Crushing the insurrection 11

Reforming, Syrian-style: on the orders of the Syrian dictator, Bashar Assad – whom Hillary Clinton calls a “reformer” – a tank squashes a citizen (or two).


  • George

    Hey PareshK  , I couldn’t respond to your post of 1 hour ago directly because the way the page is set up wouldn’t allow a direct reply in your comment window. I know exactly how you feel and what you’re referring to as I have been puzzled regarding the same thing.  I began to ponder on this often and then I listened a lot to the radio talk shows and listened to both liberal & a few conservative/libertarian atheists , read a ton of books and sort of have my own theory on this and I’ll explain.
                         When I say that I am a conservative , I am strictly referring to things such as lower taxes, less government intervention of our private lives, less government regulations on free and private enterprise, personal responsibility , protecting our soverignty and our borders , being pro-patriotic ( but not blind patriotism ) and protecting & supporting our American freedoms and the like.
                          There are SOME  things that I DO NOT want to conserve.  For example ,  many people refer to being conservative as meaning preserving old traditional practices, beliefs, customs, rituals, etc.    Think about it, ——————–  Should I ( a black man ) want to preserve slavery, Jim Crow segregation , misegenation laws, lynchings, and other forms of overt and legal & socially accepted discrimination ? Should a woman want to conserve the old style traditions of keeping women “barefeet and pregnant in the kitchen ” and treating women like chattel ? Should white men want to conserve (preserve ) old style traditions like the days when men settled arguments by duels, when gunslingers of the Wild Wild West were the order of the day, when mafia style “hitmen” terrorized communities with 45 caliber drum fed Tommy guns in “drive by”  shooting which is the same what the ghetto gangbangers are doing today ,  when Europeans fled Europe to this New World ( to flee religious tyranny ) only for many to want to re-establish religious indoctrination and enforce blasphemy laws, burn mentally ill or unsociably accepted  white women at the stake ( regarding them as witches ) and yet today’s “affirmative action” has now evolved into actual reverse-discrimination toward better qualified white males   ?  There are many things of the past I DO NOT want to conserve . Today , the biggest threat to world peace , freedom and survival is ISLAM.  They ( Muslims) know they do not now have the weaponry to defeat us but they have patience and are now using their deceitful stealth tactics proclaiming to only want to “assimilate” into our society when in reality they actually want to convert our society and take over via sharia. They  (Muslims) are literally laughing at us and are actually amazed at how a society of people who are so techninically  and industrially advanced can be such STUPID FOOLS !  They are amazed at how such advanced societies can be so gullible , naive , and such “SUCKERS” .
                            Americans are indoctrinated at birth even from the Baptism ceremony and then indoctrinated perpetually all their lives with  Christianity that is “spoon fed” down their throats routinely and as such they have become accustomed to accepting this indoctrination as a part of their daily and cultural  lives ,  and accept it  as fact without question.  Also , their “false pride” will not allow them to admit that they have been deceived as well as the fact that most can’t accept that this life is all we have and they can’t ( or don’t want to accept that death ends all ) and so the religion ( particularly Christianity ) becomes their adult mental  “security-blanket” that gives them a false sense of hopeful security  and confidence and hope for eternal afterlife longevity. So , hence, they are rational in one aspect (technology and industry & general education )  and yet in other parts of their lives are  totally irrational (via religion).  My college major was psychology and my minor was sociology and you should have seen the debates I had with my professors. I had one professor that wouldn’t even speak to me because I practically had the entire class asking his questions and challenging him after listening to my points which he couldn’t answer .  I had the same situation with my physical science professor.  The students loved me but the professors thought I was a pain in the a** and couldn’t stand me because I wouldn’t accept anything on face value and I challenged everyting they presented.   
                       This is generally why Christian conservatives can’t seem to shed the “GOD” mentality. It’s a lifelong forced indoctrination that has actually become a part of them and they haven’t been able to sever the ties and see that they have since childhood been brainwashed with pure superstition and mythology.

