The Syrian slaughterhouse 20

Today Syrian state television showed human bodies and detached limbs floating down the Orontes River.

They are the remains of dead soldiers torn apart by protestors in Hama. Or so the state claims.

A more objective report identifies them differently:

They are the victims of Syrian tank fire and ZU-23 automatic anti-aircraft artillery trained on residential buildings and streets in the last 48 hours as the dead pile up …

Citizens cowering in their homes are throwing the dead out of windows and off roofs into the river.

The dead are believed to be in the hundreds and rising all the time because the thousands of injured cannot be reached for medical care.

But the numbers of the dead and injured are not known, because the Syrian authorities have “cut off all the city’s ground and cell telephone and Internet links”, and “the satellite phones in the hands of some of the dissident leaders provide the only source of information on the situation in the embattled city.”

Assad has no reason to fear that any power or combination of powers will try to stop him slaughtering his own people by the thousands.

Turkish units had been waiting on the border to enter Syria, and possibly establish a refugee camp on Syrian territory to stop the flow of refugees into Turkey itself. But a few days ago all the chiefs of the Turkish army resigned, and the threat to Assad receded.

The UN will not actively intervene in Syria. Those passionate protectors of “human rights” are not easily distracted from their supreme task of censuring Israel.

The US Congress had exhausted its energies raising the US debt ceiling:

After the Senate … had approved the bill raising the national debt ceiling, the lawmakers were scheduled to turn to the crisis in Syria. However, US Ambassador Robert Ford, on hand to brief the senators, saw them hurrying to leave Capitol Hill.

Only one senator [Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA)remained for the briefing.

Michael Ledeen writes:

There is no reason to believe that this administration grasps the dimensions of the world war in which we are engaged, like it or not. To look at Syria alone is a failure of strategic vision, because the battle of Syria is part of the larger conflict, involving our current major enemy Iran. Indeed, the Syrian slaughterhouse is a repeat performance of the earlier (and still ongoing) massacre in Iran, and is assisted (perhaps even instructed) from Tehran.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have a special force for operations outside Iran called the Al-Quds Force. (Al-Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem.) It is assisting Assad in his attempts to crush the popular uprising. Iran has also lent him technicians to help identify and track down activists through their use of the Internet.

The Iranian tyrants tremble at the thought of a free Syria, since, as in Iran itself, the odds favor a successor regime that would devote its energies and depleted resources to the care and feeding of its own people [hmmm- JB] rather than to the support of terrorist proxies like Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and al-Qaeda. Moreover, the spectacle of the overthrow of Iran’s closest regional ally might well inspire the Iranian people to take to the streets once again against Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

The Heritage Foundation comments:

The [Obama] Administration has a long way to go to correct its ill-advised efforts to seek better relations with a gangster regime that has murdered more than 1,400 of its own citizens in the last four months; thrown more than 12,000 in jail; served as Iran’s chief ally in the Middle East; supported a wide array of terrorists against the U.S. and its allies; and conspired with North Korea (and probably Iran) to illegally build a nuclear reactor designed to produce fissile material for a nuclear weapon.

The collapse of the Obama Administration’s Syria policy is yet another example of how the Obama Doctrine has undermined U.S. national interests in a naïve effort to engage a despotic regime. Now that the Administration’s timid and weak policy toward Syria has emboldened the Assad regime to attack the U.S. embassy [on July 11], it is time for President Obama … to replace his myopic engagement strategy with meaningful efforts to help the Syrian people oust the predatory Assad regime.

But does he want to? Perhaps Senator Bob Casey could tell us.

