A traitorous deal 6

China is becoming militarily stronger, and the US militarily weaker.

An article in Investor’s Business Daily suggests that Obama is granting this alteration in the balance of power to the Chinese in exchange for their indulgence as the US’s chief creditors:

The White House suddenly announced it wouldn’t sell F-16 jets to Taiwan — a huge strategic favor to the Chinese. Was there a quid pro quo?

Explicitly or not, the U.S. seems to be offering them a deal — buy our bonds and pay for our out-of-control spending, and we’ll let you build a massive military presence and expand your influence in the Western Pacific.

China might see that as a good investment, one that will deliver them one of their much-cherished, long-term strategic goals: a weaker U.S. military.

That nation is already challenging the U.S., increasing defense spending at double-digit rates year after year, in what a U.S. Air Force website recently called “the most remarkable expansion of military power since the U.S. geared up for World War II” … is busy building a blue-water navy to challenge America, and just this month it launched its first aircraft carrier, with plans for more. It already has 2 million men under arms — a third more than the U.S.

At the same time, it’s building its unconventional warfare capabilities, extensively testing anti-satellite weapons and … engaging in a massive, five-year cyberattack on at least 50 U.S. government agencies and corporations.

China’s new generation of anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles, submarines, sophisticated new radar and minelayers is premised on … forcing us out of East Asia, leaving allies such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea unprotected.

Some deal. They buy our bonds while we watch their defense buildup. Clearly, China’s preparing for conflict. What are we preparing for? National bankruptcy?

On China rising to space superiority, this report comes from the Heritage Foundation:

As NASA sends its shuttles to museums, China is making great strides in its space program—with preparations under way for the launch of a Chinese spacelab in the next few weeks. These advances are beginning to threaten U.S. space superiority and America’s ability to support its friends and allies and to deter aggression. …

In the past several years, China’s space efforts have become increasingly prominent. …

The PLA [People’s Liberation Army] has concluded that the high ground of space is essential to the information gathering, transmission, and exploitation necessary to fight and win future wars. …

As Beijing expands its space program, the United States must maintain and expand robust space capabilities, develop alternatives to space-based systems to reduce American vulnerability …  Only then will the United States be able to maintain its superiority in space …

Hasn’t that already been abandoned?  NASA’s mission now is “to improve relations with the Muslim world“, by order of President Obama.

Which will be worse, the US falling under Islam and sharia law, or China and communism?

To prevent either catastrophe, the US needs a president who will defend the nation – on earth and all around it.

  • George

    Magnus, you express my sentiments exactly and both being former Marines , we share a lot in common. Once a  Marine , always a  Marine.  As a former law enforcement officer  ( now retired ) , I have seen more death and chaos than most guys who have served in the armed forces. I have investigated and responded to rapes, murder, suicides, domestic violence, riots, fatal car accidents, drownings, missing juveniles, child abuse, etc etc etc ad nauseum.  I could write a  book of the horror I have seen and yet there were people who I  put my life on the line for who  called me PIG  and cursed me.   I have been in the ER enough  times that I thought it was my second home.
                    The Democrats and Republicans are just two sides of the same coin. Both want power and both are pushing their agendas at the expense of the people.  Both only pander to the people who support their agendas and political viewpoints and neither give a rat’s rear end about the people as a whole.  I believe in patriotism but not blind patriotism.  Beware the Government Media Complex as I heard on talk radio.  I love talk radio but I hate it when they engage in their virulent atheist bashing because they believe that all secular individuals are diehard liberals.
                         Neither  the Democrats or the Republicans have closed our borders to keep the illegal aliens out , as well as the  drug trafficers and possible terrorist cells entering by merely walking across our borders.  The politicians have sold us out and the brainwashed populace have been so hoodwinked that they keep putting the same good for nothing scoundrels back in office over and over again .  
                        We have transcended from the Greatest Generation to the Garbage  Generation.  People today want something for nothing with their PC entitlement , group think and victimhood mentality. It’s mind boggling. If we Americans  don’t  get our act together , we are going to lose this country , our great civilization and ALL of our rights along with it.  People aren’t taking this situation as serious as it truly is.  People today are more concerned with who won American Idol than about  terrorist cell training camps operating in our own homeland. It’s crazy. People are so gullible and freakin’ stupid & foolish. 
                          I don’t want to get on a rant again because I could go on forever.  If  The Atheist Conservative website can put forth this information on their site then why don’t we see this information in the mainstream media ?  I’ll tell you why——— it’s because of blatant intentional censorship. The moochers of society have to have their handouts , and then they scream their heads off when they don’t get it . Political correctness ( aka- political corruptness ) is running amuk in our society. I don’t mean to sound negative but I keep asking myself daily ——  What is talking about  this to one another going to do ?  What is chit-chatting about these problems within our own group going to do ?   Yes , it allows us to “vent” but no one on a large basis listens and acts on it. I am NOT pessimistic but if we as Americans don’t produce  a political change and make  a drastic  turnaround in this country—-it’s  over.  This requires action and deeds and not talk and lip-service. Our enemies know this and are moving in for the kill as we ( or rather THEY )  sit around like a knot on the wall and passively let them . I love this website for the information we get, and I only wish that people would take this info and use it to inspire others to get busy and speak up publicly and get busy in saving America and our allies.  Stupid is what stupid does.   We need to be encouraging people daily to get busy to get the word out to vote these misfits out of office.  Throw the anti-American bums out and save America.  Semper Fi  !

