considering the fact that I have admired and respected former President John F. Kennedy more than all of the Republican presidents after him.
          Then you go on again with your UNCIVIL statement and I quote — ” If you weren’t so busy fluffing your life-size mannequin of Reagan , you’d realize his actual record is very different from what the right wishes it was ” . Oh wow, I guess that arrogant remark was suppose to be civil ! Then you go on again by accusing me of having some ” nuance understanding of both Reagan and Libya” another one of your arrogant and sarcastic UNCIVIL quotes. These are just a few of the comments made by YOU since we’re on the subject of refreshing one’s memory. So don’t you dare tell ME to chill out —- . YOU need to chill out for crying out loud ! Get real.
          You stated — ” Obama is the first American President to do anything about Qadaffi since that bombing , outside of sanctions ” . I totally agree with that and you certainly are NOT going to get any argument out of me on that one . Also , I was NOT pandering to Jillian Becker but rather I thanked her for making a correction to me of something she stated I was in error of. If you had simply done the same thing then I would have certainly thanked you as well. But oh no , not you. You came upon the discussion forum right from the start making a personal ad hominem attack upon both me and Jillian Becker with your arrogant demeanor and then you have the unmitigated gall to twist it around and try to accuse me of being the one being uncivil. Spare me !
          You are obviously a military veteran of the Iraq war era and I’m also a military veteran of the Vietnam war era. I was in the Marines, my father was in the Navy and my grandfather was killed in the Army during the war and my grandmother had a large plaque on her wall from the president of the USA for my grandfather giving his life for his country. I come from a military family , so don’t lecture me on issues of the military—got it ?
          If you had simply posted a correction to me and stated how I was in error or for that matter if you had simply pointed out faults about Reagan and such , then fine, we can discuss it like mature grown up mature adults. You started the personal attacks and I gave it back. I am not a Republican by the way. I am a registered Libertarian and I was formerly registered as a Democrat. I even have a multitude of complaints about the Libertarian Party and I am certainly not a right-winger. You have never met me and know nothing about me and yet you come onto this discussion forum right from the start passing judgement and making your mean-spirited, arrogant and sarcastic remarks to me and then when I call your attention to it , you have the audacity to tell me I’m being uncivil. Who do you think you’re fooling. I made one posting about one bombing incident and you turn it into a fiasco. You can dish out your criticism but you certainly can’t take any criticism in return , and yet you dare tell me I’m ” so sensitive”. if you want to look at the one being ncivil then suggest that you look into the mirror. I spoke on one bombing air strike and then you go on and on about unrelated off topic political matters and you come across as someone who is intentionally trying to sabotage the dialogue . That certainly fits the definition of a troll so I don’t need you educating me on definitions.
          If you had wanted to add to the dialogue then go right ahead an do so , but you come upon this discussion forum not to add or to correct but to engage in your style of character assasination and to pick a fight. I’ve had several people correct me before and when i’m wrong I admit such and I would have done the same in your case as well but come on here with your hostile demeanor and comments then when I respond and tell you about it you try to make it appear as if you’re being mistreated. That’s not gonna fly and you know it.
          If you want to discuss the faults of Republicans and even conservatives in general then fine , let’s do so as I have no problem with that because I have no agenda or ax to grind with any party or political issue . I only asked you to knock off your arrogant and sarcastic personal attacks when making your point and that is all. If you can’t do that then I want no conversation with you whatsoever. You don’t have to agree with anything I say as I have only made it clear to you to just state your point and leave it at that and then a civil dialogue can go forth.

  • Sean

    “President Reagan then sent a sortie of attack jet fighter-bombers and bombed the living %$#@ out of that %$#hole with one of the bombs killing one of his sons. We didn’t hear crap from that $#@hole ever since.”

    You need to learn some history, both of you. Google “Lockarbie,” and see if you can say, “We didn’t hear crap from that $#@hole ever since” with a straight face. The fact is, Obama is the first American President to do anything about Qadaffi since that bombing, outside of some sanctions. Too bad you are so married to the notion that Republicans are tough and Democrats are wimps to be able to see the evidence before you.

    And just for fun, look up how Reagan responded to the death of 241 Marines in Lebanon. If you weren’t so busy fluffing your life-sized mannequin of Reagan, you’d realize that his actual record is very different from what the right wishes it was.

