Kids and doctors in the booming terrorist industry 8

Terrorist organizations are having to meet the rising cost of killing.

Suicide bombers, or their suppliers, have put up their fees.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Militant groups [ie the Taliban] in Afghanistan and Pakistan are trading the lives of would-be suicide bombers for up to $US90,000 ($83,800), three times what they were paying just two years ago.

The work (so to speak) is likely to attract more applicants when the reward is high:

The Kabul newspaper Daily Outlook Afghanistan said the higher price was a ”terrible trend” with serious consequences for the fight against terrorism.

”The price of a suicide bomber set so high would motivate many others who are disappointed from life due to not having any employment,” the editorial said.

Not all suicide bombers are volunteers:

Pakistani authorities revealed recently that Taliban insurgents had kidnapped a nine-year-old girl and strapped a suicide vest on her in an attempt to blow up a police checkpoint.

Many children are trained to kill-and-die, and the high price of adults raises the demand for child suicide bombers who may be bought for less. So children are being farmed to supply the market.:

The National Directorate of Security in Afghanistan claims that it has more than 100 boys aged between 12 and 17 in custody facing charges of attempting suicide attacks. “Ninety-nine per cent of the children detained on charges of suicide attack have come from Pakistan where they were indoctrinated, trained and equipped in religious schools and other insurgency training camps,” the directorate spokesman, Lutfullah Mashal, said.

The suicide-bombing industry is highly adaptive. In addition to finding ways to ensure ample supplies of young operatives, it is continually inventing new methods of smuggling human-borne explosive devices on to aircraft despite the ever more rigorous search routines:

From the Mirror:

Airports are on high alert for al-Qaeda terrorists plotting to blow up jets using “body bombs” surgically inserted in them.

Attempts are being made to implant explosives into the abdomens, buttocks and breasts of suicide bombers so they can pass undetected through new airport body scanners.

US security experts have warned airlines and airport authorities about the new threat … They fear fanatics could inject a detonating chemical into themselves to trigger the bombs. … Potential bombers would carry a letter from a doctor claiming they have had surgery and need to carry a needle and syringe for medical reasons. It would be sufficient to clear security during check-in for a flight.

Terror experts confirmed small pouches of high explosives such as Pentaerythritol Tetra Nitrate could be implanted into the body. The wounds would be allowed to heal over and the bomb, which would be detonated in mid air by injecting a chemical into the pouch. Just eight ounces of PETN, the weight of a Rubik’s Cube, could bring down a plane

But are there doctors willing to help the cause by supplying false certificates and performing the surgery?

One security source said there is concern that the US may harbour a significant number of medical students sympathetic to al-Qaeda.He said: “There are a large number of students from Arab countries studying medicine in the US. … All that would be needed is a basic grounding in rudimentary surgery to help implant a small amount of explosive.”

In fact, terrorist doctors, fully qualified in the profession, are not in short supply: a number of Arab doctors have prostituted their skills to serve the Islamic ideology of torture and murder.

Michelle Malkin writes:

Our homeland security officials have sent fresh warnings to foreign governments that “human bombs” may try to board planes with surgically implanted explosives. The ticking terrorists are reportedly getting help from murder-minded Arab Muslim physicians trained in the West. Infidels beware: Dr. Jihad’s version of the health care oath omits the “no” in “Do no harm.”

The death docs may be using their expertise to play “Hide the IED” in body cavities that bomb-detection equipment cannot penetrate. At least one Saudi operative has been nabbed with explosives in his bum, and British intel picked up on Arab website chatter last year about possible breast-bomb inserts. Officials are now said to be on the lookout for physicians’ notes requesting that passengers be allowed to carry syringes — which could carry detonation chemicals. …

There should be no shock at the role of purported healers in these and other hellish plots to destroy masses of innocent lives in the name of Allah. …

Medical charities have long served as front groups for jihad. Palestinian jihadists used ambulances owned and operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) — subsidized with billions in American tax dollars — to ferry explosives and gunmen from attacks. Hezbollah terrorists used ambulances as props in Lebanon to stage anti-Israel propaganda and elicit sympathy from Western media.

