Acts of religion (repeat) 53

By special request of our reader George we are again putting this picture, which we first posted on November 6, 2010, on our front page.

It shows the bodies of Christians burnt to death by Sunni Muslims in Nigeria.

For more such pictures (if you have the stomach for them) see our post Muhammad’s command (March 30, 2010).


Note: Some commenters in October 2011 tell us that these burnt bodies were victims of a truck accident in the Congo. Whatever the provenance of the picture, it was posted in good faith, and Christians were burnt to death in 2010 by Muslims in Nigeria. See the reports here and here and here.

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  • Guest

    This post is a vile LIE, as has been pointed out several times, referencing several different credible news sites. You  post it again and again after it has been clearly revealed to be a photo from a Tanker accident in the Democratic People’s Republic of Congo last July with absolutely nothing to do with Muslims, Christians, or Nigeria.

    Using this photo as you are is HATE SPEECH and INCITING PEOPLE TO VIOLENCE.

    Here is the REAL News story:


    • George

      The only hate monger is yourself and the only liar is yourself.  yesterday I spent hours searching dozens of websites and I found that the tanker explosion did indeed occur in the Congo ad the post that Jillian presented did indeed occur in Nigeria as presented as a result of a Muslim riot because they were angry that a cristian had won the election to the Presidency , so go gtake your hate-mongering and lying troll self somewhere else with you deceitful bullcrap.  You’re  NOT fooling anyone .  We are all aware of your conspiratorial scheme and smaer campaign to discredit Jillian becker and this websie –so  STFU    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don L

    This passage I found fits right in with Livingtree’s post (scroll down).

    As it was in the beginning, the deity oskoshbegosh brought forth upon the land the sin of denim. Yay, that jesucks, son of dog, then did turn the brains of cods to believers.  And dog spoke from on high that before me are gods thou shalt deny and die for me.  You life be mine for your days of life…suffer and work to please me…and dog doth promise that on death, joy will be yours.

    Jesucks was given and taken and brought back and forth that the brain affected dog believing cods would know of dog’s love. Fallen from love, the oskoshbegosh clothed the bodies of the sheep with the evil denim that they may toil in the garden for love of dog’s promise of the eternal joy of death.  Then as it was to once before…the believers did spew upon the land the words of silly that all would know. Let it be said that from then to all time, believers are the cods and death rather than life be their chosen ideal. 

  • Livingtree

    George asked Very Concerned where his ‘deity’ was during the atrocities that have happened here on earth. There is a created being who was created as we all are with a spirit that will be eternal, and he was endued with great powers. He was NOT a talking snake in the garden of Eden.  His (it’s) name was and is Nachash, an angel of light. Down through the ages people including Jesus have referred to him as the snake.  He has deceived and continues to deceive.  He (it ) is spirit and does abominable things through humans who he can get to exert  malice, greed, murder, and every other evil thing that comes from ‘below’ and not from’above’.  SO this is the ‘deity’ that was around and over the atrocities George mentioned below. Jesus said HIS kingdom is not of this world. In this world He promised there would be tribulation and persecution, but I am of good cheer, because the messiah, Yeshua Hamashea (Jesus in English) has overcome the world. The world is passing away and all it’s lusts but he who does the will of God (loving others as themselves and believing in the Son whom God sent) will abide forever.

    • Don L

      Hey dipsoid…go die so you can be happy with your jesus…your existence here in real life is wasted anyway, believing such insane tripe.  What idiotic nonsense you spew.  The spirit…LOL…you are a class A asshole!  Booo…I am satan…the 666…I here do curse you and your family to burn in hell for even coming to this site of pagans and liars…burn babay burn!!!

      • George

        Tell em Don.      These christian fundamentalist nutcases come onto an atheist website and then start preaching to us thinking they are going to convert us or persuade us into accepting their make-believe  religious bullcrap.  They are just like simple-minded little children who never grow up.  What a bunch of brainwashed stupid fools .   These people can’t think for themselves but spew out a bunch of rote repitition  that was mentally “spoonfed” to them since childhood.    They accept this ancient mythological by blind acceptance ( aka –FAIH ) and then attempt to force it upon everyone else.     These are the arrogant  people  who adamantly refuse to leave other people alone .  These are the people who are so mindless with their indoctrination and in their minds it’s either their way or the highway.

         These are the same people who have absolutely no rspect for other people’s beliefs or the right of other people to choose to believe what they will but are always imposing or forcing their beliefs on everyone else.  I have absolutely NO  respect for these zealot nut-cases who demonize everyone else who think differently than themselves but boy ol boy they get ticked off when people stand up to tyhem and refuse to let them push their dogma upon others . These people represent the epitome of ignorance and closed-mindedness.  They are sickening and pathetic.     If their religion is what they want to embrace then good for them  and if we choose otherwise then it’s our choice, our decision , and our right .  We don’t go around and try to force secular freethought upon anyone , but the religious zealot fundamentalists will never never never never never leave other people alone.   These people are not only annoying but they are higly dangerous !

