What’s wrong with MKO, and Michele Bachmann 26

In the video, Michelle Bachmann deplores the Iranian regime – good – and then praises an organization that opposes it – not good, because the organization is a terrorist group. She should be better informed.

She is not the only one in Congress who is misinformed about the Mujahedin al-Khalq Organization. Even the admirable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has swallowed their propaganda.

Everyone in the world who is not in favor of submitting to Islamic rule should know they must beware, in all contexts and circumstances, of any group that calls itself or in any way involves “Mujahedin”.

“Mujahedin” are jihadis, irregular warriors for Islam, whose method is terrorism. In short, “Mujahedin” are terrorists.

Michael Rubin traces the MKO’s history here.

He writes, in part:

Few terrorists groups garner the bipartisan endorsement and support that Iran’s Mujahedin al-Khalq Organization [MKO] has. On October 20, 2005, several congressmen and many aides attended a briefing in Congress. Maryam Rajavi, co-leader of the group and self-styled president-elect of Iran, addressed the gathering by video from France. She received a warm reception. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) thanked “Sister Maryam.” A bipartisan group of U.S. Congressmen have signed petitions calling for the U.S. Department of State to lift its 1997 classification of the group as a terrorist organization. In an April 8, 2003 interview, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairwoman of the House International Relations Committee’s Central Asia and Middle East Subcommittee said, “This group loves the United States. They’re assisting us in the war on terrorism; they’re pro-U.S. This group has not been fighting against the U.S. It’s simply not true.” Ros-Lehtinen is wrong. Unfortunately, hers is a mistake common to some on the left and the right who care deeply about Iranian freedom but fail to understand the nature of a group which, in public, says the right things about freedom and democracy but, in reality is dedicated to the opposite. Maryam Rajavi and her husband Masud are adept at public relations and adroit at reinvention, but the organization over which they preside eschews democracy and embraces terrorism, autocracy, and Marxism… and Islamism.

They argued that not only did God create the world, but he also set forth a historical evolution in which a classless society would supplant capitalist inequity. …

In order to prepare itself for armed struggle, the MKO reached out to the Palestinian Liberation Organization. In 1970, several leading MKO, including [Masud] Rajavi received terrorist training in PLO camps in Jordan and Lebanon. The group subsequently cemented links to the Libyan regime of Mu‘ammar Qadhafi and to the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, the Soviet Union’s Arabian Peninsula satellite.

In May 30 and 31, 1972, shortly before President Richard Nixon’s state visit to Iran, the MKO launched a wave of bomb attacks which targeted the Iran-American Society, the U.S. Information Office, the Hotel International, Pepsi Cola, General Motors, and the Marine Oil Company. They failed to assassinate General Harold Price, head of the U.S. Military Mission in Iran. Less than three months later, they bombed the Jordanian embassy to revenge King Hussein’s September 1970 crackdown on their PLO patrons. In 1973, the MKO bombed the Pan-American Airlines building, Shell Oil, and Radio City Cinema in Tehran, and assassinated Colonel Lewis Hawkins, the deputy chief of the U.S. military mission. They did not only target foreigners. In a wave of bombings that continued into 1975, the MKO group attacked clubs, stores, police facilities, minority-owned businesses, factories it accused of having “Israeli connections,” and symbols of state and capitalism.

Not all was well within the MKO leadership. In 1975, the group divided into a Marxist faction that eschewed Islam, and a Muslim faction which did not. … Both groups continued their attacks on government and Western targets, all the while striking at each other. While the Marxist MKO was unsuccessful in an attempt to assassinate a senior U.S. diplomat, it killed three American employees of Rockwell International.

While both MKO factions participated in the Islamic Revolution, the Muslim MKO found shelter under the banner of Taleqani and rode the Revolution to prominence. They claimed some credit for the seizure of the U.S. embassy and subsequent hostage taking, and later demonstrated against their release. …

In the wake of the Islamic Revolution, [Masud] Rajavi consolidated his control over the organization. Rajavi divided the leadership into a Politburo and a Central Committee, and created a number of organizations to recruit and train new members. This proliferation of front organization, all serving an ideological and disciplined leadership, remains characteristic of the group today.

It was not long before Rajavi and the MKO came into conflict with the clerical circles surrounding Khomeini. …  [who] considered the MKO’s blending of Islam with Marxism, as well as the group’s denial of past jurisprudence, to be anathema. …

Khomeini … closed the group’s offices, banned its papers, and forced the MKO underground. …

The MKO called for national protests on June 20, 1980, and demonstrators heeded their call. Perhaps a half million poured into the streets in Tehran; many more turned out in cities across Iran. But Khomeini and his supporters in the Islamic Republic Party were ready. They labeled anyone marching in support of the MKO to be enemies of God, subject to summary execution. They kept their word. Khomeini’s followers killed hundreds. The warden of Evin Prison, Tehran’s main political prison, bragged of his execution of teenage girls.