Radical Islam’s bloody perversion of the medical profession traces back to the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood, the global terror operation that wooed wealthy young docs and other intellectual elites with cushy union benefits.

  • Ayman al-Zawahiri, a surgeon from a family of doctors, was raised in the Muslim Brotherhood; helmed the murderous Islamic Jihad; and masterminded myriad al-Qaida plots before succeeding Osama bin Laden this summer.
  • Former Hamas leader Abdel Rantissi, bent on wiping out the children of Israel, was a pediatrician.
  • Convicted al-Qaida scientist Aafia Siddiqui studied microbiology at MIT and did graduate work in neurology at Brandeis.
  • Rafiq Abdus Sabir was a Columbia University grad who served as an emergency room physician in Boca Raton, Fla., before his terrorism conviction in 2007 for agreeing to provide medical aid and treatment to wounded al-Qaida fighters so they could return to Iraq to kill American soldiers.
  • Rafil Dhafir, an Iraqi-born oncologist, practiced in New York before being convicted in 2004 on 59 criminal counts related to violating Iraqi sanctions and committing large-scale medical charity fraud.
  • A den of well-heeled jihadi doctors from around the world was implicated in the 2007 London/Glasgow bombings. At least one of the convicted terror MDs worked for Britain’s National Health Service.
  • Mahmoud al-Zahar, another bloodthirsty Hamas biggie and medical doctor, described his specialty to a New York Times reporter in 2006 this way: ”’Thyroids: I’m very good at cutting throats,’ Dr. Zahar said, drawing his forefinger across his neck as a rare smile spread across his face.”

And at least one Christian Arab could be added to the list: George Habash, a Palestinian Greek-Orthodox Christian, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), one of the terrorist groups that came together to form the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) under Arafat’s leadership. He qualified as a doctor of medicine at the American University of Beirut in 1951.

Michelle Malkin goes on to remind us of the Muslim psychiatrist who carried out the Fort Hood massacre:

Closer to home, Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan starkly diagnosed the ideological fanaticism of every soldier of Allah in a Koranic-inspired PowerPoint presentation that concluded: “We love death more then (sic) you love life!”

Military officials plagued by political correctness ignored Hasan. Thirteen Fort Hood soldiers and civilian personnel, and one unborn child, paid with their lives.

How many more Dr. Jihads are operating in the open, exploiting our borders and tolerance, wielding medical licenses to kill?

  • Ralph

    I’m not condoning the actions of these people, but Christians believe their god kills violently and indiscriminately. Often after a natural disaster some Christians will claim it was god’s punishment for sin. Yes, Muslims are the  most violent at the present. However, Christianity and Islam are both based on ignorance which can only lead to hate and violence.

    • George

      Yep—– that’s absolutely correct Ralph.    Islam and Christianity are two sides of the same coin.   People are so gullible and can’t see the forrest for the trees. If  Islam ever takes over the world —-then world society will be set back to the stone age and our modern day society of freedom, justice, equality, freedom, peace, tranquility , love, happiness and high standard of living will be no more.
                     World society will be ruled by hate-mongering murderous thugs and all the advances that have been accomplished in science , industry and advanced infrastructure will be history. Barbarism and hatred will be the order of the day.

