The second happiest country on earth 10

The people of North Korea are starving.

Frank Crimi writes at Front Page:

While North Korea’s leadership solicits the world’s nations for food aid, the despotic regime continues to deliberately starve its own people. …

The US House of Representatives… voted last week to entirely bar any US food aid to North Korea. The denial of assistance brought cries of humanitarian neglect from some quarters, the most notable being from Jimmy Carter who called the US action a “human-rights violation.” Yet as Republican Representative Ed Royce said, “Let’s be clear, the aid we provide would prop up Kim Jong ll’s regime, a brutal and dangerous dictatorship.”

While that reason alone may have been enough to deny North Korea food aid, there was still an extended list of other justifications. Perhaps chief among these grounds was the growing belief that the North Korean government had actually manufactured its current food crisis.

North Korea has been manufacturing a food crisis ever since it turned communist. “Communist” is shorthand for “severe shortage of all things that sustain life and make it bearable”.

A recently leaked North Korean police manual … confirmed cases of cannibalism. In one particular instance, a North Korean guard killed his roommate with an axe when he was sleeping, ate part of the corpse and then sold the rest at the market where he described it as lamb meat.

In fact, the situation has become so severe that it has even led to small pockets of public anger, no small feat in this tightly controlled country. Various reports of public resistance springing up in North Korea have arisen over the past year, with some protests turning violent. The outbreak was serious enough for the North Korean government to actually form a special riot control force in 2010 to quell public demonstrations.

These isolated events have led some to speculate that North Korea may soon experience an uprising similar to what has transpired in various Middle East countries, given the similar conditions between the two situations: corrupt leadership, overwhelming poverty, and brutal repression.

However, despite these similarities, it isn’t likely that the North Korean people … will be rioting anytime soon.

For starters, North Koreans may actually be too weak from hunger to sustain a long-term protest movement. Moreover, they have no means of communication by which to share their anger and organize. … North Korea’s lack of the Internet and other social networking infrastructure make a public uprising “quite slim.”

Yet, even if they could organize, North Korean protesters would face a regime that is armed to the teeth and more than willing to use those artillery, bombs and fighter jets on them …

And in any case they need to understand that North Korea is the second happiest country on earth.

Their government recently drew up a “Happiness Index” on which Number One, the land where people live in the greatest bliss possible to humankind, is [North Korea’s staunch friend and supporter] China. Next comes North Korea.

However much their existence may feel like prolonged suffering, the North Koreans have been informed that in almost every other country people are worse off than they are.

So at least they’re saved from the pangs of envy while they endure those of hunger. A great relief and consolation, wouldn’t you say?

  • Scrims2

    I can’t believe this “Happiness Index” !!! How unreal.  It proves that total, baldfaced, shameless lying never has and never will go out of style, especially for those in power.  And it wouldn’t suprise me if the USA (under Obama) isn’t #3 on the list – He hasn’t quite gotten us to their level of “happiness” yet, but it’s not for lack of trying! 

  • Ralph

    This reminds me of an earlier post in which you said ” Who ever controls the food supply controls the population”. Agriculture is one of the foundations of human civilization. It may take some amount of time, but no tyrant or democracy can stand against the rath of hungry people.

    • George

      And since the people are already dying of hunger and have NOTHING , they feel they have nothing else to lose and North Korea fears a nationwide uprising .  China is protecting their Asian ethnic brethren &  comrads  who are also communists. Communists don’t give a  %$#@ about the people ,  They only care about their power, control , indoctrination and authority      The weaponry that North Korea has comes from China which yields another question ————-    Why are we doing business with China  and being in association with them while they are supplying our enemies with weapons to use against  us and the civilized world  ?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   , let me see, could it be a teeny weeny thing called ——-  MONEY ?      Greed breeds corruption !     The GODLY actually worship  the deity known as   THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR  !   I can hear the The Government Media  Complex  chanting now in their prayer gathering———-  CASH IS GREAT !      Praise be to currency !      Oh Almighty Credit Cards !      HAIL TO THE STOCK MARKET !!!!!!!         You see Ralph we  ( or rather they ) do business with China  ( who supplies North Korea with weapons ) because it’s their BIBLE.           B.I.B.L.E  means   (  Bringing In Billions Lustfully Enormous ) .     Take care Ralph . 