Khomeini’s opponents responded. Terrorists—their affiliation unclear—blew up the Islamic Republic Party headquarters, killing hardline Ayatollah Mohammed Hosseini Beheshti, founder of the Islamic Republic’s judiciary, and 72 party members. Khomeini used the attack as reason to accelerate his purge. A reign of terror began. Thousands perished before Islamic Republic firing squads and upon its gallows. As Khomeini consolidated control, Iranians’ willingness to support the MKO evaporated.

The MKO did not surrender, though. It drove its terrorist campaign to a fever pitch, assassinating several hundred regime officials and Revolutionary Guards, and bombing the homes and offices of clerics. The group also targeted judges who passed sentence against their members. The MKO used suicide bombers with deadly effect, killing in separate incidents the Friday prayer leaders of Tehran and Shiraz. At its peak in July 1982, the group assassinated, on average, three regime officials per day; publicly, the MKO has claimed responsibility for the murders of over 10,000 people in Iran since 1981. But while the terrorist campaign shook the Islamic Republic to its core, it also claimed many innocent victims.

Rajavi… fled to Paris during Khomeini’s crackdown. …  Still more MKO supporters fled to Iraq, where they accepted the protection of President Saddam Hussein. What little support the group had once enjoyed in Iran evaporated, as Iranians saw the MKO rally in support of a dictator who launched a war that, by its conclusion in 1988, killed several hundred thousand Iranians. Ordinary Iranians are quite vocal in their hatred of the Islamic Republic and ridicule its current Supreme Leader ‘Ali Khamene‘i. …  But, without exception, all spew venom toward the MKO. The group violence and its betrayal of Iranian nationalism lost it all popular support in Iran. …

While the MKO lost both its revolutionary power struggle and the battle for Iranian hearts and minds, Rajavi has worked tirelessly to reinvent the MKO’s image. Again, he sought power in and sympathy from so many members’ martyrdom. At first, the group reached out to its old leftist and Arab nationalist patrons in Algeria, Lebanon, and among the PLO. It also sent delegations to the Italian and Greek Communist Parties, the Indian Socialist Party, and the British Labour Party. It found a sympathetic audience among left-leaning human rights organization and academics. The group targeted European parliamentarians. More than 3,000 parliamentarians signed a 1986 petition of support.

Paliamentarians have research staff. Why don’t they ever seem to find out the facts about Islamic terrorists, or even about Islam itself?

Seems that in America, members of Congress have been easily seduced by “pretty young women” to believe that the MKO is a paragon of noble goodness:

The admission of Ayatollah Hossein ‘Ali Montazeri, long-time Khomeini deputy, that Khomeini ordered the executions of 3,000 incarcerated MKO allowed the organization to further play the martyr card. The National Council of Resistance’s website describes an international organization with “official contacts with most European countries… [and] amicable relations with Middle Eastern nations.” The group has continued its petition drives. Congressional aides describe how the group sends pretty young women into the halls of Congress and various parliaments with innocuous petitions. Most lawmakers have little idea of the baggage the group carries. The MKO devotees get results. The group brags, “In 1992, in a joint global initiative, 1,500 parliamentarians declared their support for the NCR as the democratic alternative to the Khomeini regime. This included a majority in the US House of Representatives.” …

The organization sends baskets of goodies to ingenuous “lawmakers and commentators” who can’t be bothered to instruct their staff to find out the truth about it.

Within the United States, MKO members tell Congressmen, their staffs, and other policymakers what they want to hear: That the MKO is the only opposition movement capable of ousting the unpopular and repressive Islamic Republic. They are slick. Friendly lawmakers and commentators get Christmas baskets full of nuts and sweets. Well-dressed and well-spoken representatives of MKO front organizations approach American writers, politicians, and pundits who are critical of the regime. …

It would not be difficult for anyone investigating the MKO to learn that these mujahedin ” have little in their record to suggest democracy to be a goal. While they opposed the Islamic Republic only after Khomeini purged them from power, the group sought to replace Khomeini’s dictatorship with its own.”

They use methods of indoctrination or “brain-washing” that are common to many cults:

Today, Masud Rajavi — and his second wife Maryam — work to impose totalitarian control over its membership. Portraits of Masud and Maryam loom large in MKO demonstrations and facilities. In the West, the group forbids its members from reading anything but MKO newspapers and publications. Many MKO live in communal households and participate in mandatory study groups. In Camp Ashraf, Iraq, where many members sit in limbo following Saddam’s fall, MKO minders enforce celibacy, employ cult methods to break down individual will, and shield members from unsupervised exposure to outsiders.

