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  • Anonymous

    Nice set of pictures.

    I have very little to say about the first one. Despite his many flaws as a candidate, Rick Perry is clearly a true American patriot and would make a fine president given his executive experience. There is no question that the Republican is getting my vote this next election, but on the scale of how much I’ll grit my teeth depending on who that is, he’s on the low end. His military career only makes the deal better.

    Barack Obama is a contemptible man and a heavy smoker. On the admission of the photographer who took those 30 years ago, Lisa Jack, he is smoking a tobacco cigarette in the pictures. Easily the most famous image of that set involves him deceptively holding the cigarette like a joint of marijuana. It makes me ashamed for all of those pro-drug voters who instantly assumed Obama would support legalization just because he not only puffed, but also inhaled.

    Grow up, children. He’s just like the rest of the Drug Warriors – all you’re getting while he’s bogarting that good bud is a burn to the face as he keeps giving you the wrong end.

    Anyways, I really hope Perry would end the drug war…