    • George

      Hey Livingtree , go take your fairy tale christian phony superstitious and mythological bullcrap and shove it  up your a** you brainwashed fool !  You come upon an atheist website with your provocative cartoon nonsense .     You are about as delusional as they come.  Go preach that mumbo-jumbo bible-humping garbage on some christian site you pathetic nutcase.  You don’t see us going onto some christian site trying to convert those brainwashed people over to rational thinking do you ?   You people are hideous . You can’t even think for yourselves but only quote verses from some 2,000 year old ancient book written by men in an era of time when 99.99999 % of the population were overwhelmingly superstitious and believed that the earth was flat.     You come onto a secular website trying to push your jesus freak bullcrap on us.  Now here you are badmouthing me and making ridicule of me .    You should be a comedian becasue your post is the biggest joke I’ve read so far. If you don’t like it , too freakin’ bad .   I’ll say it again , and again , and again and again.       Always remember  —-   GOD  is DOG spelled backwards .  Of course I would put more faith in my dog saving me than some make believe invisible ghost up there in the sky .   Grow up and start facing reality for a change !!!!! 

    • George

      Livingtree , you wouldn’t know a god if you saw one . Oh gee, that’s right your supposed deity is invisible. If we are created in god’s image we would be invisible people.  The problem with delusional people like yourself is the fact that you can’t think beyond your organized indoctrinated theological dogma.  You’re like a mindless robot only reciting that which you have been mentally programmed ( brainwashed ) to believe.  You come onto an atheist website with your christian proselytizing which is in itself provocative and arrogant and then you have the unmitigated gall to criticize us ( or specifically me ) because we don’t “:swallow” your ancient superstitious and mythological rubbish.    I don’t give a rat’s a** what any damn jesus said if such a person did exist .   Here we have some guy  (jesus) who could not save his own butt from being impaled on two pieces of wood and yet this joker is suppose to come back and save me ? Spare me  !

                               If you want to continue to believe this ancient fairy tale rubbish and nonsense then you go right ahead , but leave us rational thinking and logical minded people with common sense alone and as far as i am concerned you can  live in your fantasy world  all you want but leave the rest of sensible minded people alone.   GOT IT ???????????????

  • Don L

    What creates violence in Nigeria is jackasses like you who would reduce the inherent violence of muslims to “there exist tensions that sometimes erupt…”.  You are a delusional piece of crap…Your thinking, your idiocy is the enemy of humanity.  If the posting of a picture whether the caption is correct or not will cause violence in Nigeria…the problem was already out of control and dollars to doughnuts a F’ng Muslim notion is behind it!  Christians are idiots but the 5 times a day kneelers are violent idiots!

    Don L

    • VeryConcernedSTILL

      What a filthy reply. I cannot imagine that you are well educated. Anyway, I will respond very quickly. The problem in Nigeria is quickly labeled as a Christian-Muslim issue, when in truth, it is the problem of LAND, manipulation of the people for political gain, and forced grouping that is the fuel to violence. It is so easy for people who are NOT NIGERIANS and sitting behind the comfort of a computer in the United States to take a long standing issue and pick what they want from it in order to serve their own purpose.

      The purpose of this website is clearly to make a case against religion. So go ahead, continue to do that. But do not oversimplify the case in Nigeria. You all constantly claim you are being attacked, when in reality you are the only attackers and pushers of propaganda. When you are called out on your b.s., you turn to insults and ridiculous claims. I will not waste my time with you. My words will be reserved for Jillian from now on. And kudos to this trash website for blocking me.

      • Liz

        No-one here “constantly claims” we are being attacked – except by people like you who ridiculously overreact and blow one photo out of proportion into a major international incident. We are not “pushers of propaganda” – the atrocities committed by Muslims are real – but I suppose you think that is something no-one should mention in polite society.  Very convenient for the Muslims.
        Since you appear to be such an expert on Nigeria, then go ahead – educate the world with your wisdom on Nigeria.  There would be no conflict between that and the information on this site about Islam, unless your problem really is with people who say anything negative about Islam. 
         Land may very well be a problem in Nigeria, but so are the Muslims – just as they are everywhere they live, and we are not going to pretend that problem doesn’t exist just to be politically correct.

        • George

          You’re right Liz , and this was all an organized smear campaign to try to discredit Jillian Becker and this website. Check out the above post reply 11 hours ago prior to this post that I submitted. I spent hours yesterday researching what happened and I researched literally dozens of sites ( even mainstream media sourcs ) and it was indeed confirmed that Jillian Becker was right in the original photo and the riot with the charred bodies was the rsult of a riot in Northern Nigeria as a result of Muslims losing the election to a Christian as President.    The tanker truck explosion did indeed occur in the  Congo.   These trolls are intentionally trying to sabotage this discussion forum , this website and Jillian Becker. Thanks for your input Liz.  These people are pathetic , hideous, and despicable.    They are the liars , hate-mongers and propagandists  !!!!!!!!

