The once and new religion of earth-worship 19

Make no mistake about it – environmentalism is a new nature-worshiping religion.

It’s vatican is the United Nations. Its inquisitors are walking up and down and to and fro on the earth furtively trying to enforce a ukase titled “Agenda 21”.

We have warned about “Agenda 21” (see our post Beware “Agenda 21”, June 24, 2011).

We said that it is one of the biggest steps the UN has taken towards world socialist government, and we quoted Dr Ileana Johnson Paugh, an expert on the subject.

Because we cannot iterate too often or too strongly that Agenda 21 is a serious menace, we’re returning to the subject and quoting her again. She wrote on October 18 at Canada Free Press.:

Senator Robert Menendez [introduced] SB 1621 on September 22, [which may become] the Livable Communities Act. The bill has 17 Democrat cosponsors and, when passed, would create an Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), more bureaucracy to control our private land and housing by government fiat.

All elements in this bill …  are further implementation of United Nation’s Agenda 21 goals

The UN’s congregation for the doctrine of the faith has set up the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives [ICLEI], name-adjusted in 2003 to ICLEI — Local Governments for Sustainability. In its turn it has formed sub-bureaus, one of which is named Smart Growth America.

The  words “sustainability” and “smart growth” are euphemisms respectively for a “green” agenda and growth of government power.

Smart Growth America is another NGO (non-government organization) that pushes ICLEI’s goals …

As their site states, “Smart Growth is a better way to build our urban, suburban, and rural communities.”  They are concerned with our transportation, our communities, and reducing carbon emissions. They are using “steering committees” and “visioning” to change our lives in accordance with the United Nation’s vision of a one world government controlled by a few. Under the guise of saving the planet from the destructive humans, private property must be abolished; everybody must live in mixed-use zones, five-minute walk from work and school, moving about on public buses or light rail. Land must be given back to its intended wilderness.

These progressives are marching on, trying to reshape, restructure, control, and fundamentally change the way we live, according to their dictates and twisted vision of the world. …

Smart Growth America is offering free technical assistance to communities “interested in smart growth strategies.” Americans must wake up fast to this “green” invasion in our way of life: smart green growth, green transportation, saving the green planet, sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, and sustainable green jobs. Everything now is sustainable and all jobs and activities are green.

[But] there is no green industry. We have windmills and we build solar panels expensively. Wind and solar power cannot provide enough electricity for our huge economy. Nobody has built a nuclear power plant since the seventies. There are no green jobs.

Beware of the Green Monster coming to your community, the excuse for United Nations to take over our economy, take over private property, and set the country back a few decades to the level of third world countries in the name of “social justice.” Watch for these signs and language of UN Agenda 21 activities underway in your communities:

  • Installation of Smart Meters in your area, an illegal surveillance device without a warrant in the name of reducing electricity consumption and costs by cutting your power at peak usage and causing all sorts of health ailments because of radiation from the meter itself
  • Your area is a member of ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) or ICMA (International City/County Management Association)
  • Your area has a Vision, Master, or Comprehensive Plan that has been adopted in the last 5-10 years, promoting the “Triple Bottom Line,” or the three Es of Sustainable Development (Environment, Economy, and Social Equity)
  • Your community supports Smart Growth, New Urbanism, and Resilient Communities with emphasis on using light rail, bike paths, walking, public transportation, discouraging the use of cars.
  • Some communities narrow the roads to make them less accessible or install thousands of speed bumps; parking is at a premium and no parking garages are planned.
  • Sustainable agriculture and community gardens are emphasized, encouraging a shift away from traditional free market driven food system, providing food just for the local community
  • Your city established an Urban Growth Boundary [and] anything beyond it is considered “sprawl” and “blight” .. discouraged through incentives and regulations.
  • Your town has joined Public-Private Partnerships, local regional councils, state, or federal government to promote Sustainable Communities Planning or Initiatives.
  • Measurement of wealth through GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is discouraged while “happiness” and “well-being” become measures of wealth.
  • A “New American Dream” is advertised as “living simply.”
  • Green energy is most important, wind and solar, fossil fuels are evil.
  • More and more restrictions and regulations are placed on land use, farm, residential, and commercial, in order to preserve the wilderness, small creatures, and natural resources at the expense of humans.
  • The community is buying more and more “green space” and returning it to wilderness.
  • You find a chart in your local government’s documents with three concentric circles with the words, Environment, Economy, Equity written in the middle of each circle.
  • Community leaders subscribe to global warming as a manmade fact. They take action to lower the community’s carbon footprint by adopting “green” LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, “an internationally recognized green building certification system”] building and energy code standards for construction and development, including incentives, benchmarks, and retrofitting.
  • Your town belongs to Earth Charter, the Sierra Club’s Cool Cities Initiative, the Audubon Society’s Sustainable Community Initiative, or your mayor has signed the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement.
  • Officials refer to your town as a “transition town,” a “resilient city,” or a “livable community” and begin teaching “globalism,” “interdependence with nature,” and “interconnectedness”.
  • Social Equity vocabulary is being used in your community such as “food justice,” “economic and environmental justice,” “fairness,” “direct democracy,” “diversity,” “food deserts,” “social justice,” and “wealth redistribution.”
  • NGOs (non-governmental organizations) become involved in your city’s planning through other “stakeholders” in the “collaborative, consensus-building,” “visioning” process that takes about 18 months to complete and details your community’s future without input from the voters.
  • Your school system starts teaching children how to be good “global citizens” and stewards of the environment via International Baccalaureate and other UN sponsored education agendas.
  • Your local government authorities start to exceed their constitutionally granted powers by working with private international and national organizations through Public-Private Partnerships.
  • You notice a significant push toward “social justice,” interfaith initiatives that promote “one world” along with community diversity, multiculturalism, sameness of faiths, social inclusion, and environmental stewardship.