  • George

    The article indicated that people in Syria  were throwing the dead out of windows and off the roofs into the river.    We are NOT seeing any  of this as it is really occurring on the mainstream TV news or pictures in the mainstream print media.  Instead the media bombards us with a bunch of BS about the last sleazy affair from some  celebrity slut or corrupt sports figure .
                     I can’t even imagine the horror these people go though on a daily basis. Imagine having to live every day in total fear , grief and misery. And  yet here we are in America  complaining as if the world is coming to an end because our cable TV bill went up.   Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh   pleeeeeeeeeeeease !
                           I read an article recently that indicated that many Muslim women are committing suicide at an alarming rate because they would rather be dead than to live in the horror and suffering of sharia law under Islam.  Women have no rights and even children are being taught to be martyrs and many are being used as human shields.
                         When I see the horror and the barbaric & attrocious culture over there, I realize I have nothing to complain about and  the poorest among us are living in earthly paradise compared to what these people are going through.
                           If  the world doesn’t get a grip on ths situation and stand up and fight back , this very horror could very well reach our shores and be established here .  In Germany , people said that the holocaust could never happen and would never happen and the very idea of that ever occurring was considered to be the rantings of  people trying to incite fear.  Look what occured later.  Oh sure, they said that the Titanic was unsinkable as well.  Well you know the story.   The world had better get it’s collective act rogether before it’s too  late and stop shrugging our shoulders as if this is no big deal.  This is a big deal and the situation  grows worse each day. The sad part is that people see these horrors going on and continue to act complacent as if  this is just some “fad” that will go away .  Remember the saying—–    [   All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing   ].  

  • Harold

    The data in the “loonwatch” seems to be accurate looking at the FBI report 
    What it indicates is that terrorism is a very, very low risk in the USA, and most incidents were perpetrated by non-Muslims.  I agree with George, the Islamic terror movement is a serious threat.  If you look at the data by number of killed, then Islamic Terrorism in the USA comes out top by a wide margin – due to 9/11, but lets not get carried away, and divert attention from things that really affect Americans.  I have read that hundreds of FBI officers were diverted from finacial crime to terrorist crime after 2001.  These may have been able to do more good spotting some of the dodgy shennanegins at the banks.  And sweeping statements like nearly all terrorists are Muslim is just plain wrong.
    I do not know the origin of the 8 out of 10 mosques preach Islamic Jihad, or what is meant here by jihad.  Be aware that Jihad means struggle, which often means your personal struggle to be a better person. 
    The “less than 99.6” should have read “99.6%” – the less than crept in when I wasn’t looking.

    • George

      Harold , I  understand your point , however using that form of analogy we must also therefore recognize  that according to the FBI  and other federal investigators,  the most dangerous group in the USA as far  as domestic terrorism is concerned   is the environmentalist /animal rights movement activists.      They are considered at the top of the list as far as domestic terrorism is concerned.   I have read the FBI report personally .   
                             Having said that , I am not worried about going to my local mall and a bunch of wacko animal rights activists or environmentalist activists shooting up the mall or detonating a suicide bomb and obliterating the place.
                      These animal rights/environmentalist nut-cases have specific individuals who they target who they believe are destroying the environment or destroying world wildlife .  They are indeed dangerous extremists but they are NOT trying to engage in some global environmental/animal rights jihad to kill everyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda and beliefs.
                     The Muslim jihadists on the other hand want to convert the entire world and bring the entire world under the tyranny and subjugation of  Islamic sharia law and as such , I find them to be a worldwide global threat that endangers all societies on our planet.   Please do not interpret my stating this as being argumentative as this is NOT the case at all , but rather it is imperative that we put these things in their respective context and not view it from a textbook perception.   Thanks Harold.

      • Mark

        Amen to both of you. Discourse at its finest.

    • George

      In addition of my recent post of a few minutes ago ,  I’m aware of  the definition of    [ jihad  ]   and even though it may mean struggle in the literal sense by definition , the radical Islamic jihadists regard their struggle as a struggle to convert the entire world  under Islamic sharia law .  It is NOT a struggle to get along and assimilate into civilized world society. Their “struggle”  is a struggle to convert everyone or kill those who refuse .  It is a struggle for producing a global Islamic theocracy .   Islam itself means ENTIRE  submission to the will of  Allah.  When they say [ ENTIRE ] , they mean it literally and for EVERYONE.   Absolutely NO exceptions in their minds. 

  • George

    When we watch the news and read of news events occuring  globally on a routine basis ,  we do not see on any major scale , acts of terror being carried out by the  IRA as  have  been committed by the radical Muslims.    We cannot make comparison  to current attacks by jihadist Muslims with  the past attacks by the IRA, ETA  and  Corsicans.  The European terror groups are horrific in their own way but by no means are they anywhere close to what the  widescale global Muslim jihadists are engaging in. I could fill this entire comment page with substantive , and verifiable events.

