A terrorist’s manifesto 3

The manifesto of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist (see our posts Nemesis comes to Norway, and Nemesis comes to Europe immediately below), can be found here.

It is a long pdf document titled A European Declaration of Independence. The author’s name – an obvious Anglicization of his own name – is given as Andrew Berwick; the place and date of posting online, London 2011.

It is clearly and for the most part correctly written. One would suppose he must have had help from someone whose first language is English, but he says, “It should be noted that English is my secondary language and due to certain security precautions I was unable to have the documents professionally edited and proof read. Needless to say, there is a potential for improving it literarily.” Chunks of it, with small variations, are copied from the writings of the Unabomber.

In most of the first two sections, reasonable arguments are set out chiefly against the Islamization of Europe, multiculturalism, Marxism, political correctness, leftist indoctrination in the universities, feminism, and what he calls “Enviro-Communism”. In support of his views he quotes or refers to many of the writers and authorities we respect, such as Bernard Lewis, Bat Ye’Or, Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom, Bruce Bawer, Daniel Pipes, Diana West, Melanie Phillips, Theodore Dalrymple. He deplores as we do the influence that revolutionaries like Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs, and Marxist theorists such as Herbert Marcuse and his fellow members of the “Frankfurt School”, have had on the politics of the West over the last half century or so. The values Western leaders have failed, he says, to uphold are individual freedom, freedom of speech, democracy. Histories of Islam’s earlier advances into Europe, quotations from the Koran and accounts of Islamic belief are carefully referenced.

The reasonable arguments are interrupted now and then by flights of romantic fancy inspired by the poetry of Ted Hughes, Nordic legend, and the superman ethics of Friedrich Nietzsche. These foreshadow what becomes, in the third section, full-fledged fantasy. It is here that obsession shows itself. He revives in his imagination the crusading Order of the Knights Templar (destroyed by King Philip the Beautiful and brought to a fiery end in 1314, when the last officers of the order, including the Grand Master Jacques de Molay, were burnt at the stake as heretics on an island in the Seine). He declares himself to be a “Knight Justiciar”. He writes as if a considerable number of others, predominantly northern Europeans, share the fantasy with him; a company that will mount a violent crusade against the powers who have betrayed the ideals and achievements of Christian Europe. The crusade will become a civil war – a global civil war: “not  between capitalists and socialists, but between nationalists and internationalists”; and between Islam and the non-Islamic world.

He condemns Nazism, but is prepared to fight alongside neo-Nazi groups. Criminal organizations would also be co-opted. The manifesto becomes a handbook for terrorists. He specifies the buildings that should be bombed, including government buildings and mosques. He lists the chemicals needed for making bombs, advises how to acquire them (eg. by having a farm and buying fertilizer in large quantities as if for the land), and describes in detail how to make them.

He expresses regret that women must be killed as well as men, but insists that in pursuit of such a high task as the Knights have set themselves, soft feelings cannot be indulged.

He sees the role in which he is casting himself as heroic. He encourages others to become hero-martyrs like him:

You will forever be celebrated by your people as a martyr for your country, protecting your culture and fighting for your kin and for Christendom.

You will be remembered as a conservative revolutionary pioneer, one of the brave European Crusader heroes who said; enough is enough, it is time to take back our countries before our multiculturalist traitor elites actually manages to finalize their agenda and sell us all into Muslim slavery.

Your sacrifice will be a great source of inspiration for generations of Europeans to come.

You will become a role model for hundreds, perhaps thousands of new emerging martyrs fighting the good fight, our fight.

And when we seize political and military power in Europe within a few decades, it will be pioneers and historical pioneers like you who will be celebrated with reverence.

Revolutionary patriots like the Justiciar Knights will then be celebrated as destroyers of Marxism and the slayer of tyrants; the fearless and selfless protectors of Europe, The Perfect Knights.

For there is no greater glory than dying selflessly while pro-actively protecting your people from persecution and gradual demographical annihilation.

We are destined to win in the end, as our people, all Europeans, are gradually waking up from their slumber and realising the deceitfulness and suicidal nature of multiculturalist doctrine.