  • As a 10 year Marine veteran, this saddens me. I got out of the military after I realized that politics like this are why good men like me die. And for what? Nothing. It deeply hurts me that something like this takes place. What is even more troubling is how “under the rug” it seems to be. Seriously, why isn’t this type of information in the news? I can’t watch one 1/2 hour news show without hearing about celebrity weddings yet real news like this is never discussed. 

    It is disgusting if you ask me. George, I agree with everything you have said. As much as it hurts me to say, I truly believe that I will see the beginning of America’s destruction in my lifetime. Perhaps more. 

    • George

      Magnus, I was 18 years of age when I voluntarily joined the Marines and was shipped off to basic training at Parris Island SC , and yet I was not considered old enough back then to buy a beer , or vote , or even purchase a .22 caliber pistol from a gun shop because one had to be 21 years of age at the time.  Amazing !  I kept my secular beliefs to myself ( and remained in the closet ).  While in basic training we were required to go attend the Marine Corps  Recruit Depot chapel every Sunday or we had to write a letter to the base commander to state our reasons why not.  I’m glad my son never went into the military , especially the way they are putting our guys under Court Martial for doing their jobs in combat overseas.   It’s crazy.  I never spoke of my atheism (and remained in the closet ) because we were  still in a Cold War with the USSR. Whyb are we over there anyway ?  They will never change their ways over in the Middle East. Not one of our guys lives is worth sacrificing for a million of them . Our guys are dying in vain for people who hate us and want to kill us. It’s astonishing and madness. If it wasn’t for OIL , we wouldn’t be there . They have nothing to offer us otherwise but death , suffering and mayhem.
                       I have always been a pro-American patriot and pro-military and I’m now a retired cop.  I feel ya bro , big time !  Our nation is now being run by anti-American wimps and it’s crazy. I worry  just as yourself that it just may be in my lifetime when I see the demise of my great country because of  all this PC bullcrap.  I often stay awake at night wondering if we will ever have a future . I wonder if freedom will still prevail in our great nation. Look what these liberal anti-American bastards have done to our great nation , our way of life, infrastructure and national pride.  Look how these liberal left-wing anti-American bastards have brought our great nation down to near third  world status.  Look at how these liberal bastards have done more harm in one term of Obama than the former USSR couldn’t do in fifty years.  We must get new leadership in Washington DC or we’re doomed.  Many great nations in the past have fallen for going in the same direction that we are headed now. We must vote  the anti-American scumbags out of office and bring true pro-American leaders into office or we’re finished. Hang in there guy —–  Semper Fi       !!!!!!!!

      • You nailed it on the head George. I got out about a year and a half ago. I was in combat for a total of just under 3 years. I finally realized that fighting these wars was not patriotic nor did it have real meaning. My body is now ruined because of it. And for what? Oil, just like you said. The Middle East will never change. Even if it could, why are we the ones who have to fix the world? We can’t even pay our bills so why on earth should we help other countries do anything? Fuck every other country on Earth. 

        Until every American has a job, a place to live and plenty to eat, we should not be giving anyone else money. It doesn’t make sense and it infuriates me. The beginning of my “awakening” came when a buddy showed me a series of movies called Zeitgeist. If you are unfamiliar, it is a series of documentaries designed to expose the lies of the government. You can watch them all for free here: http://zeitgeistmovie.com/ I don’t necessarily believe everything that the movies talk about, but there is a lot of truth in them. The oldest movie (and the first you should watch if you are going to watch them) is broken down into three parts. You can skip the first two. The second movie is almost entirely about the government. 

        The point is that these movies got me thinking about what I was doing. Before, I just figured I was doing my duty and defending my country. Brainwashed by false patriotism and doing what my government needed me to do. As I researched more and more and actually started paying attention to world around me, I felt like I had been reborn. Like the entire world was new, and I hate everything about it. Now, several years later, I find myself discouraged by the world’s culture, but especially Americans. I have  been going to a University on the GI Bill since I got out and see these young kids and what they stand for. Let me tell you, for the most part, it is not much. That alone makes me nervous. Add that to our horrible government, and the future looks very bleak for America. 

        I too hid my atheism for a long time. Actually, I think I lean more towards agnostic than atheist.  Maybe a mixture of both. I just feel that religion is a farce. Seriously, without religion, most wars would not have been fought, we would be a billion times more technologically advanced, and there would not be nearly as much hate in the world. Without religion, world peace would seem actually possible. I hate religion. I don’t understand how people can believe in such BS. It just makes no sense to me. If you watch part one of the first Zeitgeist movie, it basically disproves Christianity. Skeptics try to prove otherwise but the science is there. 