  • George

    While I agree with Harold regarding the Shah of Iran which I witnessed myself , and I also agree that the solution  should be a long term one in the Middle East as Harold asserted  , I do NOT agree with the statistics  that Harold presented and Jillian is absolutely correct in that regard.    There is absolutely NO comparisan to the mass multitude of Muslim terrorist attacks as compared to the IRA, ETA, Corsicans and similar groups. 
                              Currently , the world global threat is NOT the IRA, ETA , or Corsicans. The number one primary global threat TODAY  is Islam as being carried out by the  radical jihadist movement.  This is an undisputed fact.  There is a lot of misinformation and also a lot of intentional deceit being put out all over the internet and one has to widely study a multitude of sources in order to decipher fact from propaganda.

  • Harold

    I am finding it difficult to identify what your position is.  Are you saying that USA should invade Libya and Syria?  You criticise the use of air support to help the “rebels” in Libya, and criticise doing nothing to support the rebels in Syria.  I agree that current position is lamentable, but there are no easy solutions. 

    The solution must be  a longer term one.  We are in this position now partly because Western powers have always pursued what they perceived as their own short-term interests.  Thus USA supported Islamic mujahadeed in Afganistan because it fitted in with the short term goal of combating USSR on the cheap.  USA supported dictators in middle east because they are “pro-western”.  The Shah of Iran is a good example.  Eventually the shit hits the fan, and you are left with a worse situation than you started with – Islamic revolution and Ayatollahs in Iraq, the Taliban in Afganistan.  The people hate America for supporting a dictator, so when the revolution happens you end up with an anti-American radical in charge. 

    If the USA had supported reasonable, tolerant regimes back then, maybe we wouldn’t be left with such a mess now.  The answer long term is to support regimes that are democratic and treat their people well, rather than support any old despot who happens to agree with the US position at the moment.  This is a much longer term strategy than the political cycle of 4 yr elections, so it doesn’t get much attention.

    • George

      Now , I must say I have to agree with Harold on that part which is what I have witnessed for so long.  I also must say that I  have questioned a few of Harold’s comments previously.   The USA supported Afghanistan when they were fighting the USSR and  it’s also a fact that the USA  supplied Afghanistan  with the Stinger missles which they are now using against the USA.  They turned against us. When Jimmy Carter helped to  topple the Shah of Iran , a ruthless dictator with a ruthless regieme replaced him.  
                      If the USA claims to be over in  the Middle East because they care about  the people being murdered or for humanitarian purposes , then where was the USA during the slaughter in Rhwanda  where 800,000 people were massacred ? Where was the public outcry about and humanitarian support rergarding that ?   There was no civil war going on in Rhwanda before the British took over and pittied one societal  group against another [ the Hutus vs the Tutsis  ( particularly putting the minority group in power over the majority group turning the groups against one another when the British pulled out and thus creating a civil war massacre ) .  Amazing how in Europe, the social/societal  groups were called “clans”  but in Africa they were called “tribes” . 
                             While I have had a few questionable reservations about some of Harold’s previous posts that I didn’t necesssarily agree with , I must acknowledge that he’s right on target here. 

      • Harold

        Yes,  perhaps “you reap what you sow” sums it up very wel, and perhaps an ethical approach to foreign policy could pay dividends in the long runl.

         There is one other issue I would like to take up – that most terrorists are Muslim.  Only 6% of terrorists attacks on US soil from 1980 to 2005 were from Islamic extremists, according to FBI records

        And lesss than 99.6% of terrorist attcks in Europe in 2007, 2008 and 2009 were from non-muslim groups.  Nearly all were actually separatist groups such as Irish republicans, ETA and Corsican seperatists.

        • Jillian Becker

          There have been 17556 deadly terrorist attacks world wide by Muslims since 9/11 at the time of this writing. See our margin where we reflect the tally kept by The Religion of Peace. If this subject seriously interests you, look at it every day.

          The loonwatch info is BS. 

          There hasn’t been a squeak out of the IRA this century, and very few from ETA. Corsicans are lost sight of. 

          What do you mean by “less than 99.6%? ” There’s a lot of space below that number. 

          In any case, the counting and percentage estimates of terrorist attacks are always unreliable. eg. If a city is attacked in six places on the same night by the same group, do you count one attack or six?

          Communism and Islam are terroristic by nature. Look into them –  you can’t miss it. 