The group hopes that the US has forgotten its terrorist strikes against Americans. And it seems that the US government is willing to forget:

Prior to Iraq’s liberation, there was rare interagency agreement about the MKO within the U.S. government. From Foggy Bottom to the Pentagon to the Old Executive Office Building, there was rare unanimity. As a terrorist organization closely allied with Saddam’s regime, the MKO should be considered combatants if they raised arms, and prisoners if they did not. …

During Iraq’s liberation, U.S. troops surrounded Camp Ashraf, the main MKO base in Iraq. … The U.S. military confined 3,800 MKO “security detainees” in the Camp. The Iranian government demanded forced repatriation and, through intermediaries, offered to trade al-Qaeda members sheltering in Iran for MKO members captured in Iraq. This offer was refused …

What brought about a change of view? –

How did the Left subsequently bolster Rajavi and empower the MKO? … General Ray Odierno, commander of the 4th Infantry Division, [said] …”Any organization that has given up their equipment to the coalition clearly is cooperating with us, and I believe that should lead to a review of whether they are still a terrorist organization or not.” Odierno’s statement was unwise. He had no authorization to make such a comment nor did it reflect anything but his own opinion. The MKO are masters of propaganda; he was unaware of the group’s history. Complacency in the face of an opponent’s overwhelming firepower makes an adversary smart, not democratic.

The gaffe made, the Pentagon fumbled its response. … Left-wing pundits and academic conspiracy theorists went into overdrive. …   enabling the group to project a false image of support where none existed. Partisan bloggers … and Washington Post correspondents, and New York Times’ columnists, repeated the story, substituting hypothesis for fact, citing each other and justifying their beliefs with anonymous sources. None can produce an iota of evidence. While the MKO has the support of a handful of congressmen and a small number pundits, Rajavi has no support in the power centers of Washington. Nevertheless, he bolsters his supporters’ morale and basks in the claim of support, however false.

Even in the era of resurgent realism, some issues should remain absolute. Terrorism, the deliberate targeting of civilians for political gain, should never be acceptable. Mitigating factors do not exist. True, in August 2003 the MKO exposed Iran’s covert nuclear enrichment program. It continues to penetrate Iran’s defenses and assassinate its opponents. This, though, is more a result of corruption and the Islamic Republic’s crumbling control over its periphery. The MKO — and any other group — can bribe officials and penetrate defenses. This should not give reason, on the hundredth anniversary of Iran’s Constitutional Revolution, to advance or reward Rajavi’s life-long megalomaniacal quest for power and his backward blend of Marxism and Islamism. Many “monsters of the left” use the rhetoric of democracy to realize their ambition. Masud and Maryam Rajavi, and the organization over which they exert dictatorial control, are no exception.

So Michele Bachmann has got it very wrong about whom to support in Iran against the grim ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad.  She is not alone in making this mistake, but unless she corrects her view in the light of the known facts about MKO, she does not deserve to be the GOP candidate for the presidency.


But wait, there’s more (as the TV salesmen say when they are about to “double the offer”).

Michelle Bachmann also wants “intelligent design” taught in the schools along with evolution. She thinks that both are science.

“I support intelligent design,” Bachmann told reporters in New Orleans following her speech to the Republican Leadership Conference. “What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide. I don’t think it’s a good idea for government to come down on one side of a scientific issue or another, when there is reasonable doubt on both sides.”

“Intelligent design” is a euphemism for “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”.  That is not science.

As far as we know all the Republicans who are standing for the presidency are religious – as any who has yet to declare will be. There cannot (yet) be a presidential candidate who would not be religious. Or admit that he/she is not religious.

But we note Bachmann’s unintelligent design to have “intelligent design”  taught to children as if it were science, and mark it against her.

  • Benyamin Solomon

    Why not support the MEK? In WWII, the US and the West supported Stalin against Hitler. And Stalin murdered millions of more people than Hitler. The eastern half of Europe, rather than becoming democratic, went from one form of tyranny [Nazi Fascist tyranny] to another form of tyranny [Communist tyranny]. The MEK may not be the most desirable ally. But the MEK is not nearly as bad as Stalin. The MEK wants to have a democratic Iran and opposes the Islamo-Fascist regime in Iran, which is a global threat. Islamic Fundamentalism is the same type of global threat today as Nazism was in WWII. And if Iran wins in Iraq, it will be disastrous for the free world. But with George Dumbass Bush getting the US into war with Iraq [even with Saddam under tough sanctions and even though it opened the door for Iran to step in], the MEK is the one group in Iraq that threatens Iranian influence there. The heroic people of Camp Ashraf are getting massacred and persecuted for daring to say no to Iranian terrorism. The new Iraqi Government is a sham run by Iranian agents like Maliki, who belongs to the Iranian proxy terrorist. Islamic Dawa Party. And they are massacring the MEK, the one force trying to protect democracy in Iraq, on behalf of Iran, which is trying to impose Khomeinist Funamentalism on the country. If the US and the West supported someone as bad as Stalin in WWII, why can’t the US support someone, who is undesirable but NOT nearly as bad like the MEK? And then you rant and rave with about Michelle Bachmann wanting to teach intelligent design, as if it’s related. Do you condemn the Mullahs and Ayatollahs, who run Iran? Do you see Iran’s nuclear weapons program as a threat? Or are you a dumb Khomeinist shill on the internet, who will parrot off Iran’s lies about the MEK? If you think that the Conservative movement is a place for Khomeinist shills, then I’m sorry, but you’re then just as dumb as Ron Paulian wingnut Paul Sheldon Foote, who just parrots off about how the Iranian regime’s opponents are supposedly a bunch of Trotskyites.