    • George

      Absolutely Don.    I checked dozens of websites .   Jillian was correct regarding the original photo. It was indeed a Muslim riot in Nigeria regarding the burned bodies and the tanker explosion has been confirmed to have occurred in the Congo.     Check out my post above about one hour ago from now . I saw the first website I went to had the identical photo that Jillian posted and it had several more as well. It was the identical scene and Jillian was correct in her presentation and has NOTHING to apologize for.  Jillian was NOT in error —they were.  These bastards owe her an apology.  It was all an organized  “‘witch hunt”  attack upon Jillian and the site .

    • George

      You’re right Don . I know you were responding to Livingtree but I squeezed in between you and him/her. I saw your post under Livingtree comment post.   And you’re so right regarding your above post. Your last sentence hit the nail on the head  !

  • Nestar

    @ab6942aa2914d4230248b86a72d10059:disqus  – Google “220 killed in Congo”. You will find these exact same images posted by more credible sources, with the story of what really happened (accidental tanker fire). What makes a source credible? There are people to hold the mainstream media accountable. While I don’t trust the MSM’s overall agenda, it typically would not lie about a story like this so blatantly. On the other hand, some unknown source off the internet – there are 1000s – they can post anything and get away with it.

    As for the “article”: Muhammad’s command. What is there to say? No one is denying the corruption and false message of the Islamic faith. You can read the post below to Jillian Becker and get an idea of how I feel about this topic. Regardless to this, it is extremely poor taste to present someone’s death in a false manner in an attempt to promote your agenda. The majority of the websites online that push the anti-Islamic message are just blanket Christian sites made by members of the Christian faith who attempt to put down Muslims in order to make Christians look favorable. The truth is, Christians are just as bad as Muslims. The only difference is that Muslims are open about it and Christians mask it with different terminology. The sooner that we get rid of all of these religions and promote a secular world – free of this archaic bigotry – the sooner we may have peace.

    • Liz

      Excuse me – but Christians are NOT flying planes into buildings and beheading people these days. Therefore, they are NOT “just as bad as Muslims”.   
      Furthermore, it is in extremely poor taste to bombard someones website with absurdly overacted whines, complaints and false accusations over ONE photo.

      • Keith

        Makes one wonder what scares these trolls so much about an “obscure” website that they would devote so much energy into this topic. If they were all such true believers they wouldn’t concern themselves with supposed inaccuracies because “the one” will vanquish all us non-believers and infidels for them.
        I wonder if any christians would defend any of us atheists like they have been defended here?
        This has been entertaining and enlightening to read but the trolls don’t deserve any more of you good peoples time. I say ignore them and move on with life.
        I am proud of the way this group banded together in defense of Jillian and I am more proud of Jillian for admitting to and correcting a mistake.

        • George

          It wasn’t a mistake . Jillian was right after all. Check my post above one hour prior to this post. I listed a bunch  of websites that proves that Jillian was correct in the original photo she posted and these trolls are liars trying to discredit her.   I could probably list several dozen websites all confirming that Jillian was correct. That photo with the burned bodies was indeed about a riot in Nigeria and was by Muslims angry because a  Christian had been elected as President.  The northern area of Nigeria is being controlled mostly by Muslims or they think so but a Christian fairly  won the elction and then the Muslims went on a rampage and started rioting and burned over 40 churches and the people were burned as a result of that won election .  The tanker explosion occurred in the Congo and I have extensive details of what happened .     Jillian was right and she did NOT make any mistake and she has NOTHING to apologize for . These bastards that falsely accused her are the most pathetic and despicable scum on earth.   They are lower than manure !

        • Jillian Becker

          Thanks to you, Keith, and to all who have staunchly/strongly/ amusingly/ understandingly/ intelligently supported our website and backed me up.  

        • George

          This is all an organized “witch hunt” smear tactic  against this site and the host. Don’t let these trolls get to you .  Just like yourself , I am well aware what they are up to.  You are so right Keith.

      • Jillian Becker

        Thank you, Liz, for your clear thinking, plain speaking, and support. Your contributions are always valuable. 

      • George

        Absolutely Liz    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • George

      First of all Nestar , I spent hours researching several dozen news sources  ( even mainstream media ) and it was indeed confirmed that the picture posted by Jillian was indeed correct  and it was indeed a riot by Muslims angry over losing a presidential election to a Christian. As far as the tanker explosion is concerned it has been confirmed also tha this is a separate incident  ( and yes accidental ) but it occurred in the Congo ( not Nigeria ).  The bigotry IM comes from yourself as you harp on a picture posted but you have been totally silent on all the multitudse of photos of mass murder, beheadings, dismemberments , burnings, beatings and other torture which you and your cohorts obviously don’t give a f*** about . You have NEVER posted any comments denouncing these attrocious acts or even mentioned how horrible they were but all of a sudden you and your ilk come onto this site attacking Jillian Becker. I took  the liberty to do independent and objective research to determine what really happened and it has been confirmed by a multitude of sources  (  including mainstream media ) that these were two separate incidents at two separate locations and Jillian Becker was indeed right in her original photo posting.  You’re not fooling anyone so  it may serve you better to practice your trolling elsewhere.

