The unbearable pain of prosperity 5

Down with evil corporations


(Hat tip Andrew M)

  • Don L

    It is not the fault of the entrepreneurs that the consumers, the people, the common man, prefer liquor to Bibles and detective stories to serious books, and that governments prefer guns to butter. The entrepreneur does not make greater profits in selling bad things than in selling good things. His profits are the greater the better he succeeds in providing the consumers with those things they, the consumers, ask for most intensely.

  • Frank

    WTF is going on?! Are we becoming Greece?

  • George

    Liberals would all be happy if we ALL lived in caves, jungles, desserts, swamps, mountains . tents, thatch roof huts or on rafts drifting in oceans .    Then we can all go back to communicating using drums, smoke signals and two tin cans with a lot of wire.  I wonder how much wire it would  take to make a long distance call using two tin cans and wire from New York  to California.    Gee, that would be one heck of a phone bill.
                     Then our cars would be like the Flintstones but dang my feet would get sore using my feet for brakes.  Of course I have to admit , it would be nice having your own T-Rex as a pet . You wouldn’t have to worry about the neighbor kid breaking into your house while you’re away.  But c’mon guys , admit it , Wilma does look “hot” in that sabre tooth tiger skin mini-skirt !   Wow !!!!

    • Frank

      To quote Lewis Black, “Those people are stone cold f*** nuts! They are watching the Flintstones as if it were a documentary.”

      • George

        *   The liberal mentality =   Steal from the productive achievers and give it to the parasite losers . 

        * The liberal mentality  =  What’s mine is mine , and what’s yours is mine.

        * The liberal mentality =  You earn  it and I take it .

        * The liberal mentality  =  You invent it , I use it and bitch about it.

        * The liberal mentality  =  Socialism rocks !

        *  The liberal mentality  =  Follow the crowd, engage in “group think” , and scream discrimination if you don’t get your way.