    • Jillian Becker

      I take your point about using someone or some group as an ally while it is expedient to do so, Benyamin. I assure you we are shills for nobody. So let me tell you why I cannot agree with your opinion that the MEK should be supported.

      Back in the late 1970s/early 1980s, Afghanistan was under the Soviet heel. I was in Britain at the time, coming and going from various spots on the earth (not Afghanistan) where terrorist wars were being fought by proxies of the Soviet Union – the hot spots of the Cold War, I called them. An appeal went out from certain Conservative leaders, Thatcherites like myself, for funds to help the Mujahedin fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. I had serious doubts. The way I saw it, there wasn’t a pin to choose between the Communists and the Mujahedin. Both were enemies of the West, enemies of freedom, enemies of what I believed was everything valuable in our civilization. But the people who asked for my help in raising those funds – chiefly to equip them with two-way radios, they said, but it could have bought weapons and training too since money is fungible – were for various reasons very hard, all but impossible in fact, to refuse. I told them about my misgivings, but I did what they asked. Well, you know the history. The Soviets were kicked out of Afghanistan. The Soviet Union itself collapsed. And in Afghanistan what happened? You know who the Mujahedin were? The “ally” my political friends thought we should support because they were better than the Commie regime that had been set up there by the Russians? You guessed it. Out of their midst, well equipped with radios and weapons, and trained to use the weapons, emerged al- Qaeda. For all I know I personally gave a useful leg-up to bloody Bin Laden himself.

      Now does that answer you? Do you understand why I can’t go along with your reasoning that if we help these really bad guys in Iran just because they are against the present regime, or because they are paying lip-service at present to “democracy”, it will be good for Iran and good for the West’s relations with Iran if and when they overthrow the mullahs?

      • Benyamin Solomon

        Jilian Becker, you have a point when it comes to Afghanistan. I understand where you’re coming from. But fact of the matter is that in WWII, America and the West supported the worst of the worst [Stalin] against Hitler, who was then a global threat. As I already explained, Stalin killed millions of more people than Hitler. Stalin really wasn’t more pro-Jewish than Hitler. Sure, the Russians, like the other Allies, helped liberate the Nazi death camps. But still, the practice of Judaism was banned in the Soviet Union. The USSR did not allow Jews there to emigrate to Israel. And there is evidence that Stalin planned to ship the Jews to Siberia and have them die there. Yet the plan was not carried out due to his death. So Stalin really isn’t that much better than Hitler in terms of human rights. After WWII was the Cold War between America and the Free World and the Soviets, the latter of whom wanted to impose Communist tyranny. The eastern half of Europe did NOT become democratic until 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR. As I explained, in 1945, the eastern half of Europe went from one form of tyranny [Nazi Fascist tyranny] to another form of tyranny [Communist tyranny]. Yet as awful as Stalin was, America and the West knew that they had no choice but to support him against Hitler. The Nazis were a global threat to the Free World. And Stalin’s USSR was then fighting the Nazis from the eastern half. I believe that Islamic Fundamentalism poses the same kind of threat today that Hitler’s Nazism posed in WWII. I think that a nuclear armed Iran would be a nuclear-armed Fundamentalist version of Nazi Germany. Yes, when the MEK was founded in the 1960s and when the Shah was in power, it’s true that then the MEK was anti-American, and anti-Western. They especially hated America for supporting the Shah. But we’re now in 2013, not in 1965 or 1970. Btw, as for the killing of American defense contractors and military technicians in 1970, there is evidence that it was carried out not by the MEK; but by a Communist offshoot Peykar. Most of the MEK’s leadership was in the Shah’s jails then. Btw, your source Michael Rubin was promoted by the Iranian regime’s propaganda site Fars news [http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13920417000963]. What does that say? That his anti-MEK talking points play right into Tehran’s hands. Also, Iran is getting increasing control in Iraq. The people in Camp Ashraf are getting systematically murdered for daring to stand up to Iranian terrorism. Seriously, I think that you have been fed too much Khomeinist disinformation. The MEK is fighting to protect democracy in Iraq. Yet why does the new Iraqi Government commit genocidal massacres against the heroic people of Camp Ashraf while doing nothing against Iran? Face it. Looking for people to support, who think that America was right to support the Shah, is very hard. The monarchists have virtually no influence. The Shah’s son is nothing more than a figure head. He is no different than Ron Paul in terms of political success. The MEK is actively undermining Iran’s regime and has given the Free World useful intelligence on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. So if the MEK are such vicious terrorists, why don’t we see anyone from Camp Ashraf committing any violent terror act? We hear Iranian disinformation about what horrible terrorists the MEK supposedly are. Yet we see Iran committing the terror acts. We see the Quds force and the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij being the terrorists, not the MEK. The MEK denounced violence in 2001. After the US invasion of Iraq, they handed their weapons over to the US-led coalition. They accepted 4th Geneva Convention status. Yet Iran and its terrorist proxies continue to attack them. Iran’s puppet Government in Iraq carries out massacres against the people in Camp Ashraf. It’s disgusting. Iran has killed US troops, Iraqis they disagree with, and Iranian dissidents. The people in Camp Ashraf are NOT terrorists. They’re victims of terrorism. Also, the MEK is a very different organization than it was in the 1970’s. And right now, it’s mostly Iran and their propagandists, who allege that the MEK is terroristic. High courts of the Free World have constantly ruled in favor of the MEK and their removal off terrorist lists. The US Court of Appeals ordered the Obama Administration to remove the MEK off the terrorist list by October of last year. And Hillary Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton was the First Lady of the very Administration that stupidly put them on the list to appease Khomeinist terrorist “Reformist” Khatami], took them off the list one month before. Why? Because the MEK has been nothing but cooperative. The people in Camp Ashraf have NOT committed a single terrorist act. They just want to free Iran from the Islamo-Nazi Mullahs and Ayatollahs, who are in charge. The only Governments now that list the MEK as terrorists are Iran and its puppet and proxy Governments. Why? Because most of the accusations against the MEK are merely Khomeinist fabrications. And it does a disservice to the Free World to spew them out. Whatever role [if any] the MEK may have in a post-Khomeinist Iran is up to the Iranian people to decide. But for now, we should support the MEK against the Iranian regime, which is a global threat to the Free World. That’s the bottom line. So if the MEK is so terroristic, why is it that they won all the court cases in the Free World to get them off terrorist lists? Why don’t we see the MEK blowing up American troops? Why is it that we see Iran, not the MEK, committing the global terrorist attacks? Why? So seriously, as I explained, I think that you have been fed too much Khomeinist disinformation. That seems to be the problem.

