9/11 commemorated in London 4

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Picture of the Week

The progeny of Muslim asylum seekers mar a moment of silence
at a London memorial for 9/11 victims by burning an American flag.
Most of the men in this photo actually live on public benefits.

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  • Liz

    Talk about broadcasting your pathetic, barbaric ignorance for all to see. That’s one thing in our favor- they are too stupid and arrogant to hide their fanatical, irrational hatred.  What’s not in our favor is the stupidity of our own leaders, like Obama, in capitulating to them anyway.  

    • George

      What’s even more sickening Liz is that these sickos actually call us barbaric and intolerant when we stand up to their hate mongering bigotry , , terrorism and mass murder and their attempt to engage in a global takeover.  What a bunch of deranged psychopaths !!!!!!!!!!!!!         Oh by the , you’re right Liz in that Obama continues to suck up to them and kiss their a** when they want to anihilate us .    Unfreaking real !

  • Frank

    Coming Soon to a city near you here in America.

    • George

      Look out Frank , you will be accussed of having some kind of irrational Islamophobia .    That’s NOT “politically correct ” to say that Frank.   Check out the sign of the guy on the far right that reads — ” Islam will dominate the world “. I’m seeing signs like this all over the internet , in magazine layouts , etc.  and when we point this out WE are accused of being the intolerant ones.  Can you believe this BS ?