  • George

    You’re right PareshK .  What should scare the crap out of the average American is that this sicko social behavior could very well reach our shores here in America and become real life scenarios if we as a people as a whole don’t speak up and stand up and repel these  barbaric scoundrels.  Chit chatting and commenting to one another is fine and good but real change will come when we the people as a whole publicly say –ENOUGH IS ENOUGH on the public world-wide stage .  Otherwise our comments to one another are a wasted exchange getting us nowhere but only making one another feel good or venting our frustration to one another.
                    I constantly see letters to the editor in the local newspaper , articles in national media publications  and also where I live and I am frankly tired of being the only atheist responding and then getting attacked by reply letters from the radical christian community who actually believe that only a handfull of atheists exist in the metropolitan area ( or the nation for that matter ).  The local atheist/freethought group  may have a hundred members at a monthly meeting , yet not one of them will respond with a letter to the editor, make a call to a conservative talk radio program , e-mail a political legislator, speak out at a local political forum, or engage in any community activities to bring a positive image to secular freethought. This  is what frustrates the %$#@ out of me and constantly makes  me want to “throw in the towel ” out of frustration toward fellow atheists who take a lazy and cowardly position of failing to respond to the religious zealots.   It’s the same ole “preaching to the choir” as usual. This is the part that ATHEIST’S don’t WANT to hear but definately NEED to hear. We need to do more that just simply THINK outside of the box, but rather we need to ACT outside of the box to be truly effective and bring about real change.  This message is so hard to get across to fellow atheists and it makes me come to the belief that atheists  ( both liberal and conservative ) are NOT as rational as many proclaim to be. We need to address the mainstream media and address the mainstream politicians and the community at large and get the word out instead of just sitting around every day and making comments to news events. That’s all well and good , but that alone is NOT going to change ANYTHING.  I often feel like I’m talking to myself everytime I say this because NO ONE is openly taking heed to this on a widescale basis and/or  practicing this. This is why I have been harrassed and attacked so much because I have often felt like the “lone wolf” speaking out publicly and as a result I catch a bunch of “flak” for being openly assertive and outspoken in the public forum .  It’s going to take massive numbers of atheists to come out and speak up to get real change and if atheist don’t want to do this then I was right the first time in the fact that I’m wasting my %$*#ing time and effort. I don’t mean to sound abrasive PareshK but I’m becoming more and more pissed off at fellow atheists regarding our passiveness and silence on this serious widespread situation. The reason we are not progressing as we should is because of our complacency and refusal to publicly stand up and speak up.
                      I saw several letters to the editor in national and local print publications from christians saying how we need to return to biblical principles and claiming that america is slipping into moral decay because americans have turned from god and all that rubbish and yet the massive numbers of atheists don’t respond with rebuttals but they will post messages on secular blogs or boldly speak out in closed door monthly private meetings where they feel safe and secure and comfortable with like-minded people who automatically agree with them. They just sit around and whine to one another but refuse to publicly speak out.  I was going to write a rebuttal letter to the recent christian letters and then I asked myself —why should I when all the other atheists are silent and either too scared or too lazy to speak out while pretending to be too busy when it only takes a few minutes to write a letter or call a talk show or speak at a public forum.  Whenever I post a message that beats the same ole tired drum I get tags that say how so & so agrees with me but as soon as  I state that which atheists don’t want to be bothered with or are afraid to publicly speak out about then it’s total silence and no agreeable response. It’s so predictable and expected. This is why although I have been a member or several atheist groups,  I left ALL of them because of this same situation and nothing has changed. If I sound frustrated and bitter then I have every reason to be. It’s tiresome and pathetic.
                      PareshK , I don’t want to sound as though I’m massively complaining but the frustration is growing more and more each day.  I see why the Christians in America and the Muslims abroad have become so bold in their proselytizing . It’s because they smell weakness and are taking advantage of it. The weakness is from those who adamantly resuse to speak out publicly and stand up publicly.  Commenting to one anothe on news events is fine but this alone is NO going to change anything. If we refuse to do anything else then don’t expect anything else to change. There is an old saying—— ” If you keep on doing what you’re doing then you will keep on getting what you’ve got”  ,  also —   ” Insanity is expecting to get different results by continuing to do the same old thing” .  Unfortunately this message continues to fall upon deaf ears.