We do not only have the people on our side, we have the truth on our side, we have time on our side, we have the will of our ancestors and the will of God on our side.

The Left will almost certainly claim that Breivik’s atrocious acts of terrorism are what opposition to Islamization and multiculturalism et cetera lead to. They will probably use his manifesto as proof of a “vast right-wing conspiracy”.

The Obama administration likes to pretend that white middle class Americans are the most likely terrorists.

But the fact is that for the last 45 years, acts of terrorism carried out by leftists and Muslims vastly outnumber those carried out in the name of any cause of the “right”. And terrorism as a method has not been often or strongly condemned by the leftist intelligentsia.

It will be now. As of course it should be.

We’ll have more to say about Breivik, his manifesto, and the right and wrong  lessons to be learnt from his actions.

  • Breivik’s major flaw is collectivism. This led to him killing dozens of people, including teens. Teens don’t have a well thought out ideology anyway. While I recognize that western culture has been severely tainted by politically correct “culture” (Rap “music,” gangsta attire and admiration, using the M-F phrase in every sentence even around children), it is a collectivist action to try to make western developed nations based on “white culture.”  I have been, for many years, sympathetic with Ayn Rand’s romanticism in arts, but I am even leery of using her definition of what is art and what is not. We atheist conservatives tend to be in agreement with a philosophy of reason. It is inevitable that over time, reality becomes obeyed, reluctantly along the way, by humanity. Eventually the planet and any of space colonies we build, will be based on reason. The culture will flow from there. A culture based on reason does not require pale skin.

    • George

      William M ,   You rant about rap music, gangsta attire and admiration and the M-F phrase  ( which I detest by the way ) and talk about  ” ” it is a collectivist action to try to make western developed nations based on “white culture ” ……. ”           As an ethnic minority  (black ) atheist  let’s take a look at the other side of the fence as well  ( from all perspectives ).    Show me a black person playing garbage  “rap”  music and I’ll show you also a white person playing trashy  “punk rock” music or “rave –heavy metal ” music which are both degenerate .  You have rap music with foul lyrics and ghetto slang, and you have heavy metal and punk rock music which glorifies suicide, the occcult, drugs  ( like heroine, LSD , hashish, etc . ) and also an anti-establishment flavor. Show me a black person who walks around with his pants sagging down and wearing dreadlocks and I’ll show you a white person with tattoos and piercings all over his/her body looking like a two-legged zebra with tall spiked hair looking like a peacock or a rooster , wearing torn and ripped pants  etc. with hair tinted pink, green , orange , etc.    Show me  a black person who speaks “Ebonics—aka : Ebony phonics or black speech ”  ”  by saying things like   ” Wut up dog ? ”  and I’ll show you a white person who speaks Ivronics –aka Ivory phonics or white speech ” by saying things like —- ” Git-r-done ! ” .   I was raised in the deep south ( now retired ) during Jim Crow segregation so don’t get me started . Oh and before you jump to any conclusions about me ( my former girlfriend was white ) and I abhor racism from any ethnic group.   If this is the direction that you  and others are going to go then I will indeed form my opinions about what conservatism is really all about  ( and yes I consider myself to be a conservative ) .   There is degeneracy and bigotry on both sides of the fence and I have experienced both .    You say western culture has been “severely tainted” as if the past  era in our nation that has been replete with slavery, Jim Crow segregation ,  the anihilation of the Indians, lynchings, etc. was NOT  TAINTED.     I agree with you that a culture that is based upon reason does not require pale skin.  By the same token it doesn’t require dark skin or any other color or have anything to do with race whatsoever. And before you accuse me of taking something personal  , I’m not , but I’m being totally inclusive and open.

  • Ben

    Recognition of individual`s  freedom as the basic human right  prevent the turning of ideological conflict into the bloody crime.Any ideology that stand  some values higher than the individual`s life creates criminals and heroes.That`s the Ayn Rend`s opinion.
    Breivik`s conservative values doesn`t include the the human individual`s priority.