A burning issue 5

This video is from Answering Muslims.

We are generally against the burning of books. We say read the nasty, immoral, aggressive, often unintelligible, always unintelligent Koran rather than burn it. The more it is read with critical understanding, the more it is likely to be despised. But we can see the point of burning copies of it now, when Islam is waging war on us.

As for the Bible, we think of it as a work of literature. The “Old Testament” in the King James translation is full of great poetry. Its stories have had an effect on our culture for good or ill. There is no point in destroying the Jewish or Christian “scriptures”. But there is also no reason why copies of these books should be treated with any more respect than any other book.

So we’re not posting the video because we think Christianity is superior to Islam. Both are absurd; both have an innate tendency to totalitarianism; both have a history of cruelty.

We are posting it because it demonstrates that Obama’s administration is positively on the side of our enemy, Islam.

The (unnamed) presenter, however, extracts a different message from it. He thinks the present government of America is protecting Islam not because it likes it and wants to promote it, but because it is “politically correct” – which means stupidly leftist. (It is that too, of course, but we think Obama himself is emotionally pro-Muslim.) “America,” the presenter says, “dies a quiet death under the knife of  political correctness, leaving us with a strange heterogeneous mixture of dwindling greatness and Islamic supremacism.”

  • Ralph

    I would rather the Bible and Koran were covered in dust than in flames. I wish they were just reminders of mans barbaric past.

    Our government has substituted tolerance for freedom of speech. They don’t understand that you can’t tolerate or appease violent people whose goal is conquest. Go ask Neville I’m sure he knows.

    Some think we must abridge the first amendment in order to combat our enemies. I must differ with them. The first amendment is tyranny’s worst nightmare.

  • Macnvettes


    This is a video of the same person in Dearborn, MI trying to hand out copies of bibles to people leaving an Arab festival (he is arrested). I personally find these people annoying, and I always have choice words for them when they try to put crap on my door or hand me a pamphlet. Honestly, how do you think they would react to me giving them literature about god not existing and how they could save 10% of their money every year by not tithing? I do not agree with them being arrested, but I do see them as a bunch looking to provoke people. For some reason, christians are the only ones trying to convert people in the streets, I have never been handed a torah, koran, or any other mini holy book besides a bible, never been approached on a street corner or mall parking lot by anyone other than a panhandler or christian looking to convert me. And I have never gotten any religious material left on my door knob other than christian literature. Remember how “tolerant” christians are when atheists dare to put up a billboard stating that you don’t have to believe? http://friendlyatheist.com/2008/02/09/atheist-billboard-taken-down/
    That’s right: christians routinely abridge our freedom of speech! But yet they are insanely mad when they get treated the same way! Christians are a hypocritical bunch, and I hope that instances like the one in Dearborn wake them up to the fact that rights and laws need to be applied EQUALLY to all people, they should be just as tolerant of atheists as they want muslims to be of them!

    • George

      So true Macnvettes. I get the Jehovah Witness bunch canvassing in my neighborhood going door to door wanting to talk to me to convert me to their religious beliefs. I use to get ticked off and now I invite them in and start handing them a bunch of secular/atheist tracts and pamphlets in exchange and then I tell them I’m a Robert Green Ingersoll Witness and I want them to turn their lives over to Ingersoll and repent from having been hoodwinked with religion. For some reason they have chosen to avoid my home now and I have NO idea why ? Hmmmmmm, —-interesting .
      Then I had the same woman at the mall come up to me again and ask me again if I know that Jesus loves me and if I have accepted Jesus as my savior. I can’t repeat what I said to her on this discussion forum but let’s just say she won’t be coming near me again—if you get my drift.
      I had a man near the marina where I use to keep my boat come up to me and try to rant to me about creationism . When I told him I didn’t believe in any creationism he called me a fool. Oooooops , wrong thing to do pal . That’s when the jarhead in me came out . I then called him a stupid brainwashed a**hole and a bunch of other things I can’t repeat , also if you get my drift. Let’s just say he won’t be calling any other atheist a fool again . I went to the coin laundry and all over the laundry tables were religious Christian tract/pamphlets spread all around from a local church group and also Watchtower and Awake pamphlets from the Jehovah Witness bunch again. Oh gee, but we atheists are suppose to be the one’s so intollerant and the religious zealots are suppose to be the ones so understanding, open minded and enlightened. Pardon me while I vomit !
      I went into the restroom at the public library and all over the top of the urinals and on top of the toilet rear flush tank covers were Christian pamphlets trying to convert people over to their Christian beliefs . Oh , but we’re the intolerrant ones for rejecting them . I think I’m gonna throw up again. These people adamantly refuse to leave other people alone and then they have the nerve to act as if they are being persecuted when people stand up to them and reject their indoctrinated superstition. It’s really amazing how they think ( or rather DON’T think ).
      I was leaving the bookstore and three women were walking through the parking lot putting Christian religious leaflets under the windshields of parked cars in the parking lot and one walked up to me to give one to me. I told her NO I didn’t want one and they have NO right putting anything on other people’s private vehicles .
      I then asked her how would she feel if someone put a religious pamphlet on her vehicle promoting Islam , Hinduism , Scientology or atheism and she simply walked away and said “Goodnight sir”. She wouldn’t answer the question because she knew she wouldn’t want such and I psychologically “trapped” her so she departed quietly. This is the crap we as atheists have to put with routinely and no matter how many times you tell these people this or try to explain this to them , they will never figure it out or understand because they simply cannot think beyond their theological indoctrination. You’re wasting your time trying to reason with them as you may as well be talking to a brick wall.

  • George

    Just don’t burn my 1950’s issues of Dell comic books whatever you do !

  • Macnvettes

    The burning of any book because of its’ title does not offend me. The burning of individual books that have historical or sentimental value does. If you want to burn Mein Kampf, the Koran, Mao’s Little Red Book; because you deem them to be “evil”, go ahead, but include the bible on that list as well. I view books like I view guns. Neither books nor guns actually kill people, people do. The book or the gun merely provide an excuse or means to kill people.