        • Jillian Becker

          I have conceded your point about temporary allies. As for Stalin and his anti-Semitism, I know the history well. What you say is true.

          I appreciate the trouble you have taken to make your case for supporting the MEK. I’ll find out more about it and come back to you soon on this page.

          • Benyamin Solomon

            To be honest, no I don’t have an Iranian connection. As for what I do to support the MEK, I write in favor of supporting them. Let me explain why I think they should be supported. As a strong supporter of Israel and someone who wants to defend America and the Free World from Islamo-Fascism, I see Iran’s regime as one of the biggest threats. The MEK is active in opposing Iran’s regime. I think Iranian dominance in Iraq is very scary for American and Western security interests. Iranian control of Iraq I think would be a major setback. Iran is one of the principle threats the Free World faces. And the MEK may have undesirable positions on some issues. For instance, I don’t like their positions on Arafat and the PLO one bit. But nevertheless, they’re not really doing anything that is a threat. The people in Camp Ashraf are not committing terrorist acts. They’re victims of terrorism. So that’s why I support the MEK. Btw, sorry that my first comment sounded a bit harsh. But I just think that politics is not always ideal. You can’t always have ideal allies in geopolitics. And I think that if we were able to support Stalin in WWII, we can support the MEK, which is, to say the least, NOT nearly as bad, against Khomeinist Iran. For more of my analysis, go to brownnosewatch.blogspot.com

            • Jillian Becker

              I’ve visited your site. The pictures of the massacre in Camp Ashraf are horrifying!

              I’ve also read the history of MEK (- MKO). I believe you now that the people you are supporting deserve support against the present Iranian regime.

              Your kind apology is accepted – but you were not harsh, only very keen.

              I remain a little surprised, however, not that you support them, but that you support them quite so keenly when – it seems to me – they are unlikely to be pro-Israel if ever their side comes to power.

