We all fund terrorism 3

“Both the terrorist attacks and the good life that terrorists enjoy in prison are subsidized by aid money from governments that claim to oppose terrorism. And then go on to subsidize it anyway,” Daniel Greenfield writes at Front Page.

He describes the life of convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons:

Six years ago, Saeed Shalalde stabbed an Israeli chocolate manufacturer named Sasson Nuriel to death. Today Shalalde lives the good life in an Israeli prison. There terrorists mingle, throw parties, study for advanced degrees and stay in touch with their adoring fans on Facebook using their 3G mobile smartphones.

For Muslim terrorists in Israeli prisons, life is more like a vacation. Hamas terrorist Haytham Battat, who was responsible for the murder of four Israelis, uses his Facebook page to share Jihadi videos from YouTube. In his recent facebook photos, PFLP terrorist Saeed Omar, who was sentenced to nineteen years in jail, poses with his favorite soccer team’s banner, feasts with other terrorists on a table covered with dozens of dishes supplemented by bottles of Coca Cola, and posts scraps of poetry calling for the destruction of Israel. …

Other terrorists use smartphone video to go shopping with their friends and pick out their own clothes, which are then brought to them in prison, and remotely attend family events. …

And thankfully they’re not forced to watch television programming from the Zionist entity. Instead they enjoy satellite Arab TV channels. Courtesy of the Israeli prison system.

He explains how we are all being forced to fund terrorism:

One of the charges leveled against Saddam Hussein was that he was promoting terrorism by making payments to the families of suicide bombers. But every country that provides aid to the Palestinian Authority is indirectly doing the same thing. The only difference between what Saddam Hussein was doing, and what the EU and the US are doing, is that we have one degree of separation that provides plausible deniability. The Palestinian Authority [PA] acts as our middleman, requesting money for security and then doling it out to terrorists.

The Obama Administration dramatically escalated aid to terrorists. In 2008, it provided 600 million dollars worth of assistance to the Palestinian Authority. In 2009, it pledged 900 million dollars. By 2010, the PA had pulled in almost 4 billion dollars from international donors, including the US. But that hasn’t stopped [PA] Prime Minister Fayyad from denouncing US aid as “extortion”. Foreign aid makes up 60 percent of its Gross National Product. The Palestinian Authority does not have an economy. It has foreign aid.

The Palestinian Authority is run by terrorists. The shortest path to the top is to form your own terrorist cell and begin murdering Israeli civilians. And the reward is a chance to dip into the golden river of foreign aid and divert some of it [your] way. Terrorists who are on the loose enjoy wealth and international respect. And even when they are captured, they receive kid glove treatment in prison.

The tidal wave of human rights accusations leveled at Israel has caused the government to bend over backward to show how well it treats Muslim terrorists. IDF soldiers operate under tightly restricted rules of engagement, similar to those which are causing serious US casualties in Afghanistan. And Israeli prisons turn a blind eye to terrorists posting propaganda on Facebook from inside their own walls.

Do convicted Palestinian terrorists live more comfortably in Israeli prisons than their families do in Gaza? Maybe. But life in Gaza is nowhere near as bad as the BBC, CNN, the Guardian and the New York Times make it out to be.

Human rights activists often describe Gaza as a prison. A prison with free electricity and free water. While Israelis pay premium amounts for water, Hamas supporters in Khan Younis [in Gaza] get it free of charge. Israel provides 40 million cubic meters of water. So much water that while in Israel residents carefully measure how much water they use, in Khan Younis they opened up their own water park. …

The truth is that there are “refugee camps” full of mansions paid for by international aid. The truth is that terrorists in prison are gorging themselves on luxuries paid for by American taxpayers and preening for their admirers on Facebook using smartphones that many American and Israeli families can’t afford. The truth is that terrorism is big business. And we’re the ones picking up the tab. …

Every convicted Muslim terrorist receives a salary from the Palestinian Authority. Even members of Hamas. That money is provided by American and European taxpayers. As much as 10 percent of the Palestinian Authority’s budget is dedicated to paying the salaries of imprisoned terrorists, benefits to their families …

And to the families of dead terrorists who died committing their atrocities. The quickest, easiest way for a Palestinian to have his family provided for is to go out and kill in the name of “the resistance”.

