Atheists in an Islamic state 4

Check this out –

It is the newly launched website of Pakistani Atheists and Agnostics.

They are brave to come out into the open in an Islamic state.

They deserve our encouragement.

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  • Harold

    Hats off to them, I wish them every success, and hope they will fourish.

  • Anonymous

    They have my support.  Those who will raise their middle fingers in salute to sick religious bastards who are known to cut off heads on a whim are heroes all the way.  Be careful, be wary.  Isslamm is very treacherous, and its adherents are fully insane.

  • George

    Here we have atheists in Pakistan who face the threat of torture and death for just being  atheists  and yet here we have atheists in America who are too cowardly to even write a  letter to the editor in their local newspaper ( which I do regularly ) because they are so worried that they may get badmouthed by some zealot christian bible-thumper.  These same atheists are too cowardly to speak out publicly in the public “arena” but  ” boy ol boy ”  can they hide behind their computers annonymously attacking and ridiculing fellow atheists who don’t subscribe to their political views. You have atheists in America who go to monthly assembly meetings and speak so boldly behind closed doors and they applaud each other for ranting & raving behind closed doors safely among like-minded individuals but the same ones won’t go and speak at a public assembly , in their community , among their relatives and/or friends , co-workers , etc . but they will make crtiticism , remarks , and ad hominem attacks upon fellow atheists they disagree with as long as they aren’t in the eye of the public .
                         No one is under greater threat than these atheists in Pakistan who have formed their group there  under a sharia law society run by Islamic imams and ruthless dictators. I have lost count how many times I have walked out of atheist meetings when I suggest to  them to take their views public and they adamantly refuse out of fear.  Then they ridicule me  for speaking out publicly  and in letters to the editor and community assemblies by telling me I need to “tone it down “. They don’t have the guts to speak out publicly themselves but oh they can tell others what needs to be said.  They won’t go out into the communities and acknowledge their secular beliefs as I have but oh can they post internet messages , or comment in closed-door meetings or in private where they feel safe.   They love to argue, debate, criticize, create conflict among fellow atheists , philosophize , etc . nonstop , but they won’t ever roll their shirt sleeves up and get their hands dirty in the communities with action and deeds. Sometimes I’m more fed up with MANY fellow atheists more so than the religious nutcases here  ( no not ALL  of them ). 
                    As I have mentioned before , back in 1990 I asked  Madalyn Murray O’hair why is it  that atheists overwhelmingly won’t speak out in public considering we have so much freedom of speech but will rant & rave behind closed doors in private so boldly .    Madalyn replied to me stating  :        ” George , that’s because they are COWARDS  “.   People still don’t see how serious this situation really is and they had better get their act together before it’s too late , or we’re doomed.     This isn’t being paranoid or phobic —————————   it’s being REAL    !!!!!!!!!!

  • George

    These individulas are beyond brave——they are my hero icons !!!!!       I salute them –one and all !