  • George

    I propose a suggested remedy.  We could allow the USA and other developed nations to send food supples over to North Korea under ONE condition.    The condition would be that the contributing nations be allowed to have their nation’s representatives be the actual distributors of the food directly  to the North Korean people to be sure that the people as a whole actually receive the food ( a certain accountability ).     Or the  food could be SOLD to North Korea at a discounted low price ( considering that North Korea has the money to spend on weapons of mass destruction and is able to arm a vastly large army ). If  North Korea  refuses to pay , then the developed nations can give the food directly to the North Korean people under the strict supervision by the donating  nations as observed by the North Korean government with absolutely NO interference whatsoever from the North Korean government  . If the government ever interferes , the aid is immediately cut off and then world society will be informed of how North Korea is allowing it’s people to starve. How can such a nation and even the terrorist nations around the world even be allowed to join the UN ?   This proves how useless and corrupt the UN is.  We ( Americans ) need to get out of the UN and ” kick” their headquarters out of our country and send em packin’ elsewhere.
                           If  the North Korean people see how generous  we Americans  truly are , and then the North Korean people will see firsthand that we are NOT what their government makes us out to be and this is why the North Korean government  will never allow it to happen , even though it would be in the best interest of the people  ( yet we know  full well that their government cares NOTHING about it’s people ) , but only cares about  it’s power and control of the people . 

    • George

      In continuation  to my above post——-one thing that would really be a winner would be if advanced nations could donate farm equipment , seeds , poultry and livestock and let the people farm their own land with their own hands and be self sufficient  and raise their own food and be self-producing and sustaining.  The reason that this will not occur is because of the communist government that will block it every step of the way. These communist scum don’t care about the people.  The communist leaders live like kings while the people suffer and die. The people  (citizenry) live  in utter poverty and strife and the ruling elite party live  “high on the hog “.  I continue to ask the same ole question over and over ————–  Where is the public worldwide outrage and outcry ?      Where ?

  • Ben

    This starving people are very proud and patriotic.God forbid to do something wrong to their government! Even the South Koreans will fiersly oppose!

    • George

      Well Ben , it’s like this ———The people have been brainwashed to believe that everthing else around the world is worse and they are better off.  The are censored from the outside world.  Personally I wouldn’t say “GOD forbid ” ( just a little tongue in cheek  sarcasm ).  While the North is Communist and the South is a Republic style Democratic voting society and very industrious , SOME  ( emphasis mine ) of  the indigenous people feel as though they are caught in a fraternally ethnic bond with the rivalry considered to be between the two styles of government . These living conditions are unfit for rats , flies and cockroaches. The people suffer because of their communist dictator/tyrant scumbag  head of state ruler who rules with an iron fist.     
                               I have heard of the cannibalism going on there .      This is why we cannot afford to allow socialism/communism to EVER take root in America.  If America goes , so does the world.  Where is the UN ( Useless Nitwits ) ?  Where is the WHO  (  World Horror Outcasts ) ?  Oh by the way, where are all the ranting & raving civil rights and human rights activists who proclaim to care about the little person and proclaim to care so much about  human welfare and conditions ?  Where are they ?????????  People here in America had better get their collective act together and vote Obama out of office and put in it’s place a pro-American administration—- because America cannot IMHO survive another term of Obama the way he is wrecking America , and  our  capitalistic way of free enterprise , freedoms, justice, equality, human rights, and high standard of living.  We cannot afford America to follow in these footsteps.
                              North Korea is a perfect example of the horrors of communism .   My question still remains as before—————–   Where is the public outrage ?

      • Ben

        George,you are right about the communism`s dangers(I`ve  lived under its power),but the question of support of the communist, or Muslim population is very complicated.
        Reagan have fought for defense and elimination of the “evil empire”,while Democrats talked about the coexistance and “convergence”. J.Bush have been sure that Arabs need the democracy immidietly. I`m on Reagan`s side and consider that we must defend existing democracies first and then sopport the aprisings of democratic appearance.

        • George

          I agree with what  Reagan said and I agree with your post as well   !!!!

        • George

           Hey Ben , I posted a message a few minutes ago right below.  Even JFK was a  Democrat but he was very much pro-America.  JFK was more conservative and more patriotic than todays conservative Republicans.  Remember the quote — ”  Ask not what your country can do for you  but what you can do for your country ” ?   JFK stood up to the  Soviets and would not allow them to bring missles into Cuba and did not back down during The Cuban Missle Crises but he was indeed a failure during The Bay of Pigs.  He had his faults and failures but I won’t dwell on that.  If Reagan had been in office right now , that nuclear facility in Iran would have been blown to smitherenes in a massive air raid  just like he did Gadaffi in Libya.  That nuclear facility in Iran would cease to exist and in it’s place  would be a hugh crater.  Those missle launching sites  in North Korea would cease to exist by multiple  USA cruise missle attacks.  And we certainly wouldn’t have these damn Muslim training camps right here in our own country right under our nose operating in our nation and the authorities know about it and do absolutely nothing. Do people  think this could exist in reverese ?  Of course they don’t and yet they allow this here. Our stupidity and foolishness could very well spell our doom.  It’s crazy.