  • VeryConcerned

    @ab6942aa2914d4230248b86a72d10059:disqus and @jllianbecker:disqus 
    Your blatant disregard for the link posted by Warren only further shows me that you are merely concerned with your hate for the belief in God. While it will only help your cause, I have no issue with saying that:

    YES, there exist tensions that sometimes erupt into violence between the Christians and Muslims in northern Nigeria. YES, people have died. Even despite the incendiary propaganda that is sometimes released to the Nigerian community for political gain, there are some articles that are indeed factual in describing the violence that has occurred. I don’t deny any of this.

    My issue with you both is the continued use of this photo, which is NOT even in Nigeria, let alone a picture of Christians killed by Muslims. As for your African friend that you spoke to, there INDEED was a series of attacks on Christians in March 2010, thought to be in response to a January attack on Muslims in 2010 as well. The Christians were killed but it wasn’t a mass burning like you are referring to. The country as a whole has moved passed these sad incidents, and while we still experience some violence from time to time, things will get better. I know that I am only helping your atheist beliefs, but I am just asking that you only post factual statements and pictures. The fact that something DID occur in Nigeria does not give you the right to throw any old picture up on your report.

    Unfortunately, as a result of the carelessness of the both of you, this picture has been picked up and is being widely circulated on facebook and all over the internet, reopening a wound of the Nigerian country and potentially FANNING THE FLAMES for what could be another spurt of violence in Nigeria. I do not know whether to blame you or the laziness of your readers for the fact that this is being reported elsewhere as a very recent incident with this fresh photo as a testament to the carnage. But if this photo causes another uprising in Nigeria, I hope you all will be happy with yourselves. 

    Lastly, to George, I just want to say that many people take an unorthodox stance on their religions which leads to the kind of reported violence that takes place at times around the world. You cannot choose those select few to help make the conclusion that their religion is incorrect, and furthermore, that there is no God.

    • George

      First of all VeryConcerned , you make the accusation of my hate for God which is the most absurd and asinine remark I have ever read.   A person that is an atheist does NOT believe in any deity or demon , god or devil. Anyone with common sense or has a thinking brain knows that you cannot hate something you do not believe exists in the first place.  For anyone to accuse an atheist  of hating  God is the equivalent of an atheist accusing a religious person ( including  Christians ) of hating the  Tooth Fairy.   You cannot prove the existance of any god and even if you did —what good is such a being ?  Where was your deity (god) during The Holocaust , during The Bubonic Plague , during the Spanish Flu, during Hurricane Katrina, during all the disasters that ever occurred around  the earth , or during slavery of ethnic minority blacks for centuries  , miscarriages and SIDS, etc  ? 

                       You knew right from the start when you logged onto this website that this is a secular conservative site and instead of leaving other people alone , you come on here with your radical proselytizing trying to preach your indoctrinated theological dogma upon us and then you have the unmitigated gall with your lies and deceit to twist  things around and attempt to make it appear as if  WE are the  intolerant  ones when in actuality the intolerance is upon you and your cohorts.

           As far as the photo is concerned it is clearly evident that you paid no attention thouroughly what I posted , but rather you addressed ONLY what you wanted to address to suit your own bigoted purposes.  I made it perfectly clear that I was not there ( obviously ) and have no 100% proof of any authencitity of the said photo. I acknowledged that one personal African friend and another made the claim of it’s authencity but even that I cannot make a certain proof of certainty. By the same token you cannot prove that the sources that say otherwise are actually accurate for certain. How do we know that the sources that you rely upon that say otherwise are accurate and true ?  I least I had the decency and honesty to admit I did NOT know for certain and that I was going to do more independent research and later report back my findings . I didn’t see you do that . In that regard alone I will adamantly say that I am in that regard being OBJECTIVE and checking both sides of the  matter  , unlike yourself having the claim as if YOU know for certain of where this occurred .

          If  by chance I do further research and it proves that it did occur elsewhere and someone posted on the internet a fake claim , then at least I can say I was honest in searching both positions and discovered what actually happened and have the honesty to say so if it turns out otherwise.
                         Furthermore , we don’t need you and your ilk coming upon an atheist website trying to push your religious dogma upon us which is indeed provocative and arrogance on YOUR part.  The very fact that you are doing this indicates that you are indeed TROLLING and and are intentionally trying to sabotage the discussion forum.   We have experienced your type of tricks and disguised dubious agenda before and you are no different.    No one here on this discussion forum is trying to unconvert anyone from their religious indoctrinated dogmatic beliefs  , but here YOU are coming upon here trying to push YOUR dogma upon us. Who do you think you’re fooling ?  The very fact that you don’t respect people that have beliefs other than you own clearly proves that YOU are the hater and the bigot , but as usual –you and your ilk will never admit it because you’re so bent on bashing people of rational thinking  and secular freethought beliefs while you are  trying to push your superstitious and mythological dogma upon us.  You may fool  others but  you don’t fool me. Nice try , but no cigar  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

      • Warren

        George, not that VeryConcerned needs any of my help, but since they attempted to challenge your response to me, I will do the same to your response to them:

        VeryConcerned in fact said “Your blatant disregard for the link posted by Warren only further shows me that you are merely concerned with your hate for the belief in God. ” Hate for the BELIEF in God. They at no time said you hated God, which by your own admission would be silly since you don’t believe in God at all. So, your first 2 paragraphs are meaningless for this discussion and your reply to VeryConcerned.

