The dangerous people 6

“All the dangerous reptiles and insects, and all the lethal bacteria are far less dangerous than the Jews.”

That’s the view from Islam.

A contrary opinion – one which we share – is put forward by George Gilder, author of The Israel Test. He assesses the value of Israel to the world, and points out that America needs Israel as much as Israel needs America:

Israel cruised through the recent global slump with scarcely a down quarter and no deficit or stimulus package. It is steadily increasing its global supremacy, behind only the U.S., in an array of leading-edge technologies. It is the global master of microchip design, network algorithms and medical instruments.

During a period of water crises around the globe, Israel is incontestably the world leader in water recycling and desalinization. During an epoch when all the world’s cities, from Seoul to New York, face a threat of terrorist rockets, Israel’s newly battle-tested “Iron Dome” provides a unique answer based on original inventions in microchips that radically reduce the weight and cost of the interceptors.

Israel is also making major advances in longer-range missile defense, robotic warfare, and unmanned aerial vehicles that can stay aloft for days. In the face of a global campaign to boycott its goods, and an ever-ascendant shekel, it raised its exports 19.9% in 2010’s fourth quarter and 27.3% in the first quarter of 2011.

Israelis supply Intel with many of its advanced microprocessors, from the Pentium and Sandbridge, to the Atom and Centrino. Israeli companies endow Cisco with new core router designs and real-time programmable network processors for its next-generation systems. They supply Apple with robust miniaturized solid state memory systems for its iPhones, iPods and iPads, and Microsoft with critical user interface designs for the OS7 product line and the Kinect gaming motion-sensor interface, the fastest rising consumer electronic product in history.

Vital to the U.S. economy and military capabilities, tiny Israel’s unparalleled achievements in industry and intellect have conjured up the familiar anti-Semitic frenzies among all the economically and morally failed societies of the socialist and Islamist Third World, from Iran to Venezuela. They all imagine that by delegitimizing, demoralizing, defeating or even destroying Israel, they could take a major step toward bringing down the entire capitalist West. …

U.S. policy is crippled by a preoccupation with the claimed grievances of the Palestinians and their supposed right to a state of their own in the West Bank and Gaza. But the Palestinian land could not have supported one-tenth as many Palestinians as it does today without the heroic works of reclamation and agricultural development by Jewish settlers beginning in the 1880s, when Arabs in Palestine numbered a few hundred thousand.

Actions have consequences. When the Palestinian Liberation Organization launched two murderous Intifadas within a little over a decade, responded to withdrawals from southern Lebanon and Gaza by launching thousands of rockets on Israeli towns, spurned every sacrificial offer of “Land for Peace” from Oslo through Camp David, and reversed the huge economic gains fostered in the Palestinian territories between 1967 and 1990, the die was cast.

It’s time to move on.

For the U.S., moving on means a sober recognition that Israel is not too large but too small. It boasts a booming economy still absorbing overseas investment and a substantial net inflow of immigrants. Yet it is cramped in a space the size of New Jersey, hemmed in by enemies on three sides, with 60,000 Hezbollah and Hamas rockets at the ready, and Iran lurking with nuclear ambitions and genocidal intent over the horizon.

Clearly, Israel needs every acre it now controls. Still, despite its huge technological advances, its survival continues to rely on peremptory policing of the West Bank, on an ever-advancing shield of antimissile technology, and on the unswerving commitment of the U.S.

The commitment has been swerving, almost making a U-turn under the Obama administration.

But this is no one-way street. At a time of acute recession, debt overhang, suicidal energy policy and venture capitalists who hope to sustain the U.S. economy and defense with Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, U.S. defense and prosperity increasingly depend on the ever-growing economic and technological power of Israel.

If we stand together we can deter or defeat any foe. Failure, however, will doom the U.S. and its allies to a long war against ascendant jihadist barbarians, with demographics and nuclear weapons on their side, and no assurance of victory. We need Israel as much as it needs us.


What the region was like before… and after…

From Planck’s Constant:



Mount Tabor in 1912 when the Ottoman Turks were in charge; a desolate, barren, inhospitable desert. However from Biblical times until their arrival, Mount Tabor was entirely covered with vegetation. When the Turks arrived, they began to deforest the land and overgraze the plains with their animals.

Between the Arab on horse and Mount Tabor (in the distance) is Jezreel Valley where the Battle of Megiddo was fought. In Christian Eschatology, this part of the valley is believed to be destined to be the site of a final battle, between good and evil, known as Armageddon..

mount tabor 1912


When the Jews regained control of Israel they began to reforest the area. Today, most of Mount Tabor is covered with pine trees.

What the area looks like now:

Rain and sun above Jezreel Valley, Israel

The fertile Jezreel Valley

Jezrael Valley

How did the Gaza Palestinians treat the more than 3,000 greenhouses [left to them in good condition by the Israeli settlers whom the Israeli government forced to leave Gaza]?

Israeli hydroponic farms destroyed by HamasIsraeli hydroponic farms destroyed by HamasIsraeli hydroponic farms destroyed by HamasIsraeli hydroponic farms destroyed by Hamas

  • Lance Basquet

    George gilder the “Intelligent Design” guy? who founded the ID think tank Discovery Institute.

  • Ralph

    I admire the Israeli settlers because they remind me of the people who settled America. They both made a wilderness prosper.

  • Ben

    The Jewish canary have always been the evil indicator and the victim.Its no chance that the three totalitarian  movement of the communists,nazis and Islamists have Jews as  the main enemy,though communists lie on the subject.The Israeli Jews wining their freedom(not getting it from some vote) against the totalitarian enemy must be supported by all freedom- loving people ( one must not err about the prevalence of these people).

    • George

      People generally do not think anymore Ben. They simply follow the crowd and go along to get along and jump on the popular mainstream “bandwagon” to be accepted in society .   The other most influential  element is the biased and deceitful mass media which intentionally manipulates the minds of the people via propaganda .    Remember the saying———————–Beware the Government Media Complex.   

  • George

    Why isn’t this information being presented to society at large via the mainstream  media to allow the citizenry to see for themselves what is really going on ?   Am I suppose to believe that this is some form of oversight or intentional censorship ? If the populace in general were presented with this information that we see on this website which we evidently don’t see in the mainstream media , I truly believe people in general wouldn’t be so gullible, naive and misguided by the deceit in the  mainstream media that manipulates the thinking and mindset of the general population and society at large.

  • Andrew M

    When the only people who can truly be called saviors to the world also happen to be its most hated, do humans really have a shot at the cosmic game of life?

    Think about it: other planets with other forms of (more) intelligent life have had their Jews too, a people of immense skill and wit whose talents are wasted by the superstitions of their not-so-fellow denizens. Sometimes their neighbors win, usually involving a significant use of their technology, and those places almost always become planetary ghost towns whose survivors are once again susceptible to the blade of natural selection. Other times they win, usually involving a significant use of their willpower, and those places have a shot at becoming galactic empires promoting peace, happiness, and cosmic business transactions. Those who never make up their minds stay fixed to their universal prisons, forever remaining stupid to the wonders of the world.

    At this point, I would say not to be either those doomsday daredevils of the first case or the wishy-washy nitwits of the third case, but that would be asking too much from the human condition. Some people just need to pass away, in the Planckian fashion, so that their children can perhaps abolish the petty peccadilloes of their parents.