Islam, the worst religion 14

Sam Harris, fellow atheist, talks about Islam.

  • Micheal Benton

    you guys are too hard on Islam, I have Muslim friends and by no means do they intend on dominating the World by forcing us into sharia. Plus you guys don’t even understand shariah and its historical significance.

    • Andrew M

      I have Muslim friends too. I took Arabic in college. I’ve been to the Middle East. None of these blindside me to the strange dual truths that the Quran is an immoral text which most Muslims do not fully understand.

      If I had to guess, your Muslim friends are Americans, who constitute less than 1% of our population. To be sure, many of them hold American values – Zuhdi Jasser, Dave Chappelle, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and Shahid Khan stick out in my mind. I stand beside them as moral, principled individuals who know how to fit into a secular society and defend its values and culture. But even among the American Muslim population, there are no shortage of demagogues and dawah advocates – Imam Rauf, Ahmed Rehab, Ibrahim Hooper, and Adam Gadahn stick out in my mind.

      The situation is less rosy in other countries. A full third of Britain’s young Muslims endorse Sharia over British law, and they are even getting their wish in certain districts. France’s population is about 10% Muslim and only shows signs of increasing in number – and chances are that these children will inherit the values of their parents as opposed to that of greater French society.

      And let’s not forget how the Muslim-majority world manufactures outrage in response to shoddy YouTube videos and doodles of Muhammad!

      We are hard on Islam because Islam is “hard” on women’s rights, children’s rights, and human rights in general. And that’s being nice.

      Much of the same things which I say about Islam could be said about Christians and the Bible, and I actually do consider Christianity and Islam to be more similar to each other than they are to any other religion (even Christianity to Judaism, whose coupling only became vogue within the past 100 years in an attempt to show support for the Zionist movement).

      Two key differences exist between modern Christianity and modern Islam. Firstly, Christians are now much tamer in their beliefs because the ecclesiastical authority had to give up so much of its territory to Enlightenment thinkers such as Galileo, Locke, and Bacon (and don’t forget it). Secondly, the text of the Christian Bible does not cry out for war nearly as often and loudly as does the Quran, so the fundamentalist groups such as al-Qaeda actually have a stronger theological pillar than do the moderate Muslims (who I would argue are actually the more radically deviant from Islam’s teachings).

      Islam’s influence in the world is growing, but it is not even remotely a religion of peace. This should worry any rational person. I am thankful that Sam Harris is so vocal about this issue and spends comparatively more time criticizing it as opposed to the neutered Christianity. Ayaan Hirsi Ali brings to us the horrific lived experience of growing up in an Islamic-values society while remaining a spokesperson for atheism. Thankfully, other prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne are taking this lead as well.

      Dhimmification is intolerable. I will never accept it!

    • liz

      We don’t understand shariah and it’s “historical significance”? And what, pray tell, is that, other than the same significance that the Bible and it’s laws have for Jews and Christians? It’s a record of the barbaric mentality and behavior of primitive people, which is interesting from an anthropological point of view, but should not, in this day and age, be taken literally.

      Unfortunately, far too many Muslims still take it literally and act out on it, which poses a “slight” problem for the civilized world.

      Maybe your Muslim friends should be trying to figure out ways to bring their fellow religionists into the 21st century, rather than continuing to enshrine the “historical significance” of their precious religion.

  • Fireheart_wizard

    islamic bastards, they are a disguise on the face of humanity! 

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  • agreed

  • George

    Andrew, check out the video on the link that I posted in my above comment post.  Where is the public outcry regarding this insanity and barbarity ?  Where is the widespread public denunciation by the massive so-called majority  “moderate” Muslims  who proclaim that they do not agree with these barbaric acts ?  Where are the marches, demonstrations, rallys, letters to the editors, news media presentations , etc. to speak out about this savage murderous behavior ?   Show me where ? 
                          Just recently 60 of our American troops were blown up in Iraq by Muslim  terrorists and people here in America were more concerned with what movie celebrity slut or what individual some  lowlife public figure pervert slept with.   
                        The real reason that these throwbacks are kicking our butts is because of our passivity and “political correctness”.   I was talking to a person on this issue and the individual said as usual— ” Somebeody ought to do something about ——-,….. Somebody should ——- …..,  I wish somebody would ——…., Someone needs to try to —–, [etc, etc, etc  ,etc ]  ”      I said in return—-    “Aren’t you somebody ?  What’s stopping you ?  ” ,  ” What’s wrong with your hands and mouth ”  ?      It’s the same old excuses as usual.   The people who scream their heads off the loudest are the very one’s themselves who will say nothing , do nothing  , and never take a stand themselves to bring about any real change.  That’s the freakin’ problem. We are slowly , gradually and incrementally being anihilated. We are definately being subjugated globally one degree at a time.  It’s good to chat with one another about these issues , but if we do not let our voices be heard in the mainstream media, the public in general and to our government representatives —we’re doomed.  We must take it a step further than just talking to one another. 

