It was all Satan’s fault 3


  • Macnvettes

    So, my question is why didn’t he retire in 1994 after he got it wrong the 1st time?   The answer is that he hadn’t bilked enough people out of their money yet!  This 2011 prediction was just one last stunt to raise some cash before retirement.  There are more atheists than anyone knows, and I would say that a good deal of them are preachers who spread false hope in the name of profit.  In the words of Seneca the Younger, “Religion to the poor is true, to the rich, false, and to the rulers, useful.”

  • Scrims2

    Well he actually did almost get it right. He said he was a puppet of Satan. And since the results of religious brainwashing on human behavior in real life does amount to about the same thing…

  • George

    That’s right folks , it was all the fault of Satan ( aka –The Devil ).   You do know who Satan is , don’t you ?  You see folks , it’s all the fault of that red man whoa has horns growing out of head, having a long arrow tipped tail and always carries a pitchfork so he can poke people into fiery underground caverns and ovens beneath the earth. 
                    You see folks, the fundamentalists even have video recordings of these underground habitats of hell for all the non-repentent sinners up here on the earth’s surface.  You see folks , it was ALL because his calculations were off. That’s right. You see folks , when he was doing his calculations , he forgot to carry the 2 and that  just threw everything in diassaray.  Now because he failed to use an electronic calculator , all these people who sold alll their belongings, and cringed in utter fear are now upset because he failed in simple math  in elementary school and just couldn’t get the math right.
           Now don’t go around and blame this guy just because his weak batteries failed in his thrift-store calculator and his calculations were in error.  I’m sure he’ll get it right next time and of course we all know for sure next time he will definately be  certain with his calculations and of course these things just happen and we should all should be more understanding and compassionate of his good intentions.
                            You see folks all us heathens, heretics, infidels, and godless lost souls will one day be floating around in irreligious cyberspace because of our rejection of the marvels of  THEOLOGICAL CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST ENLIGHTENMENT .   Just stay tuned folks and he’ll definately get it right the next time—–after all we just need to be more tollerant and understanding  and stop being so secularly misguided and spiritually ignorant  . After all a dude named Jesus said so two thousand years ago and how on earth could we dare question that ?