    • George

      Sean I was speaking of one singular incident and not going into a long dissertation like yourself. Nothing I said was any attack upon the Arab people and I don’t need to go learn any history as I am well aware of Reagan’s shortcomings and faults as well. I wasn’t speaking on that issue in the first place. I can find several faults and complaints about Reagan as well as others but I wasn’t speaking on those issues , so get your attitude in check next time you decide to badmouth anyone next time. If there was any error in anything I posted then you could have pointed it out civilily instead of acting like a jerk about it. I’m not going to let you lure me into some bickering contest also. I have been corrected before and I have admitted my errot in the past and you could have made your point without your beligerent drivel. You could have stated your point with a degree of tact on the other issues as well instead of your arrogant demeanor and ad hominem attack posting. First of all I’m not busy fluffing any life sized mannequinn whatsoever , but if you weren’t so busy flaunting your out of control ego instead of engaging in civil discourse then I certainly can do without it as well as the other posters as well.

      • Sean

        Based on your response, you obviously have a nuanced understanding of both Reagan and Libya. Why then do you write patently false things like, “President Reagan then sent a sortie of attack jet fighter-bombers and bombed the living %$#@ out of that %$#hole with one of the bombs killing one of his sons. We didn’t hear crap from that $#@hole ever since”? You didn’t have to write anything at all about Reagan, yet you went out of your way to lie about him! The least you could do is write something true, rather than something false about the situation!

        (Obviously there’s political advantage to bringing up a sequence of historical events that never occurred when one is contrasting Presidents of different parties, so I freely admit to my assumption that you like to make up stories about Reagan because you know deep down that Obama has been at least twice the badass regarding Libya than Reagan was. Not that I even support Presidential badassery, I’m just saying. Obama’s still sticking around to finish the job. No one ever really responded to Lockarbie. I also assume, by the way, that I’m at least partially wrong about that last assumption.)

        Of course, my tone means that you don’t have to respond to the substance of my arguments, so feel free to chalk this presentation of evidence as prepositions leading to a conclusion as just another cranky, emotional liberal screaming into the internet. What can I say? I enjoy a good logical spar. I’ll look elsewhere for someone appropriately armed.

        • George

          Sean , hear you go again on a senseless rant. When I posted my message , Jillian Becker made a correction to one of my comments and I thanked her for such . But oh no , not you — You come onto the comment page right from the start with your arrogant demeanor and attacking anyone who doesn’t buy into your radical left wing drivel. I can find fault in conservatives and especially Republicans as well. I am not a Democrat or a Republican by the way. This indicates that you are NOT commenting on this blog to simply make a point but rather to try to pick a fight and to do so intentionally. My original post had absolutely NOTHING to do with any political party ( liberal or conservative ) but only pointed out one singular individual ( Khadafy ) and one singular incident ( the pre-emptive strike ). Now , having said that , if you wanted to have added anything to this , then you were and are perfectly free to do so , but instead you come onto the comment page with the intent of sabotaging the dialogue. No one will reject any comment you have if it’s verifiable . If I am wrong I will admit to such which I have done on this site in the past as well and others are a witness to this fact .
          Your perpetual diatribe also shows that you are not trying to engage in civil discourse but to engage in antagonism toward anyone who does NOT agree with your political views. Furthermore as I have stated previously , my post was not regarding the promotion of ANY political perspective but touching on a singular event. I have no intent of sparring with you or anyone else , as I welcome all information of any true value ( even yours if such is the case ). If you have any contributory information or even a corrective rebuttal to make , you are free to do so and no one has rejected such. If you simply wanted to point out failures in Reagan and even Republican figures then I even welcome such info as I care to listen to both sides. It’s your abbrasive and attacking demeanor and attitude that is being pointed out –but obviously YOU still DON’T GET IT !!!!!

  • Sean

    Of course he has. That is what Arabs do.

    Right. All Arabs are human shield-users. Do you realize that Arab is an ethnicity? do you further realize that this makes the above sentence EXACTLY comparable to, “Of course he has. That’s what Jews/Blacks/Whites/Slavs do.”

    Just pointing out some overt racism among your assumptions. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you probably mean Muslims (although that’s hardly any better, and with the same relationship to the truth).

    As an Arabic-speaking veteran of the War in Iraq, I can assure you that there’s nothing Arab about using human shields, but that it has long been a standard tactic, both in the East and West, for an outnumbered or outgunned force.

    • George

      First of all Sean , I never stated that there was anything Arab about using human shields in the first place so where did you get this crap from in the first place ? I made no remark about the Arab people whatsoever and it is apparent that YOU are reading into something in my posting that isn’t there. NO ONE attacked anyone’s ethnicity and so the racist accusation on your part is invalid. My posting is about one singular person in Lybia and one singular incident and then you go off on a tangent making accusations turning the conversation into a racial issue. Get real ! The next time you decide to go internet trolling I suggest you pick a more willing site.