        In the next paragraph of your reply, you said “I made it perfectly clear that I was not there ( obviously ) and have no 100% proof of any authencitity of the said photo. I acknowledged that one personal African friend and another made the claim of it’s authencity but even that I cannot make a certain proof of certainty.” However, your earlier comment to me was, “Warren I spoke to an African immigrant ( legal immigrant ) friend of mine and it was indeed a terrorist incident.” This sounds as if you are 100% convinced of your information being accurate. You went on to say, “I hate it when terrorist apologists make excuses for what they know to be factual. They lie for the sake of their hidden dubious agenda and cause .” Which makes it sound as if you are attacking me personally and even calling me names and claiming that I am a liar. I am sure this was not your intent since you are clearly a level headed, rational person that is simply participating in a civil debate. I am quite certain that you will conduct an independent evaluation of the available data and render your own decent and honest assessment of the facts in due time.

        As far as trolling in order to stir up trouble or discontent, I can assure you that was not my intention. I was the recipient of the referenced photo as a re-post on another site and conducted an investigation of the facts and then tracked the photo to the source of the viral posts I was seeing in an attempt to avert people from getting emotionally discontent over dubious facts. There is enough fallacy on the internet as it is. I was simply trying to correct an error. I have no interest in your beliefs or lack thereof beyond the facts of this particular photo.

        Good luck to you in your investigation and I look forward to hearing of your findings.

        • George

          Well Warren since you went on such a lengthy diatribe acting as if you know more of  what I said moreso than myself and I indeed said I would investigate and report my findings .       

               I checked out a multitude of internet websites and here is what  I came up with . The incident in Nigerla regarding the picture that Jillian posted was indeed acurate and I have a picture that exactly matched the picture that Jillian posted  that confirmed that Jillian was indeed right after all regarding  Christians burned after Muslims rioting.

                           The gas tanker explosion that you all are so whining about occurred in the  Congo and more than 220 people were burned as a result . I have checked dozens of websites and it took me an extremely long time . They are indeed TWO separate incidents .

                  First , I did a keyword search on Google under [ muslims riot in nigeria  christians burned ].     The websites I came up with indicate  the following  ( just to name a few ) :

          *   Muslims riot in Nigeria after Christian president is elected
          Website :…/muslims-torch-christians-in-nigeria-after-christian-president-is-elected

          *  Nigerian election riots . How leaders stoke Muslim-Christian violence

          *  Blasphemy law in Nigeria –Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia

          *  Nigerian Muslims  riot , burn , kill after Christian incumbent wins big in Presidential election 

          *  Nigerian Muslims Riot  After national Elections

          *  Muslims Riot in Nigeria  , 40 churches burned  , many dead .

          *  Muslim Mobs Kill At Least 100 Christians , Burn Over 40 Churches in Northern  Nigeria . 

               By the way , this was on Google and the first website I went to displayed the IDENTICAL photo that Jillian Beckar displayed on her website along with a few more.  I did a close up scan and it was the identical same photograph.  Jillian Becker was RIGHT and she needs not apologize to anyone . YOU and your ilk owe her an apology.      Heres more below. 


            This is in regards to the tanker explopsion in the   Congo .

           The following are just a few of the several websites I checked out  ( to name a few ) .

          *  Fuel tanker explosion kills over 230 in Congo–Reuters

          *  Oil tanker explosion kills 200 in Congo

          *  Fuel tanker explosionkills at least 230

          *  Fuel tanker explosion kills 200 in Congo
                Toronto Star

          Warning—-DO NOT OPEN UP THE BELOW WEBSITE  titled
          :  Pamela  Geller watch : Ties Gas Tanker explosion in Congo to  Christians burned in Nigeria  
          VIRUS ALERT    — [ I got a malware virus hit but my outstanding anti-virus software blocked it ] 

                                 There you have it and I  have honestly kept my word as I stated I would .  There were several dozen sites or more and all proved that these were two separate incidents .  The TANKER EXCPLOSION occurred in the Congo, and the riot where  Christians were burned after a Christian won the election as President was just as Jillian Becker had presented and posted . Jillian Becker was right and I continued to research it and it has been verified several times . You and your cohorts did a major dis-service and uncalled for attack upon Jillian Becker which was totally out of character and you and your cohorts should apologize to her but I won’t be holding my breath  that’s for sure .   There was no wrong doing on the part of Jillian Becker and I am going to print copies of as many of these reports as possible to place in my file if this should ever come up again.  You people should be ashamed of yourselves but knowing how you all operate  I’m sure it will NEVER happen.   I’ll bet you all will come up with all kinds of flaky excuses not to admit that you were WRONG !!!!!!         I have nothing further to say to you or anyone else who has been attacking  Jillian and you all totally disgust me . I’m sick of all of you !  Case closed !