  • George

    You’re right Ben. The theologians claim that atheistic heads of state  have created more attrocities than the religious is intentional deceitful propaganda.  Joseph Stalin was proclaimed to have been atheistic during only the middle years of his live although he twice attended seminaries   once at age 15 and later in the advanced older years of his life. His actions had nothing to do with atheism but were purely political. The archives of the former USSR confirm that it was during the years preceding his death after Stalin had made a major religious conversion and stated that it was his intent to start his own religion that he was indeed the most ruthless. It was actually The Rusian Orthodox Church that wielded the true power and control in the former USSR ( a society that is considered totally atheistic by American theologians ).   By definition –communism itself  is defined as a state religion , so therefore by the definition alone the term  “atheistic communism” is contradictory and a misnomer. Many fundamentalist Christians in the USA continually talk  about –” the religion of atheism”  which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. That’s like saying left is right  or hot is cold  or up is down. They are contradictions in terms but fundamentalist proselytizing Christians who pride themselves in denigrating atheism or secular freethough continue to perpetuate lie after lie.
                        Adolf Hitler was NOT an atheist or pagan. Hitler was in fact a staunch open Catholic and admitted his staunch religious faith numerous times personally in speeches, in his book mein kampf and in his personal talks and letters. Hitler boasted on how he was doing the lord’s work and hated atheists and he even killed his fellow Catholics who did not partake in his genocidal  movement. Hitler was raised by Catholic parents who raised him as a Catholic and Hitler NEVER denounced his staunch Catholicism and belief  in religion . Hitler appointed chaplains on the battlefield and the nazis wore the inscriptions on their belt buckles with the German words –” Gott Mitt Uns ”   —————- meaning    ” God  With Us “.   Pol Pot ( Salaath Sar ) was NOT an atheist.  Pol Pot was in fact a Buddhist who later entered the priesthood and became a  Buddhist priest. Pol Pot traveled to Paris , France and studied the teaching s of Karl  Marx and as a conquence began to embrace the socialist teachings of Marx. Pol Pot returned back to  Cambodia and made it his life’s mission to convert the society to a socialist state of Marxism . He became the leader of a ruthless organization regieme known as the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia.
                      Pol Pot set out on a mission of political ( not ethnic )  cleansing of anyone he regarded as intellectuals ( considering all the people he massacred were of his own asian ethnicity ). He murdered people who wore glasses, teachers, clergymen or any who may be influential against  and opponents to his socialist  mission.  The numbers that were murdered were highly inflated by Christians and a  later discovery by historian scholars confirmed this. When these professional history researchers reported this publicly , the fundamentalist Christians falsely accused them of promoting [ revisionist history or re-writing history ]. 
                               Most of the Cambodian people who died under Pol Pot died by starvation since Pol Pot took over the farm lands and food supplies. Others were shot to death via slaughter in the rice paddies or rice fields  which were later aptly nicknamed [ The Killing Fields ] of which a Hollywood movie was made in memory of that masacre/genocide/slaughter.  Since Pol Pot hated Western civilization and especially Western religions ( particularly Christianmity ) he was later branded with the label of infidel or heretic or heathen  of which the false rumors began to spread regarding him as an atheist. Nothing can be further  from the truth. I have reams of official documented data and files on this which confirms all I’ve stated here to be accurate and true.  
                             Mao tse Tung ( or Zedong ) being the chairman of  China during his time also was NOT an atheist .  Chairman Mao  had on a few occassions  varied on his religious beliefs –at one time being a believer in Taoism , and then Buddhism and some have reported he temporarily embraced Shintoism. At NO time was his belief secular or atheistic.  The religion of Buddhism is regarded by American theologians as a heathen religion or atheistic belief system considering that Buddhists don’t worship a supernatural being like that of the  Christians . Fundamentalist Christian propagandists have worked vehemently to promote the idea that these rulers were atheistic ( although Stalin as stated before was considered atheist ONLY during the middle years of his life and some alleged that he only claimed so then to “fit in ” with the majority  power structure politboro  comprised with atheists –although atheism had absolutely nothing to do with it   )   in order to turn the general populace against atheism or secular freethought.   Islam also had a big influence in the USSR.  We can attest to the architure of RUSSIA with its many minarets which are Islamic in design to support this. You may remember the quote—-  ”  The more you tell a lie , the more people will believe it “.   It’s far past time that we lay these blatant lies and  intentional deceitful propaganda to rest. 
                  The other lie that I heard spread by Christian fundamentalists is the claim that Jim Jones of Guyana was an atheist. This is pure BS and an outright lie.  Jim Jones was a religious cult leader and was responsible for the mass suicide of his religious cult members and followers  who drank poisoned punch  as a result of the religious brainwashing by Jim Jones [ a psychopathic nut case ].
                            Another lie that I have heard religious  Christians say was that Sadaam Hussein was a  ” secular Muslim “.  There is NO such thing as a secular Muslim. If a person is a Muslim , then that person is obviously religious and a follower of the religion of Islam and the teachings of Muhamamd.  Yet Christian  anti-secular hate mongers will stop at nothing to denigrate secularism. They have a strong dubious agenda to turn the world against secular freethought and so it is  therefore [ Open Season ] on atheists.  
                         The hatred of atheists was at its peak during the Cold War when the USA was in an arms race with the former USSR. The propaganda machine was in full gear and the word COMMUNISM went hand in hand with the word ATHEISM and so many people today have been so deceived and misled to associate the term ATHEISM with that of COMMUNISM.  This was a carefully orchestrated widespread political ploy to further the pro-Christian agenda and the overall goal of fundamentalist Christians to turn America into a Christian theocracy by any means necessary. The ends justified the means to these fundamentalist religious zealots. I can go on and on as I have studied this extensively and thouroughly for decades and have done research after research and I verify my sources for accuracy and truth and I even did research on the historians and the sources of information.
                        The real revisionists are the ones who re-wrote the original history and then made  their propaganda widespread via the mainstream media knowing if anyone were to come later and tell the real truth , that they would be scoffed at and accused of neing modern day revisionists. There are indeed revisionists out there and one must know how to decipher the truth from indoctrinated propaganda and do  extensive research and also studying ALL available sources of information and having contacts with those who actually know the difference .