Some “$100 million annually goes to benefits for captured or killed terrorists”. It comes as “aid money from governments that claim to oppose terrorism” yet “subsidize it anyway”.

And not only in the Middle East are Islamic terrorists subsidized by you and me:

The Israeli example is not unique. Muslim terrorists live on the dole in every Western country. Major newspapers give them flattering profiles and taxpayer money is pumped into their organizations. And still they cry that they are persecuted, tormented, abused and deprived of their rights.

If Muslims think the West is full of suckers, fall guys, pushovers, they are absolutely right. Leftist ideology has deeply sentimentalized our culture. It’s time for America, in the economic crisis the left has brought upon it, to cut off foreign aid, starting with the billions that go to Arab terrorists.

  • Ralph

    The terrorist are the human rights violators, not the Israelis. If the Israelis had imprisoned these people at Dachau, Belzec or Auschwitz-Birkenau they might be guilty of human rights violations.

  • George

    Ultra tollerance and political correctness may lead to our ultimate demise. It is cultural and political suicide .   The prisoners at Guantanamo Bay  Cuba live like they are in a vacation resort.  Some of these  terrorist  prisoners throw feces mixed with urine at the prison guards and when they are dealt with the way they should be they make bogus claims of abuse and the liberal mainstream media and the stupid “politically correct” politicians cave in to their wishes and allow them to get  away with it and then make bogus charges on the guards.
                        Does anyone think that if Israeli prisoners were locked up in a  Palestenian gaza strip prison which is run by a terrorist regieme that the Israeli prisoners would be treated with the same reciprocation by the Muslim guards and government ?  Don’t hold your breath !  Fat chance !
                   These people commit heinous murders and then they are treated as if they are celebrities on vacation with luxury comforts at their disposal.  This is the epitome of stupidity and foolishness.  These terrorists are literally laughing at us.  I’ll bet the Muslim terrorists are giving each other “high fives” and grinning ear to ear at how completely gullible, stupid, foolish , naive and suicidal that the non-Muslim individuals are toward them.   The Muslims will NEVER reciprocate in kind.  Stupid is what stupid does.
                  The Muslims in these Muslim countries have no industries or advanced infrastructure to produce technology or weapons.  Then the question is, where do they get the money to purchase their weapons , bombs, computers, etc ?  They get it from non-Muslim nations that  purchase their OIL from them and stupidly donate many tens of billions of dollars to them . The money that we purchase oil with and the money even our government donates to them is NOT used to help advance their societies , but rather to fund terrorist regiemes and to purchase weapons and bombs to kill us and our allies.  
        No prisoner should have acces to any computer or cellphone  ( especially terrorists ) ! Anyone with any sense knows that this allows the terrosist to communicate with their terrorist brethren   and cohorts and plot more terrorist activities. What on earth are these stupid people today thinking ?  How can such stupid people be in charge of major governments ? Oh , I forgot—– it’s because STUPID FOOL people voted them into office or assigned them to their positions of power and then they cry the blues when they (or we )suffer as a consequence.
                           The reason that our enemies are kicking our butts is NOT because they are advanced over us or have some military  superiority over us , but rather because we ( or rather the government ) is  so stupid to fund them and support them and yet there  is no widespread public outcry ( or major media outcry ) speaking out on this idiocy. 
                         They are gaining   ground around the world because they have played the world for “suckers”  and people keep falling for it every day. It’s mind boggling.  The civilized governments of the world are engaging in cultural , soverign  , and political suicide. We are in this world mess because we stupidly and foolishly allow it and won’t stand up and fight back.  Sometimes I truly wonder out of anguish how much longer does world civilized society have left before we are taken over by third world 7th century barbarians.  It’s hard to be optomistic when all around you we have such self-destructive behavior both politically , militarily and ethically.   It’s shameful and disgraceful.  I don’t even know why I even bother to post this ——-considering that it isn’t going to do any good but becomes just another way of venting frustration and anguish.  The world is going backwards.  It’s astonishing , amazing and  disgraceful !

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