                    As I’ve said before, the enemies  of America smell weakness and they are taking advantage of this weakness and are advancing their hate-mongering sicko agendas while  the citizens as a whole  passively whine and bellyache about events going on without publicly speaking out and standing up. People act as if they are not aware that we have three wars going on and terrorism is being carrioed out around the world.  If we continue on at this pace , we can kiss our rights , freedoms and society goodbye.  What is it going to take to get people to wake up and see reality and look this insanity squarely in the face ?  What is it going to take to get people to stand up and fight back ? So far, it appears that the civilized nations of the earth are engaging in political , social and soverign suicide. If we as a world society continue to just sit on our hands and DO nothing but chit-chat to one another on these attrocious acts  , then it’s just a matter of time when we won’t have any rights to speak out in any sense whatsoever. Entire societies have been lost and vanquished  in the ancient past for this very reason and it appears to me that that we are following in the same footsteps in our great society .   They will not be stopped by our merely chit-chatting  privately to one another.  Our voices must go public loudly and assertively.  We must tell our government leaders it’s time to protect America and our allies and stand up for freedom . Don’t give in to these  pacifist  wimps who capitulate to our enemies and stab our allies in the back.  They are traitors and promulgators of THE FIFTH COLUMN.    People had better wake the   %$#@   up before it’s too late. Our very lives and future are at stake here. This is not something to take lightly.  Pakistan just gave China secret parts of the stealth helicopter that was used by Navy SEAL Team 6 who “took out” Osama.  Common sense would tell anyone they are not our friend or ally.  Common sense would tell anyone if Osama was hiding in a compound right under their nose, they did indeed know he was there and was IMO harboring him in hiding.  China and other foreign governments have practically bought out America.  Capital Hill is as corrupt as can be and getting worse.
                   How can we have a society with such high technology, inventions and high standard of living and yet be such damn stupid dumb a** fools ?   Why are people so gullible ?  Why are people so naive ?  Why are people so brainwashed ?  Why are people so hoodwinked ? Why are people so bamboozled ? Why are people so conned ? Why are people so easly deceived ? Why won’t people stand up for themselves and our very survival ?   WHY ????????? 

  • Anonymous

    One of the last living heroes.

  • George

    Of all the theological beliefs around the world , Islam poses as the greatest threat to civilized global society.  Whatever nation that Muslims flood into,— death, destruction, mahem , and horror follows.  Muslims do not go into another nation with the intent of trying to assimilate into the alrady established culture and sovereign natyional state , but rather they go into the various nations with the goal and intent to change or convert the society to Islamic culture and sharia law. Muslims are the only group of people who cannot get along with their neighbors. Muslims want respect for their beliefs unquestionably , yet they have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the beliefs of others. 
                           This is how radical theology destroys any form of rational thought , compassion for others , and sensible fairness and equality.   People around the world do not fear in any sense on a general basis being terrorized by Christians, Jews, Buddhists,  Scientologists, etc .,  but are justifiably horrrified of a society run by Muslims and sharia law. 
                    If world society does not stand up to the encroaching sharia crusaders that are marching globally, then the world will be cast back into thousands of years of ancient “darkness” and barbarity. Our civil societies, freedoms, high standards of living, technology , medicine, industry, justice, equality, fairness, love , compassion, mutual respect , entertainment, and overall general happiness and contentment will all be gone completely and replaced with barbarism and savagery.

    • Frank

      I agree with everything you said George. Islam is a cancer on the civilized world and it must not be allowed to spread.

    • Tanzeel

      what abt the americans n isreal doing in islamic countries ..

      • George

        We as Americans are in a few Islamic nations with the permission of  and often by the request of the Islamic government and leaders.  From dessert storm onward.  When people like Sadam Hussein was going around engaging in terrorism plots and acts , it was necessary and only logical to intervene . When  a few of these nations are havens for global terrorism training , then it is more than justified to do so. No one in America is involved with any plot or action  for any takeover of any nation in the Middle East. Absolutely none.  Your argument is therefore without merit and is nothing but a veiled attempt to distort the truth and the facts.  

    • Steve Chan

      well said. if one has “any form of rational thought , compassion for others , and sensible fairness and equality”, he/she wouldn’t become a Muslim in the first place.

      Sadly most Muslims cannot think for themselves. Those who actually left the religion would be hard to find because they might face retaliation from the Muslims. What a fucked-up religion!