        • George

           Right now , I’m more concerned with the growing global threat by the jihadist movement worldwide ( particularly in America and our allies ).  A news program reported that Federal agents in the USA indicated that 8 out of 10 Muslim mosques in America are preaching Islamic jihad. I acknowledge the statistics  you presented  Harold , however on a global basis the growing threat of global Islamic jihad around the world  is an ultra-serious matter we must urgently address. My point is simply that people worldwide and especially here don’t appear to me to be taking this threat as serious as it is.  I’m not trying to make any comparison to other groups but this problem should not be downplayed or ignored by any means.  Plain and simple.  Just my 2 cents.

  • George

    No other group of people anywhere on the planet today are going around worldwide spreading hatred , terror and murder like the jihadist Muslims . They are on a world mission to turn the entire planet into a global Muslim theocracy. What’s so pathetic and disgusting is how people worldwide just allow them to get away with it. This is what pisses me off so freakin’ much.  They could have been stopped long ago if we had men worldwide with real guts and a spine.
                         The supposedly intelligent men of today are a bunch of feminized, effeminate, wimpified, sissyfiied, punkified , limp-wristed , wussified , wishy-washy,  “politically correct”  worthless bunch of inept misfits that walk the earth.  Let me stop right here before I say something  that would  really be censored . Let me stop right now before I say something I really want to say.    I need a freakin’ aspirin———————-  I’ve got a major migraine now just thinking about this crap.   The women of today have more guts than the men of today who have been stripped of all sense of manhood and valor.   It’s no wonder that world society is so dysfunctional and civilization today is  all %$#@ed up  !!!!!    When are people going to say ENOUGH ? When ?   If  this continues at the current pace for long , the the world may as well  place their order in now for their shipment of prayer rugs and head scarfs  and the women everywhere may as well  go get fitted for their new style burkas.  What are people around the world waiting for ?    Doomsday ?

  • George

    These barbarians do not value human life by any means.    Human life means nothing to them .    They are the epitome of the uncivilized.    These sub-humans think no more of killing a human being than the average person here thinks about swatting a fly.   These anti-human savages and their hate-mongering culture fueled by a hate-mongering religion are the biggest threat to world civilization imaginable.   They live to kill.   They enjoy killing.    Killing, destroying, torturing , enslaving, raping, oppressing, subjugating,  deceiving,  humiliating  and pure mahem is their way of life which they are proud of.   They are taught to hate from birth. They are taught to wreak havok in the world.  Their venemous hatred is what motivates them.    Religion of peace my f***ing  a**   !!!!!!!!!

    • Mark

      They value life. Their own lives. At the expense of others.

      • George

        Actually no , because if they did they wouldn’t throw their lives away for a bunch of freakin’ virgins.  They claim to be so pure and moral , yet they engage in rape, murder, torture and pure thuggery.    They don’t even value their own lives. Those bastards that hijacked those four jetliners on Sept. 11, 2001 didn’t value their own lives. They didn’t care Mark.   As long as they got the chance to engage in a reverse- gang bang with a bunch of virgins in some hereafter is more important to these brainwashed psychopathic hideous lunatics than life itself.

        • Mark

          Well, yes, if you categorize Muslims as a whole. I am not above generalizations at a starting point, but there are/is a decent cross-section of Muslims who are simply killers as opposed to ‘selfless’ martyrs (to say nothing of the innocents wrapped up in this garbage). I’m referring to those in power, were they not self-concerned they would be blowing themselves up in defense of whatever cheap power-station is up for grabs at the moment. Instead, as we see, they send civilians with opinions to the meat grinder. <– That was my only distinction. I agree on all points, sir.