        • George

          Warren check out my post below and please read it in it’ s entirety.       Also Warren , for the record and to explain something to you which you are  evidently confused on —————– Atheists do not  hate GOD . The idea of accusing atheists of hating GOD would be the same as atheists accusing Christians or any other religionist of hating the TOOTH FAIRY .  You can’t hate something that you do not believe exists in the first place. That is an impossibility and is totally absurd.    But then again , it’s always impossible to be rational with the irrational.   Furthermore  yo bring up the fact that I use the word “troll” .  Yes I did .   What has any of this that you have posted got to do with the photo above that has supposedly created such an uproar ? NOTHING !  By definition a troll is known for posting OFF TOPIC MESSAGES nad off topic is exactly what you’re doing now so GO FIGURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ll of a sudden Jillian becker got attacked and ridiculed for posting a photo of burned bodies as a result of a Muslim riot in Nigeria. Then all of a sudden the website got bombarbed with a barrage of personal attacks against Jillian Becker.  I didn’t see you and your ilk telling them to lay off the personal attacks and simply prove that the photo wasn’t true.    Where was YOUR comment to them on that ?   Show me .  Point it out to me .  Funny , you remained silent on that but here you are all of a sudden acting like you’re correcting or criticizing me for my post.  It certainly looks like a hypocritical double-standard to me !  Who do you think you’re fooling ?

  • Warren

    my research of this picture reveals that this is actually from a July 2010 fuel tanker accident in the Congo. You should immediately add a correcting comment to your post. Thanks.

    • Nestar

      Yup, more religious propaganda. 

      The Nazis did the same to the Jews. They took out of context pictures/literature and spread them to the masses as propaganda for war and the Holocaust. Just like some delusional clowns are doing towards Islam.

      We ask ourselves “Why does history repeat itself?” Because people repeatedly buy into the same lies.I’m not in favor of Islam, I’m against every religion. Relatively speaking, what Islamists have done in the last 20 years is marginal compared to what Christians and Communists have done in the last 20 years. 

      • Jillian Becker

        Nestar – 

        Please tell us what Christians and Communists have done in the last 20 years that makes what Islam has done “marginal”. 

        • Nestar

          Let’s address a few events…you know, off the top of my head:

          – The Rwandan Genocide: Were Islamists responsible for the 800,000 deaths caused within 4 months in that region? No. You can do your own research and find out that the event was an offshoot of European/Christian colonialism of the African people. It was enabled by the French and perpetuated by their African puppets who were “Christian”.

          – The genocide of the Muslim and Catholic inhabitants of Bosnia and Croatia by the Eastern Orthodox Serbs. Serbs were motivated by religion, even though they had shared essentially the same culture and traditions as the minorities they tried to eliminate. Roughly 200,000 Bosniaks & ethnic Croats were killed.

          – An entire anthology can be written about this: Research the Communist Chinese oppression and occupation of Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and their oppression of religions minorities living within mainland China.

          Just these three events here have resulted in the displacement of millions and the deaths of roughly 1 million.

          I’m not here to have a religious debate with anyone as to which theology promotes more violence b/c that is where this discussion always leads to. Both Islam and Christianity are incredibly corrupt, violent, and false. I’m merely addressing which people commit the most violence. People who identify themselves as Christians commit more violence than people who identify themselves as Muslims, whether it’s the last 20 years or the last 200 years.

      • George

        Nestar , believe it or not I totally agree with you in your post below of 5 hours ago. However my question to you is ——  What role have atheists played in any of this ?   What acts of terrorism are atheists engaging in ?     What threats of violence or terror is anyone receiving from  secular freethinkers  ?   I am an atheist  simply because I do NOT believe in the supernatural or paranormal—-PERIOD !   I have NO intent of unconverting anyone from their religious  beliefs and  I’m sick & tired of religious zealots trying to force or proselytize their beliefs upon me or other secular freethinkers .  I believe in the  Golden Rule of live and let live  and wish that other people would practice the same .   Why is this so darn  hard for so many people to understand ?

    • George

      Warren I spoke to an African immigrant ( legal immigrant ) friend of mine and it was indeed a terrorist incident.      Even if by chance it was a tanker explosion as some assert , common sense will tell you that the tanker truck didn’t just explode on it’s own.   A riot ensued and what do people do during riots  ?   They set things on fire —burn & commit mayhem ( and some commit murder ).  We have thousands of tanker trucks here in the USA and none are exploding  ( unless exposed to a detonating or igniting catalyst ) that caused the explosion. I hate it when terrorist apologists make excuses for what they know to be factual. They lie for the sake of their hidden dubious agenda and cause .

      • Nestar

        Your “African immigrant” living in the US has the same information as anyone else. The truth is, there is no African immigrant, you don’t know any African immigrant; you are a liar.