    • Andrew M

      I understand your frustration, but your efforts are futile: you can’t expect any consistency from a group defined by exclusion. Most atheists are still extremely close-minded liberals whose beliefs play into Islam’s evil goal without them realizing they’ll be the first ones the roving hordes will massacre. This in spite of so many of them being widely respected scientists, journalists, doctors, and researchers (but not politicians) of all stripes.

      You need to reach out to conservatives. For all the metaphysical pablum the Christian right spews out, their overall world image in relation to ours is actually less deluded than the credit-crazed, race-baiting, individual-grouping, deathly-threatening, Alinskified mind of a modern American liberal who happen to make up the majority of atheists in this country. The trick is to extol the virtues of atheists by appealing to their core principles – but with slim pickings for outwardly atheist role models, that’s something we as an out-group simply can’t crank out. Atheists are a group divided by their common belief in no gods, but they don’t realize the much more important thing they must introduce to the world: sciences of all kinds, including the traditionally Christian-dominated arenas of political science and moral science. Mastering these fields will convince the nation that good citizens don’t need God.

      • George

        These are exactly my sentiments as well Andrew. You are totally correct by saying that my efforts are FUTILE !!!!!!! The other problem is that I have only personally met 2 other atheists who identify themselves as conservatives and one other who identifies himself as libertarian.  Neither of them speaks out publicly, or write any letters routinely or speaks out in the liberal atheist groups from a conservative perspective. They tell me they agree with me in private but NEVER before anyone else.  What does that tell you ?    It’s amazing how the conservative christians act rational in their deeds but not their beliefs , while atheists claim to be rational in their secular beliefs but sit around on their rear ends talking to one another while doing NOTHING pragmatically. You’re absolutely correct and I agree.

      • Andrew, You took the words right out of my mouth.  George, I agree with you in theory, but in reality, I also believe it’s futile.  I live in northern Virginia.  (If you’re not familiar, it is typically very liberal and white collar).  Although there are plenty of bible thumpers here who are completely annoying, I view the liberals as the real problem.  At least the religious conservatives believe in all the other principles that I value – personal responsibility probably being the most important.

        I get into political debates with liberal friends and aquaintences all the time, and I am almost always shocked at how hollow and fallacious their arguments are.  I try to have some class and not pounce on them completely when I smell blood in the water.  Of course, I call this class, but really, my wife is keeping me in check to make sure I don’t upset half the people at a get-together!   🙂

        Let me elaborate:  This past weekend, the subject of the ground-zero mosque came up.  This is a tough one for those that oppose the mosque (as I do) because the details are very sketchy.  “The site is not exactly on ground zero, so how far do you want it?”  This is the toughest question for someone like me to answer.  Personally, I would say at least a few miles away or more, but I realize that this is an extreme position.

        Anyway, this liberal guy – not my friend, but a friend of a friend – brings it up.  I say what is the status of that thing anyway?  Someone looks it up on his smartphone.  (Me and this liberal acquaintence have already agreed to NOT talk politics).  It turns out, the project is moving on, and should be open in about 2 years.  I was shocked that Hannity/Rush/O’Reilly haven’t talked about this in ages – I just assumed it was dead.  Liberal dude says, “Uh-oh, someone call Sarah Palin!”  This really pissed me off because it was obviously directed at me, and he knows I am a conservative, but doesn’t know I’m an atheist.  (I think Palin is a bible-thumping idiot).  But, it was such a cheap-shot to level in my direction after we had already agreed to NOT talk politics.  (Why do libs always try to inject their political views with sarcasm and snide remarks?  John Stewart really comes to mind here).