            • Benyamin Solomon

              Well, I’m not saying that they’re the most desirable ally. Their undesirable elements were mostly there during the says of the Shah. Yes, during the days of the Shah, the MEK was anti-American and anti-Western. It was founded by far-leftist University students, who were not pro-US. That part is granted. However, the reason to support them is that they’re active against the Iranian regime. I don’t really care if the MEK gets power or not in post-Khomeinist Iran. But as you know, the civilized world supported the ANC [African National Congress] against the racist Apartheid regime, even though their racist policies were confined only to their borders. They were not trying to export their white Supremacist racist system to other parts of Africa or the wider world. But people were morally repulsed [and rightly so] of their racist policies and their killing of black South Africans, who just fought for the same political rights that whites had. Yet the ANC was not any less leftist or anti-American than the MEK was during the days of the Shah. The ANC still had some ties to the Soviet Union, and to leftist terror groups [including the PLO] around the world. If support for the ANC struggle to get rid of the racist Apartheid system was justified, how much more so is support for the MEK justified to overthrow the Iranian regime, which, not only has a Fundamentalist Apartheid system within its own country; but also tries to export it to other countries and which is actively at war with the Free World, justified? I went through part of my life thinking we should support them, then denouncing them, and then thinking we should support them. Yes, I’m sure there are undesirable aspects of the MEK’s ideology and history. But I don’t think we should let us not liking those elements get the best of us to the point were we believe Khomeinist disinformation. As I already explained, we supported the worst of the worst in WWII against Hitler. For Stalin was not better in terms or human rights and did not really like the Jews any more than Hitler did. Yet since Hitler was a global threat then, we supported Stalin against Hitler. With the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq [Saddam was a brutal dictator; but he was under tough sanctions], the MEK [and the people in Ashraf specifically] are the one group that poses a challenge to Iranian influence in Iraq. Iran winning in Iraq I think would be disastrous for the Free World. It’s for these reasons that I think we should support the MEK. For as stated, in geopolitics, sometimes you got to make undesirable allies.

            • Jillian Becker

              Your case for siding with this or that cause because it is better than the cause it fights is a reasonable one.

              But it should be remembered that because FDR embraced the appalling tyrant Stalin in order to defeat Nazism, Eastern Europe was stuck under the iron heel of the USSR for more than four decades. And because the West (with the exception of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain) supported the communist ANC – which burnt people to death with flaming tires round their necks in order to defeat the unjust system of apartheid – South African blacks are now poorer, more ill-housed, and have little more opportunity than in the old bad apartheid days. And white farmers and their families are being murdered just as their kind was in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe. Crime and terror menace everybody.

              It is not easy to weigh up whether some action intended to do good was worth the actual result it brought. In the case of Nazism, it had to be defeated by all means, but Stalin did not have to be granted his way at Potsdam. In the case of South Africa, apartheid had to go but not necessarily to be replaced by the ANC. To the extent that “the world” made that happen, it is guilty of acting blindly and arrogantly.

              If one could be sure that a new regime in Iran would take away the threat to Israel’s existence, one should be all for it, of course.

              Unintended consequences will always follow, and they could replace bad with even worse.

            • Benyamin Solomon

              You may sort of have a point about South Africa. But clearly, the racist Apartheid system had to go. And speaking of supporting bad regimes, Israel gave support to regimes that commit human rights violations. It is a historical fact that Israel formed an alliance with Apartheid South Africa. It was because Israel was isolated and the Marxist dictators of the third World and the Arab bloc supported the PLO. But nevertheless, Israel did, at times, have good relations with the Apartheid regime. And Israel armed Khomeini’s regime as well. So let’s be honest. Israel made alliances with evil regimes. And as pointed out, the US and the West supported Stalin against Hitler in WWII. Hitler was a global threat. You rightly pointed out that the eastern half of Europe did NOT become democratic. The difference between Stalin and the MEK is that the MEK wants a democratic Iran. Supporting the Shah’s son will get nowhere. The MEK has the capacity to undermine Iran’s regime. So why not support the MEK? Even Israel, which we both support, knows that you can’t always have ideal allies. That’s the world of geopolitics. So why not support the MEK?

  • I have had issues with Bachmann for months now.  I was really disappointed when, after the last Repub debate, the pundits kept talking about how well she did and was poised to become a front-runner.

    As a conservative, dealing with religious political leaders is unfortunately the norm, but she takes it way too far.  On the radio a few months ago (I think it was Hannity), she responded to a question regarding our gov financial mess by stating, “Instead of cursing the darkness, I believe in lighting a candle, just like the bible tells us.”  What the hell does that have to do with the issue at hand?!?!?  She injects bible and jesus into issues that have nothing to do with religion!  (To her defense, that was not her full answer.  She did continue to answer the question with actual financial talk).

    The thing that annoys me is how (fundie) people think she is so great, but don’t see how logically close she is to fundamentalist religious zealots of all faiths!  (i.e. Islam).

    Now, hearing her comments on that Mujahedin organization just highlights how misguided she is in other ways as well.

