Let’s blame the Jews 7

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  • Ben

    The Muslim menace  to Europe remind the German nazi one before the WW2. Both where accompanied by fierce antisemitism. The reactions  of Europeans on that antisemitism was similar to the political position toward Nazism and Islamism. If Britain will begin toresist Muslimsit`ll start to resist it`s antisemitism,I think.

  • Ralph

    If the Jews are to blame it means all us Anglo-Saxon -English guys are innocent. We didn’t make this mess. I feel much better. 

    • George

      It definately rules me out , that’s for sure !  I really feel even  better!     Political correctness has run amuk in our society fueled by the mass media and the special agenda forces who have their  own proverbial “axe to grind” .    As always , people are so busy engaging in finger pointing  , living in the past and refusing to put their ( or our ) heads togather to get this world SHOW on the road for the better of everyone. 

  • Andrew M

    America, this is your future Secretary of Islamophobia. Go Pat!

  • George

    Wow !      I’d give anything for Pat Condell to run for President of the USA . You’ve got my vote if you do Pat  !

    • George

      I’m replying to my own post as a continuation. I believe Pat Condell has a lot of guts but there were indeed one or two comments that he made which  he is in error on and is  patently untrue and I would have to go into elaborate detail to explain.  I support Pat Condell completely and we need more people with his fortitude .  We also need to support Israel as the only true civilized nation in the Middle East today. 

    • Macnvettes

      Unfortunately, he is politically a liberal.