        So I thought screw it and I said to him – “Oh you libs are always taking pot-shots at her.  But, you can’t possibly think Obama is doing a good job?  I mean, how can the President of the USA bring in the Mexican President to scold the Arizona gov on her immigration laws?  That is just one of the many crazy things he has done.”
        This guy says he thinks it’s ok because our Presidents always do that.  He cited us going to China and lecturing them on human rights as an example, and then proceeded to say that my logic was hypocritical.  Where do I even begin on this?  Uhh, first of all, my problem is with a foreign leader lecturing a STATE leader.  Arizona immigration is an internal issue – not something Calderon should even be given a forum to spout his 2 cents on.  Also, the USA lecturing China on human rights vs. Mexico lecturing one of our states on immigration is not even remotely comparable.  That’s like Obama going to China and scolding a local leader on his human rights records while the Premier of China has his arm around Obama.  I didn’t even bother bringing up the fact that Wolf Blitzer interviewed Calderon on Mexico’s immigration law, and it was practically identical to Arizona’s!!!!  But somehow, Arizona was wrong in his eyes.

        Sorry for the drawn-out response, but the point I am making is: this is why it’s futile.  Most liberals think like he does.  Nothing I could have said that day would change his mind, so I didn’t bother, and enjoyed the rest of the cookout.

        • George

          Hey PareshK , don’t worry about any “drawn out response” because I make them ALL of the time.  As far as your friend , the idea of people in the  Chinese government violating human rights such as forcing children into labor camps sweating at pennies a day , and women forced to not have any children or just male babies because of their population explosion  , or stealing  body parts from just executed prisoners and selling them on the “black market” is no comparison to the  Arizona law that is protecting the soveringty of our nation and the state law of  Arizona which is in protecting our borders and keeping illegal alliens out which the  Federal Government has failed miserably in doing.
                                   Also , President Obummer ( socialist slang) won’t let us drill in the Gulf but okays Brazil to drill and promises that we will buy the oil from Brazil after they put their oil rigs in our waters. If that isn’t the most assinine thing I have ever heard ,  I don’t know what is.  Then President Odrama (PC slang )  goes over to the Middle East and kisses every anti-American zealot tyrant he can and then claims he is working in the interest of America and our allies.   Now President “YoMamma” (ghetto slang)   and his cronnies have forced every anti-American agenda that is harmful to America and it’s citizens imaginable and brainwashed a**holes here in america actually think he is such a great president.  It makes me want to barf .
                               Liberals are totally emotional when it comes to politics and yet claim to be so rational on the subject of secularism which is also a joke. Conservatives claim to be so politically rational but simply just can’t get past the superstition of irrattional and emotional theology.  I have literally gotten up and walked out on many secular group meetings out of frustration after sitting there and listening to these left-wing liberal bozos rant & rave about liberal left-wing agendas masquerading under the guise of atheism/secular humanism & freethought. What a bunch of freakin’  bulls### !!!!  
                                        I can imagine how you feel guy.  It’s mind boggling. I have often “bitten my tongue” so to speak to keep from saying something I will later regret and get bannned from ever coming to the meetings again ( which I really couldn’t care less anyway ).  Do you remember my previous statement about being “between a rock and a hard place”  ?   It’s crazy man. We have people abroad who want to kill us and convert us and  President OLlama ( safari slang ) panders to them and gives them many tens of billions of dollars which they use to buy weapons and bombs to kill us. My question is , where is the massive public outrage ?  Why aren’t  Americans screaming from the rooftops ?  Why aren’t Americans marching and demonstrating in the streets ? What’s wrong with this picture ?

        • Great response George!  I especially liked all the Obama slangs – hilarious!

          I hav also been puzzled by the stuff you said.  Namely, how (most) conservatives always pride themselves on using logic, yet are so religion-oriented!  When I tell people (the few people I do tell) that I am an atheist conservative, they look at ME like I’m the weird guy.  Why isn’t the faction that prides itself on being logic-based FILLED with atheists?  I am truly puzzled by this.