        The tanker truck rolled over and fuel spilled. Villagers went to collect the fuel and were inevitably incinerated. How did it ignite? It doesn’t take a lot to ignite 10,000 gallons of oil. All it takes is a spark, whether caused by a steel bucket impacting a stone on the ground or whether the tanker rolled further, causing friction against the ground.

        Thousands of American tanker trucks are regularly inspected and follow 21st century standards. You’ve probably never been to the third world, but they still use machinery and equipment from the 1950s. Trains crash more frequently in India and China than they do in the US. Not because some Arab is causing it to crash, it’s merely because they don’t follow the same standards of safety. If you inject some common sense into yourself, this will all make sense.

        “I hate it when terrorist apologists make excuses for what they know to be factual.”And where are your facts? Where are the CREDIBLE sources for the above claims? Both of the “sources” are from second rate websites that look like they’ve been put together by some middle school computer club. I can take any photograph and write a misleading caption and claim it as true. And to my benefit there are stupid idiots who will buy every word.

        • George

          Nestar , I never made any claim for any certainty.   I have heard reports on both sides of where this occurred and I do not know for certain . I have had two sources that claimed it occurred where it was illustrated in Nigeria .  Now if by chance it turn out that it occurerd somewhere in the congo and was an accident  , then so be it .     Just as I stated to  VeryConcerned , I am currently in the process of investigating the authencity of the incident.  If you are so concerned as VeryConcerned  claimed to be —-where was your comment on the article — Muhammad’s command ?

           And by the way there are indeed stupid idiots that will post fake photos ( and articles ) on the internet.  By the same token , how would anyone know what we see on TV , in the newspaper, or hear on talk radio , or see on the internet is accurate.  How do we know thwe other claim on the other aide of the argument is not fake ?  I don’t know 100  either way  ( and I’m still searching ). Just as  I stated to veryConcerned , I made it perfectly clear that I was going to do further independent research and check the positions of BOTH sides regarding the photo. At least I’m being objective and honest. I had two sources that claimed it’s accurate . How do I know they are right ?  I don’t and don’t claim such . If  during my further research and investigating this published photo and it turns out to be an accident in the  Congo , then just as I have stated on a few posts I will indeed  acknowledge such that your presentation is accurate and the other side is wrong.  At least I am being honest , sincere and objective. I wonder if YOU will do likewise if it turns out the other way around .   Deal ?   
                                  If you go back and check ,    the most damning  comments made regarding this said photo were by Christian posters.    But of course I’m sure you will intentionally IGNORE that.    I’m not surprised !   If  after I research this photo fiasco and it turns out that it’s fake , and someone posted a fake photo claiming it was a Muslim riot and it wasn’t then I will be the first to say so and openly acknowledge that YOU are right.   I only ask that if it turns out that  if I have verifiable evidence on the contrary will you do likewise ?    Fair enough ?

  • Ebeloves

    God’s wrath is against them He will destroy their entire generatioin.

    • George

      Yeah sure , just like god’s wrath sent  hurricane Katrina that killed a  mass multitude of innocent men , women and children. Just like God’s wrath during the Bubonic Plague and the Spanish Flu  (combined) killed over 100 million innocent men, women, children and babies ( who were overwhelmingly Christians ).    Oh sure , some invisible, formless, indescribable supernatural being  is going to destroy an entire group of people by sending some magical spell upon them to anihilate them. Gullible is what gullible believes.  We’re seeing the true face of RELIGION !

    • George

      This was senseless mass murder.  God’s wrath ?   The same god who kills massive numbers of people via hurricanes, plagues & other virus epidemics , drought, tornados, famine, snow blizzards, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, mud slides, lightning strikes, natural caused forrest fires,  miscarriages,   SIDS deaths of infants , etc etc etc is gonna be the one to judge others of mass murder ?   Spare me !   Yeah  right , we’re gonna have a supernatural mass murderer judge other people of murder  ?  Religion is the scourge of the earth and this is a prime example !

  • George

    Hey Mark   If you think the previous post on another act of religion that was posted Oct. 8,  2011  was horrible check this article out . Look closely at this photo.  What do you think ? Please comment.  I’ll bring up Muhammad’s command as well and please post on that as well. I want people to see the true face of pure religious insanity.

  • George

    Is this what you want to see coming to America ?   Is this the scene that you want to see in the streets and communities in America ?  Is this the new form of RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE  ?  Is this the so-called [PEACE ] that we have been told about so often ?  These people have their indoctrinated “marching orders” and they are on a crusade to convert the world . They are ruthless and have NO conscious. We have the  ABILITY  to defeat them —-we only need powerful and strong leadership who have the WILL .    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again —-people had better wake the f*** up before we’re doomed .