      • Sean

        “I never stated that there was anything Arab about using human shields in the first place so where did you get this crap from in the first place ?”
        –George, this thread

        “A part of NATO’s reticence comes from the fact that Libyan Strongman Muammar Khadafy [same guy spelt Gaddafi above] has started taking prisoners and using them as human shields.

        Of course he has. That is what Arabs do. It should have been expected.”
        –George, the blog post this thread is attached to


        Do you deny that you wrote the above, George? Then please stop with the over-sensitive hysterics and apply a smidge of critical thinking to your own posts. Maybe when people criticize, they have a point. Maybe they’ve gone too far. But you look like an intellectual midget when you flip the hell out without bothering to read the quoted passage. It’s called “shooting the messenger,” and it’s not a hallmark of good judgment.

        A decent response to this might have been, “Crap. I didn’t mean to imply that. I actually meant to say….” I’m fully capable of understanding the difference between a poor choice of words and a dyed-in-the-wool racist, but if you’re not a racist, acknowledging the obvious racism (intended or not) in what you wrote is simple honesty. You’re the one who turned it into a chapter in the culture war, not me.

        I clicked on this link because I thought an “Atheist Conservative” might be a bit more reasonable, but I guess it takes all kinds.

  • George

    A long time ago when President Ronald Reagan was our president , Libyan leader Khadafy began shooting off his big mouth and made threats to the USA and positioned himself as a clear and present danger to the USA and our allies. President Reagan then sent a sortie of attack jet fighter-bombers and bombed the living %$#@ out of that %$#hole with one of the bombs killing one of his sons. We didn’t hear crap from that $#@hole ever since. But now we have SuperWimp Obama in the office of the Presidency and now all the Middle East terrorists are laughing at us literally. Who should get spanked ? In my opinion Obama should get spanked (figuratively speaking ). Better yet , Obama should be impeached.
    I still to this very day can’t believe that the American people are so gullible and naive to elect Obama as our leader ( or rather our MISLEADER ) of our great nation. How could this happen ? Are people really this “mentally dead ” ? Obviously so !

    • Jillian Becker

      Agreed, George. Just a small correction. With that bombing Reagan had done, it wasn’t a son of Gaddafi that was reported killed. He claimed it was a “daughter” whom he had “adopted”. Thing is, Islam does not permit adoption, so he was just lying, but Gaddafi knew how to stimulate the tear-ducts of the sentimental left , media people, crocodile politicians, Christians, so he put out the story and it was duly swallowed. That bomb, by the way, stopped him from attempting any terrorist act for a good long time. Eventually – Lockerbie. Of course it was obvious that Gaddafi himself was responsible for the Lockerbie bomb. There were no free-lance terrorists running round in Gaddafi’s Libya. Not then. Now, al-Qaeda’s joining the rebels. Or so some say, and it’s more than likely.

      • George

        Thanks Jillian and I stand corrected regarding my stating ” Khadafy’s son ” , and I’m still wondering why we give many tens of billions of our American dollars and thousands of our American lives to support regiemes and nations that are anti-American and hate us for our beliefs and freedoms. We have poverty and unemployment here in America and yet we spend a gazillion of our American dollars supporting everybody else and particularly those who hate us and wish to destroy us. Correction noted and I’m still trying to figure this one out. Actually Jillian , I don’t think I ever will. I’m still in the puzzle zone . Thanks again !

        • George

          In addition to my previous statement Jillian , I heard a caller call in to a conservative radio talk show and ask the question — ” How can we ordinary American citizens figure out what is going on with the terrorist situation and what we need to do and yet the politicians in high office who are suppose to be leading us and making rational national defense and economic decisions can’t figure this out and do the right thing as necessary ?” Those weren’t the exact words but it was to that effect. The conservative radio talk show host replied by stating that the PC politicians know what they are doing and they are only concerned with their own power and control and being relected and making a name for themselves and many in the far left are actually pandering to our open enemies because they hate our American system and way of life and yet they have prospered from it. It’s mind boggling. These corrupt politicians will sell America out and risk the lives of a mass multitude of Americans just to promote their dubious socialist , perverted and anti-American agenda.
          The liberal left themselves are in my opinion anti-American and it has been asserted that the reason they support the enemies of America is because they actually believe the statement —- ” The enemy of my enemy is my friend” . What do you think Jillian ?