        Even so, how do these people know which religion is right? How can they know? Why devote my life to something with the chance that I was wrong. Religion is a joke. Sure there have been good deeds in the name of religion but there have been just as many bad ones. It is sickening. Back to my point though. I hid my atheism because my family is very VERY religious. Ever since I spent my first day in church, I always questioned the logic. I could never really fully believe. Now I am fairly open about my disbelief in religion. I still hide it from my father though because it just causes long pointless arguments. I won’t ever change him and he will never change me. 

        I too am very much patriotic and pro military. Like you said, not one life is worth losing to the Middle East. I realize that now. That place is a wasteland. Fighting there fixes nothing. As soon as we leave, it is going to go right back to shit. Everyone forgets that we put Saddam Hussein in power. We were also allies with Bin Laden and even gave him lots of guns. The next people that step into power will inevitable follow suit and we will be back there fighting in another 30 years or so. If they want freedom, let them fight for it themselves. The way we are handling the Libyan and Egyptian revolts are how we should handle Iraq and Afghanistan. Let them earn their own freedom.  If need be, we will flex a little muscle in case things get dirty, but not much. 

        I have personally worked with U.S. trained Iraqi and Afghanistan troops. Let me tell you what, they don’t give a fuck about their country. They take the training as a joke and aren’t dedicated. They are very cowardly for the most part and honestly don’t want to defend their country. Can’t say I blame em. Those places are shit holes. 

        We do need a new President. Hell we need a whole new government. Sadly, as long as there is greed, our government will never care about the people and the country first. Money always trumps the best interest of the citizens. We all know it but we can’t really do anything about it. We can vote but that won’t help. We have voted since we became a country and look at what that got us. We just vote in more crooked assholes. 

        We need a new system. Our current one has two parties that constantly want to beat each other and we the people are the ones who always lose out. Instead of thinking about us, they just want to argue with each other and get nothing accomplished. America is definitely declining, and in a rapid pace. It hurts my heart but that is the truth. 

  • George

    We have a traitorous president in the white house (  King Obama ). His majesty Obama has sold America out  to China ( and so did Bill Clinton )  when our nuclear secrets were sold to finance his campaign.  It’s all documented as fact. 
            George Bush Jr.  was no better , when he was going to sell our national seaport security to the United Arab Emarates . How utterly assinine.  That’s  like IMO having the fox guard the hen-house.  The reason America is falling is because we have such traitorous leaders ( or rather so-called pretentious leaders ) who are more concerned in pushing  their various agendas instead of standing up for America and the best interest for the American people.  Our national security should be first, and then our economy and advancing our nation.  We have NO strong and patriotic leadership.  Our enemies recognize this and now that they smell weakness, they are moving in on the chess game and it will eventually be “checkmate”.  
                        The citizenry as a whole have been so brainwashed that they continue to put the same sell-out and inept misfits back in office over and over again and our great nation becomes weaker and weaker. As long as these PC politicians give the losers what they want , they will keep the corrupt politicians in office to no end. It’s mind boggling how stupid and suicidal people can truly be.  I keep asking myself, what good is my commenting  about this going to do and the answer keeps coming up —-NONE whatsoever.  It just makes people feel good for the moment.
                   The brainwashed populace are set in their ways and they will even attack those who try to open their minds since they believe that everyone else is so closed minded .  Their minds revolve around emotionalism and their self serving interests instead of logic. They embrace PC politics instead of rational thinking . How did Obama get into office in the first place ?  Because stupid brainwashed fools put him there by their vote , that’s how.  
                       It’s now OUR duty to try to get the word out to as many people as possible to vote for a truly pro-American president and administration before we lose this country forever.   

    • George

      In continuation to my above comment post.   Russia  now has a high speed torpedo known as the VA-111 Shkval torpedo.  It is capable of speeds of 230-250 mph underwater. It has no propeller  but is rocket powered and produces an air pocket around the body of the torpedo causing it to travel via cavitation with minimum drag/resistance.
                    One nuclear tipped Shkval torpedo could sink an aircraft carrier quickly with one blast. They are now operational according to intelligence sources and are now reported to be in the  hands of the Chinese who are improving them for extreme long range endurance.
        *********              Warning– Do NOT click on the keyword search “BA-111 Shkval ”  under the [global security ] org site as it has a major virus on that website according to my anti-virus software system site warning. 
                              Just do a keyword search under Russian high speed torpedo and the various sites will be listed. Check out the photos , specs and performance data.  There is no vessel anywhere that can outmaneuver this thing.
                 We need to increase and strengthen our military or otherwise we will become a third world nation or worse —anihilated. It’s time to put strong leadership in Washington DC for the sake of our very survival and future.