  • Wow, this video is brutal.  For some reason, it was particularly difficult to watch after the soldier moved the body so the tank could run over it again length-wise.  Wow, just awful.

  • George

      It’s a society of sadistic insanity , yet these wackos actually believe they are acting in the name of HONOR.  If we don’t stand up , speak out and fight back , then this murderous insanity will reach  us and infiltrate our civil society and reduce us to the their barbaric culture . What has to happen next before people worldwide wake the %$#@ up and fight back and vote these anti-American corrupt politicians out of office and stand up for world civility ?  If we as a people don’t stand up and fight back , then this form of sadistic and murderous culture will become our culture if they take over. How can anyone watch this and not be fueled with anger and horror ?  How can any civilized person who sees all the murder-suicides going on by these terrorist  scum just causually sit around and shrug their shoulders and say ” oh well !”  — ?  How can any person with a conscious not be filled with anger and disgust after seeing what is going on by these hate-mongering murderous and tyrannical thugs ?  They love to kill !  They live to kill !  The live to hate !  They thrive in creating horror and destruction and yet they believe they are morally superior than everyone else.  It’s indeed madness and  insanity.  We need to speak out publicly and not just sit around posting messages and chit-chatting to each other about current events. We need to be more vocal on getting the word out to stop this crazy culture of horror .  We can’t just sit whining about how bad things are. We need to let our voices be heard everywhere. I was surfing the internet and saw websites bashing atheists by religious fanatics. Not one atheist on any of these website discussion forums replied with any rebuttals. Why ?  If we are 60 million atheists strong , then why are 60 million atheists or non-religious people silent ?  Why aren’t 60 million non-religious people letting their voices be heard ?  Why aren’t at least one atheist out of this figure responding in rebuttal to the attacks upon freethinkers which permeates our society ?  I love this website  and the discussion and posts by fellow conservative atheists but we need to do more .  The average citizen isn’t reading these messages and changing their ways.  To be blunt , we’re actually “preaching to the choir” to one another. This is all well and good to “stroke” one another’s egos and feelings but we need to do more . This world situation  is real  and getting more and more dangerous.  This is one of the most informative blogs out here , but we need to take this information and use it to get the word out to the general populace. I’m serious as a heart attack. The world is getting to be more and more a horrible place to live with this crazy murderous and tyrannical madness.  Go onto the internet and speak out on the various internet sites , write letters to the editor, call the radio talk shows , write your political representatives and speak up and stand up before it’s too late.  If these hate-mongering murderous scum take over , then world society will be cast back into the 7th century of darkness and it will probably be thousands of years when or if we ever recover .  Wake up people before it’s too late  !  Wake up ! Wake up ! Wake up ! Wake up ! 

    • Keith

      We may be 60 million non-religious people in this country but I am afraid that the number of conservatives among those is far smaller. I agree we need to make our voices heard but I don’t have to be an atheist to have my voice heard. I speak up for those who can’t to those who can help just like you suggest. It may be cowardly to not thump my chest proclaiming my atheism but I have found that doing so negates any good I am trying to do.
      When our numbers get to a point where we can’t be dismissed then we can affect change from out of the shadows. Until then I am a vocal conservative first and an atheist when I am pushed too far.

      • George

        Exactly my point but worded differently. I sit and converse with conservative christians regularly and believe it or not , with the exception of the religious aspect , I have more in common with and get along better with many of them than I do the liberal atheists . I actually do not want atheists to go about “thumping their chests ” but to simply not let ourselves be pushed around and publicly belittled and not defend ourselves as needed.  I do not go about wearing my atheism on my sleeves , but when I am attacked for being a secular freethinker ,  I then stand my ground and defend my position as a proud atheist. I actually lean toward the conservative and yet politically I am a  libertarian ( and yes indeed I can find faults even in both of these ‘camps” as well ).  Keep up the good work Keith !