  • George

    The religion of peace at work !    Coming to your or our nation  if people don’t wake the  F*** up !   If these pictures don’t wake people up then nothing will. The problem is that the mainstream populace won’t ever see these pictures.  How can anyone call themselves moral and enlightened and spend every day and night doing nothing but plotting murder, torture, mayhem and spreading & preaching nothing but pure hatred and intolerance ?   This is what theological brainwashing does .  This is what organized religion brings .   TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE ABOVE PHOTO.   Do you see a behavior of peace ?   If so—show me .  Wake up people before it’s too late. Wake up people while we still have a chance and a voice.   Wake up people while we still enjoy freedom , justice and equality.  Wake up people while we still enjoy a high standard of living with recreation , fun , joy , happiness, fun, pleasures of life , peace and contentment.  Wake up people while we can still live our lives NOT in daily fear and misery but in harmony with our fellow human beings.   Wake the %$#@  UP dammit   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  • George

    This mass murder slaughter was recent and it wasn’t committed by atheists .  Oh but we atheists are considered the most horrible people in the world because we don’t believe in the invisible, formless Cosmic Santa Claus.   I hope these photos sicken you and make you angry  –as they should.  This is the face of true barbaric savagery.  What will it take to wake people up ?

  • George

    Just my opinion , but this  scene in the photo is what we could very well see  in America with another term of Obama the way he is catering to the radicals and tearing America apart.  This is what radicalism in religion produces .   One would think that after 9/11 people would have waken up by now –but nope , the brain-dead masses are still living with their heads buried in the sand . People are suffering and dying  and yet we still have people acting as if all is well. I use to be optimistic but not anymore the way things are going . Our passivity could very well lead to our doom . Our enemies are on the march for conquest  (upon us )  and we sit around wondering what sports team won the game last night. It’s mind boggling !

  • George

    If we don’t get people to wake up and see what is going on around the world , then this horrific photo scene shown here could very well happen in America.  Imagine taking your kid to play ball in the park and see bodies like this lying around and to think that you or I could be next. Scary isn’t it ? People are still acting complacent as if all is fine. In this modern  Space Age era , we should be so advanced as far as world civilization is concerned, but RELIGION  has set us backwards . We  have advanced technologically and industrially but people today still can’t get along. We have not socially progressed but rather have regressed. What a sad and dangerous state of affairs .

  • George

    Hey Mark, take a look at this photo if you want to get sick to your stomach. Where is the worldwide public outcry over this ?  Imagine this going on in the USA. We had better get some real leadership in Washington DC  before this horror reaches our shores.   Show this  to your friends to let them see what real horror is all about.  We still have ancient sub-human savage ruthless barbarians thriving in our modern  Space Age era.    I was watching the movie :  Independence day , and the President of the USA  said when all else failed ———– ” Nuke em !     Let’s nuke the bastards !!!!!!!!!!! ” .     Does anyone remember what happened after Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?   It’s not my call , but our very survival is getting more and more at stake.  What are our options if massive terror comes to us ? The sand is running out of the global hour glass ! 

  • George

    Thanks for posting that photo Jillian so that people can see the real face of  Islam.      It is so sickening to see these horrors —all caused by brainwashed people brainwashed by religion.   What’s even more appalling is that these are black people killing fellow black neighbors ( and yet they will blame everything on American whites ).  I happen to be black . This isn’t a race issue,  but where are the loud mouth race-hustling , and race-baiting so-called black activists in America ?   Where are the same a**holes who are always badmouthing whites in America when blacks are doing this to blacks in Africa ?  I get so f***ing pissed off when I see this stuff , it makes me want  to scream literally.  Slavery is still going on in sub-Saharan Africa at this moment and the American poverty-pimps are silent. No I’m not “politically correct” and I’m proud of it.      Jillian , please forgive me for sounding so angry but this makes my blood boil and I feel so helpless which frustrates me even more.  It’s disgusting what is going on around the world. It transcends  race. For example , what Hitler did to the Jews was white on white crime. What Stalin did in his country was white on white crime. Now we have black mobs rioting in London, Africa is in shambles and I feel so embarrassed , humiliated and disgusted. The Asians in North Korea are starving and killing their own people ( the same in China ) . People are being beheaded  in Latin countries such as Mexico and Columbia. It  transcends all races.   Every ethnic group has it’s brilliant and ingenious contributors and also it’s ample share of idiotic stupid worthless fools. The whole world has simply gone  f***ing mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It’s pure insanity !!!!!!!

    • Ralph

      Islam’s version of tolerance. Islam’s version of multiculturalism.

      • George

        The picture disapeared on my PC  Ralph . Are you able to see the photo at this time.  Perhaps it may be my program  but at first it came on the screen  and then the second inquiry , it vanished.  I get a red color “X” symbol in the upper left corner of the large window.  I was wondering if it was my need to recheck Adobe Reader ( not sure ).   Check out [  Muhammad’s command ]  while you’re at it and look at the horror show. tell me what you think.

        • Ralph

          Yes I can see the photo. I’ll check out Muhammad’s command.

      • George

        Now the photo is back up. I probably have a PC software glitch.  These photos should be published in national and  international newspapers and magazines everywhere. The photos [ Acts of religion , and Muhammad’s command  ] speak for themselves .  Then check out the article [ Smile ] to see how women are treated .  It makes you wonder how any sane person can criticize atheism.  Ooooops, I forgot  , they’re NOT sane.

      • George

        Where did all the religious trolls come from all of a sudden ?