  • Ben

    contemporary genocide in the World (Armenian,Jewish,Cambodian,Tutu`s ) showes the great veriety of religious,ideological,ethnical bases. The one feature is common: aggressive collectivism turning into totalitarianism. The Muslim`s planning  genocide will of course excell all above  mentioned. The great lie about the atheistic features of the genocide ideologies  is the believers` invention.

  • Frank

    These men(?) are carrying on the legacy of Josef Mengele with the support of a belief system founded by a mentally defective, possibly psychotic, thief, murderer, and pedophile.

    • George

      Hey Frank—–that’s putting it FRANKly  —ha ha  , ok ok , I couldn’t help it.    Frank , how is it that you and I and other like-minded people can see this but so many of the masses are still going day to day with  ” mental blinders ” on ?  Frank , how can so many people be so ignorant and gullible ? 

  • George

    One thing that this article certainly shows is the total lack of respect for human life that the radical Muslims have.    They think absolutely NOTHING about murdering , torturing , terrorizing ,  intimidating ,  threatening ,  creating chaos & mahem ,  enslaving ,  raping ,  and subjugating people ( male , female , young and old —-it doesn’t matter ).   How could any civilized and sane person defend and support such attrocious , murderous and ruthless behavior ?   Religion of peace ? NOT !!!!

  • George

    And who gets the blame for religious zealot terrorism ?   Atheists !     Go anywhere around the world and you will find that not one atheist has committed any act of terrorism  , or plotted any form of secular jihad, or tortured ,  harrassed ,  enslaved  or intimidated anyone anywhere .    Yet , religious people in America hate and despise atheists because we don’t believe in the  Invisible Daddy-In-The -Sky. 
            If these terrorist leaders are paying suicide bombers $90,000.00 per person to be suicide bombers , then take a guess where that money comes from. Follow the money trail of where the source of the money comes from. They don’t have any industry, or manufacturing over in the Middle East.   They get their funding for their weapons and bombs from people like Obama who sends  many tens of billions of our tax dollars to fund Muslim nations or societies that are run by terrorist regiemes .  They also get their funding from the oil that they sell us which we are so dependent upon.   I heard one conservative radio talk show host say that every time you fill up your car with gas produced from Middle East oil , you are funding terrorist regiemes and also  jihadist zealots who are killing our troops and innocent citizens.  In simple terms,  it becomes a  matter of  fill up your car and donate to the funding of the zealot murderous scum overseas.
                   These people thrive on a culture of death and destruction.  They live to kill.   Yet the most hated and despised group in America are atheists. Atheists in  America are simply living their day to day lives peacefully and lawfully and only want to be respected , recognized and accepted like everyone else in our society. There are massive numbers of hate-mongering religious zealot maniacs  murdering people around the world and plotting more murder and yet guess who becomes the proverbial scapegoat of blame and hatred as usual —————–    ATHEISTS !!!