    • George

      PareshK , do you remember reflecting back on the matter of the Tea Party how we discussed the positive points of the Tea Party but somehow they just can’t get past the GOD proselytizing ?     Well, the same goes with Michelle Bachmann . She is a religious conservative  Republican Party fundamentalist Christian first and foremost and everything else IMHO comes second.
             This is the delema we are faced with as conservatives . It’s gone beyond a “rock and a hard place”  .  It’s now —  “between a stone mountain and a steel vault”  situation.  Look at the choices we have  ( or rather DON’T have ).  Who represents us and includes us ?  Who in political office speaks up for secular freethinkers in America ?  What person running for the office of the Presidency goes out and campaigns and OMITS the “GOD” talk ?  What person ( liberal or conservative ) gives a speech without –” GOD BLESS AMERICA ”    or stating we can accomplish this or that by ” THE WILL OF GOD ”  ?
                              I heard Herman Cain on the conservative talk radio recently and he began ranting on how people want to take GOD out of America .     Does any atheist believe this guy will in any way be in our best interest or against us ?  The liberals do the same thing. I’ve heard the GOD talk by Clinton and Obama  ( and they are both left-wing liberal  Democrats ).
                           The politicians actually feel that they cannot get elected or supported without injecting GOD GOD GOD and more GOD into everything.  They have to play the “GOD CARD”  in order to gain popular support and to make the Christianized saturated society believe they are  all for the “values”  of America . It’s their “political meal ticket” for political success and they play it well.  Michelle Bachmann and others like her are simply “political puppets” of their indoctrination.

      • Totally agree with you George.  I am pretty certain Obama is either an atheist or a Muslim, but goes to a Christian church just for political purposes.  I think even most liberals (the theist ones at least) think it is important for their president to be christian.

        There are none so mis-guided as theist liberals.

        • George

          Yep !    Do you remember when Obama stated that we are a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims and non-believers ?  Well , after hearing that ,  liberal atheists automatically jumped on the bandwagon in support of Obama thinking that he was going to be “all inclusive and tollerant” of atheists. What utter fools.  Here we have Obama who sat in the pews of a church for 20 years headed by Rev. Jeremiah Wright , the man who refers to America as the USofKKKA    .  Obama who has been often alledged to have associated with known terrorist Bill Ayers—– (  Remember Obama saying —–” Show me who you walk with and I’ll show you who you are ”   ? ).    Really  ?   Duhhhhh !!!  Go take a look into the mirror Mr. President !   Can you believe this bulls*** ?  Obama who is throwing our tax money away  to foreign Muslim states (regiemes)  while turning against and not supporting our allies while he bows to the dictators and communists. Obama who won’t allow us to drill for oil in our own homeland country but will allow a foreign country ( Brazil) to drill in our waters. Obama who shut NASA down and killed the Space Shuttle and now has made us dependent upon Russian space craft.  What a stupid f***ing maniac !   Obama who complained about the debt we were in upon his election after Bush and now has added trillions more to the already high deficit.  What an idiot ! Here you have a preacher ( Rev. Jeremiah Wright )  ranting racist comments about whites and yet white liberals went out in droves and voted proudly for that  Marxist a**hole.  Can you even believe this bulls*** ?  Talk about modern day ” Stockholm Syndrome ”  !!!! 
                          Then you have black people ( and I am black ) who so stupidly went out and voted for that socialist jerk  just because of his ethnicity.    I hate to admit it and say it but my people are so f***ing brainwashed and hoodwinked that it’s pathetic.  I often hold my head down in shame and embarrassment when people even mention Obama’s name.    How could this happen PareshK ?  How ?   What the %$#@ is wrong with people today ? Do people ever think anymore ? Do people ever use their brains anymore ? Do people even have minds anymore ?  Is the modern day PC liberal mind so warped that they have lost all sense of using good SENSE  ???????
                   Obama claims to be a Christian and yet he’s giving tens of billions if not hundreds of USA dollars to Muslim countries  ( some who are run by terrorist regiemes and hate America and want to kill Americans  ).    Unf***ing real !    If he were an atheist he certainly wouldn’t support radical religious zealots.   Oh—wait a minute  , the liberal atheists in  America are INDEED silent on radical Islam.    Ooooops —my bad ! 

  • Andrew M

    Wow. I always maintained a healthy suspicion of Rep. Bachmann what with her previous record of historical and factual blunders, but this is the most damning evidence against her yet. Not only does she campaign for the validity of intelligent design as a principle of science (though being a Christian conservative this is to be expected), but she also clearly lacks an intimate understanding of the mindset of orthodox Muslims (not to be expected). On these two accounts alone, my support of her for President over Barack Obama is no longer merely hesitant, but outright reluctant.

    Does anyone else get the vibe that the Tea Party is slowly transforming from a platform of sound economics to that of a Third Great Awakening? Excuse me, I am a fiscal conservative first and foremost.

    • George

      Rep. Bachmann has been truly misinformed or not actually informed at all about the real threats we are under by the orthodox Muslims. She is surely misguided and I have no idea who her advisors are but they need to get in touch with reality.
                     I attended  a  Tea Party rally and agreed with the position of less government intervention in our lives, personal responsibility,  low taxes, getting the economy back on track and supporting patriotism but I just couldn’t stomach the overwhelming pro-GOD  fundamentalist Christian proselytizing that is the driving force behind the movement . I was probably the only atheist  in attendance and they never even had a clue.  Where was the Tea party during Jimmy  Carter  ?  There are some good points regarding the Tea Party but the group overall IMHO is nothing but a bunch of fundies mixing right wing fundamentalist Christianity with government to push their political Christian Right agenda under the banner or guise of mere patriotism.  I was becoming more and more nauseated as I stood in the crowd and then I left and never attended another. Then again , what was I really suppose to expect ?   No surprise ! 