        • George

          I couldn’t post a commnt under Mark’s last post of 8 hours ago , because the comment window won’t allow it. I must say most certainly Mark, that is true and there is indeed another side to that same story. Our society here has evolved but it certainly didn’t start out that way. I am a staunch American patriot and I love my country but I also recognize the actual history and inhuman abuses that have occurred here. Europeans came here and slaughtered the Native American Indians en masse almost  to the point of total genocide  and then stuck the remaining few on patches of land called “reservations”. There we had the centuries of the slave  which includes, not only here in America, but the carribean and other geogographical areas.  America went through a massive reform but America’s history is written in blood and human rights abuses,  and Islam needs to go through a reform.  If  Christians were to practice what is in the Biblical Old Testament , then they would be just as ruthless and murderous and oppressive as the Muslims are now following the tennants of the Koran. 
                         Africa’s legacy was stolen and destroyed and the resources of African stolen . Africa is now in shambles originally being vanquished by the Arab-Muslims , followed by the European Christians and then subsequently by the African societal warring continental  conflicts from within.  Each have had their role in the near total destruction of continental Africa . Even secular societies and individuals can be totally ruthless and murderous as we have witnessed under the former USSR and Stalin. A Muslim scholar stated  in an interview that while not all Muslims are terrorists , currently  it is true that NEARLY  all terrorists today are Muslims.  I personally have Muslim friends and acquaintances and I know that they have no intent to carry out any jihad and we must all be careful  NOT to stereotype an entire group as it is so easy to be lured into that mindset out of emotional anger from world events.  This applies to ALL groups in general.  Neither religion or lack of religion will dictate necessarily that a person will be honorable.  I have met atheists that are the most arrogant, obnoxious, conceited, narcissistic and ignorant people on earth and I want NO association with them.  And by the same token , I have met Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists , Wiccans, Scientoligists , etc. that are the most friendly, charitable, nicest, helpful, responsible and decent people that you will ever meet.  We cannot   “paint everyone with the broad brush”  because of the actions of certain specific numbers within the group. Then again , we must understand  WHAT  the group itself represents or stands for.  Your point is well taken Mark.

      • George

        Hi Mark— Check my other two comment posts on this page about one hour ago. I want to be careful and not cast all Muslims in the same category as the jihadists but I must say as I posted on the [ Against Islam ] page a few minutes ago that  Islam itself is the problem.   The teachings of Islam itself is simply  NOT compatible with modern civilized society.  Islam itself is not about freedom, justice and equality.  Islam is not about fairness, free enterprise, and non-discrimination.  Islam itself does not represent freedom of choice . Islam is ONLY about submission.  The Muslims do not take into consideration the views, perceptions and ideals of other societies and groups.
                        While we go out of our way to accomodate the Muslims, they go out of their way to use the bully pulpit to promote only THEIR belief-system upon everyone. This is the problem. As I stated before, I do not like to stereotype anyone , and I must admit in total honesty that  Islam itself is the world problem and Islam appears so far not to want to change and assimilate into world civilized society. If sharia law takes over the world , all the advancements in technology, science, freedoms, and high standard of living as we now know it will be gone and the world will be cast back into the 7th century under world sharia tyranny.  As I have repeatedly stated on previous posts , I do not blame ALL Muslims as the problem, but we must recognize that the belief system Islam itself is what is fueling the problem or rather is the motivating factor that incites the jihadists to engage in their radical proselytizing and forceful agenda and movement. This is an actual fact and the situation is getting worse daily.  

  • George

    If people don’t vote Obama out of office next term—-we’re finshed.   This is sheer madness.  People are being slaughtered en masse and  Obama supports the terror mob as if they are just innocent citizens.  Assad is getting even bolder as he sees what he can get away with  without any opposition.   Where is the UN ?  I’ve said it before that the UN ( Useless  Neanderthals  )  are never on the job when and where they are needed.   That organization  IMO  is part of the  3F club  ( fraud, front and farce ).     I’ll bet the average person here in America is not even aware what is actually going on over there.     Many of these pathetic knuckleheads over here are more concerned about the next American Idol than about people being massacred en masse.      What is happening over there should be broadcast every day on CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR , CPAN , BBC and all the rest to let the world see what real horror is occurring in the world.    The reason it isn’t being shown on public broadcasting or the media in general is pure censorship.  The people in the media are well aware what is going on and yet refuse to let the public at large see what is actually happening. What are they hiding ? What are they protecting ?  Better yet, who are they protecting in the media ?  This madness should be broadcast on ALL news channels everywhere .  Unfortunately “political correctness”   aka  ” political corruptness” rules .  As these situations escalate , we here in America become more and more endangered and our allies are right in their midst and in even greater danger.     Yet people will sit at home drinking their beer in their recliner and remote TV control in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other getting irate over the latest sports score on TV while people are being butchered and slaughtered .   Sometimes I want to scream–but what good will it do ?  We are living in very dangerous times and it’s getting worse and yet people still haven’t awaken and taken this world situation as serious as they should.
                               I just hope before it’s too late that people eventually come to their senses and say ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH  and stand up and fight back get a spine before we all perish .