“Disproportionate” retaliation? 2

A car bomb exploded in the Turkish capital Ankara today. Three people have been reported killed and fifteen injured.

The Kurdish terrorist organization PKK – the Kurdish Workers’ Party – has denied responsibility for it.

Turkey is retaliating by bombing Kurdish villages in northern Iraq. We don’t yet know the number of dead and injured among the Kurds.

We held our breath waiting for foreign ministers of Europe, the Secretary-General of the UN, and Palestinian spokesmen to declare the Turkish retaliation “disproportionate” (as they always say of Israel’s retaliations), but have had to give up in bewildered disappointment.

And not one of them has spoken the words “cycle of violence” either, even though the PKK has been pursuing its “armed struggle” and Turkey has been opposing it with force since 1984.

Funny, that.

  • George

    What kind of belief-system teaches it’s adherents to hate , kill, destroy, terrorize, create mahem  and violence,  promote slavery , total subjugation ,  and an aversion to love, kindness, fun, happiness, pleasure and mutual respect and recognition ?  What kind of mindset is it that actually believes that torture , murder and hatred are good and noble moral things ?  What kind of thinking is it that believes that violating all other peoples rights  is just and righteous ?  This proves beyond any doubt the power, influence and control that religion has over the human mind and behavior.   Organized religion is organized brainwashing. Organized religion is organized mythology, superstition and mind control. Organized religion ( and religion in general ) is the scourge of the earth ! 

  • George

    Everywhere you go , it’s mass murder, mahem , torture, destruction and chaos , slavery , etc.  under the banner of  Islam yet atheists are the most despised group in America. Where is the hatred for the people engaging in these terrorist actions ?   What acts of terrorism are atheists engaged in  ?  NONE !!!!!  Muslims are blowing people up all over the world, killing their wives, daughters , mothers , sisters , aunts and women in general under what they call   “honor” .   What kind of behavior of the sort are atheists engaged in ?  NONE !   I read a recent newspaper article where the columnist  ( a  christian ) stated  that we need to reach out to our muslim friends  . Yet people despise atheists because we don’t believe in the imaginary and invisible Daddy In The  Sky.    Where is the article telling people to reach out to secular freethinkers  ?  The same terrorists were telling  Israel that they  (Israel)  were acting disproportionate when Israel took actions to defend themselves.   Did anyone really expect the terrorist controlled nations or groups to reciprocate ?    Not only are the terrorist regiemes using physical violence and terror , but they are also playing their worldwide psychological  “mind games ”   to manipulate  the world populace and the media for the purpose of deception to promote their jihadist agenda.  So many people are still asleep.