  • George

    Go to YouTube and check out the internet video titled:     ” Retired Army Lt. Colonel Allen West – A Vet Who Understands the Enemy We Face “.    The video is 1 minute -44 seconds.        Then go to  the website http://www.capstanman.us  or do a keyword search under the title :  ” Col. Allen West on his early retirement and Islam “.    Read the explanation of how he rescued his captured men from terrorist capture and prevented many deaths from terrorist attack and then as a reward the  liberals and PC military officials forced him to retire and he gets punished for being brave and courageous .   Heck , he should have been promoted to General and given an award and hailed as a national hero which he is.   Check it out.

    • Frank

      I know of Col. West and he is indeed a true American hero.

      • George

        Col Allen West  for President and Col. Oliver North for Vice President ,   ———————-  The   radical Islamic terrorist  problem will then be on the way out.  We need some real kick a** guys with guts in office and these guys will do it.  In spite of any personal political differences , they will stand up to the radicals big time and protect America.  The problem is Frank , the wussified,  punkified,  sissyfied,  candy a**,  wimpyfied  liberal left-wing limp-wristed  pacifist “suckers” will vote the liberal jerks into office every time and yet they don’t realize they are commiting political & national suicide.  What fools !

  • George

    There is only ONE person I would vote for President of the USA and that is Col Allen West and it has absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity but because I know he is the ONLY one who will bravely have the guts to stand up to radical Islam and fight fire with fire and truly protect our country.   All the others are worthless in standing up &  truly fighting this scourge the way it needs to be fought.     COL. ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT    !!!!!!!!     A real pro-American hero !   

  • George

    I wonder if there is any way possible to have this information article  that we are seeing here  forwarded to Michelle Bachmann for her  to see how she is being  hoodwinked, conned, bamboozled,  fooled,  suckered,  shammed, deceived and just plain made a fool of.  I’m also wondering if there is any media representative of Bachmann or any public spokesperson that can receive alternative news source material so that she and others like her can receive factual info of what is really going on. The jihadists are using “stealth tactics” to  deceive us and the sad part is that supposedly intelligent and highy educated people are falling for it. The jihadists are using the weapon of using our “ultra-tollerance ”  and   ” political correctness ” and our [ freedom of religion ] against us.  It’s a global tactic of deception , deceit, and propaganda psychological warfare .  Hey politicians—-   , I have only two words to say to you all    :        WAKE UP   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank

      Even if you could get a copy of this article to Michele Bachmann it wouldn’t make any difference. She has already made up her mind on this issue the same way she has made up her mind about god and about how all the Founding Fathers were devout Christians. Don’t try to confuse her with the facts because it won’t do any good.

      • George

        Yep !      The sad part Frank is you’re so right about that .  It’s so true !   Sad , pathetic, ridiculous but true !        I guess you can say you’re really being FRANK about it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok ok ok ,,,, bad joke . I tried !   

  • George

    I wonder if there is any way possible to have this information article  that we are seeing here  forwarded to Michelle Bachmann for her  to see how she is being  hoodwinked, conned, bamboozled,  fooled,  suckered,  shammed, deceived and just plain made a fool of.  I’m also wondering if there is any media representative of Bachmann or any public spokesperson that can receive alternative news source material so that she and others like her can receive factual info of what is really going on. The jihadists are using “stealth tactics” to  deceive us and the sad part is that supposedly intelligent and highy educated people are falling for it. The jihadists are using the weapon of using our “ultra-tollerance ”  and   ” political correctness ” and our [ freedom of religion ] against us.  It’s a global tactic of deception , deceit, and propaganda psychological warfare .  Hey politicians—-   , I have only two words to say to you all    :        WAKE UP   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    I think Michelle Bachmann and Nancy Pelosi could be clones. They both have that totally crazed look in their eyes. They are both “true believers” as so described by Eric Hoffer in his book by the same name.

  • George

    Democrats and Republicans are simply two sides of the same coin. Both are ignorant ,  conceited , and narcissistic as crap. I want to thank   The  Atheist  Conservative for bringing this information to the forefront , considering that we are NOT getting this info from the mainstream media whatsoever.  Now that we are getting this information from this blog  ( which is surely needed ) , let’s make an effort to spread the word collectively regarding this information and wake  people the %$#@ up !

  • George

    Democrats and Republicans are simply two sides of the same coin. Both are ignorant ,  conceited , and narcissistic as crap. I want to thank   The  Atheist  Conservative for bringing this information to the forefront , considering that we are NOT getting this info from the mainstream media whatsoever.  Now that we are getting this information from this blog  ( which is surely needed ) , let’s make an effort to spread the word collectively regarding this information and wake  people the %$#@ up !