There is some good news in that here and there people are becoming aware of the threat and are beginning to resist. In another article, October 26, the same author wrote:

As the battles against the green sustainability monster pushed by ICLEI and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) rage across the nation, ten communities have officially rejected membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

Rep. Matt Shay reported the creation of an anti-UN Agenda 21 Caucus in the Washington State Legislature … [and]  following the latest rejections of ICLEI by James City County, VA and Lexington, VA, several more communities across the nation are making similar decisions.

The Wisconsin Legislature has introduced two bills (Assembly Bill 303 and Senate Bill 225) to “allow local governments to repeal comprehensive development plans that were forced under smart growth legislation.” …

But the hooded monks of the UN, and their local collaborators – many disguised as “educators and entertainers” – pursue their mission relentlessly:

Meanwhile, the Office of Sustainability Institute at George Mason University invited the “sustainability community” of Fairfax, Virginia, to the Sustainable Living Roadshow on October 19, 2011. If you have no clue about the nature of this road show, it is safe to guess, it is environmental propaganda. I am still trying to understand the need for a sustainability institute at GMU, but then every government entity now has such an office or at least a sustainability plan.

When I saw the invitation, I began to understand the depth and length of brainwashing that the environmental minority is assaulting this country with in order to pass and promote their anti-American agenda.

“The Sustainable Living Roadshow is a caravan of educators and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles setting up off-the-grid eco-carnivals with interactive learning villages at K-12 schools, universities, festivals and community events. These villages are designed to empower communities to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet.”

The sponsors of the Sustainable Living Roadshow are an interesting mixture of corporations, stores, and environmental groups: Birkenstock, Nature’s Gate, Petzl, Hemp Oil Canada, Organic India, The Living Seed Company, Hemp Industries Association, Elemental Herbs, Natracare, and Synchro.

The Sustainable Living Roadshow website displayed pictures of energetic young people holding signs that read, “Toss out fossil fuels,” “We’re Ready, Green Jobs Now,” emphasizing a global culture, another element of UN Agenda 21, a powerful assault on impressionable minds to erase any trace of our culture, our nationality, our borders, our sovereignty.

It does not matter that there is no viable, full replacement for fossil fuels yet to run the largest economy on the planet. Let us toss them out because teachers and environmentalists say so. There is no green industry and there are no green jobs. Students, impressionable children, and ignorant adults have overlooked these tiny details. The media never reports the truth. People do not know that there are are no green jobs and no green industry, just windmills and solar panels.

GMU asked attendees to arrive preferably by bike or public transportation, keeping in line with their walkability and mass-transit goals, which happen to coincide with UN Agenda 21. …

I wondered if parents knew what kind of brain washing their expensive tuition bought for their children and what kind of generation was going to lead our country into the future.

A future of –

Crowding humans off their lands and off their suburban homes into high-density, high-rise mixed-use tenements.

And as the environmentalists complain that there are too many people in the world, reduction of populations would come next by means of abortion, infanticide, refusal of medical treatment to the old, and – we guess – punitive executions for (eg) endangering a species of owl or smelt.

Not to mention suicide, which would be fully understandable in such circumstances.

“Agenda 21”, Dr Paugh points out, is not a treaty, and no member state is as yet bound to implement it. But although its recommendations, “covering every facet of human life”, are not legally binding, they are being implemented administratively in the US “without Congress ever approving or debating them”. If Senator Menendez’s Livable Communities bill is passed, they will become the law of the land.

Plainly, the religion of environmentalism would put total political power in the hands of a self-elected priestly caste.

Primitive earth-worshipers believed that human blood had to be spilt to ensure fertility. We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the priests and inquisitors of the new earth-worshiping religion plan to carry out mass human sacrifice, and the enslavement of those they’ll permit to live.

  • Anonymous

    Between the atheist liberals, christian conservatives and musslimms, there are enough wack jobs out there to populate a planet.  Let’s hope good men and women and reason will ensure that those horrid groups eventually fade away on this planet.

    • George

      Perhaps they can go start their own country somewhere and call it ————  The   :  Wacky States of Earth  ( WSE ).  As long as they leave everyone else alone ——–but don’t hold your breath.

  • LisaM

    This website is a joke, right?  Because anyone who is smart enough to be able to operate a computer surely cannot be dumb enough to believe this crap.

    But what do I know, I am a teacher who is out to twist and distort impressionable young minds with my green agenda, haha

    • Jillian Becker

      Yes, Lisa M, what do you know? 

      Why comment at all if you’re not going to tell us why what we say is “crap”?  

      Go 0n, refute the arguments one by one. Tell us exactly where the facts are wrong or the conclusions faulty. You say you’re a teacher, so you must know how to set out a case. 

      Do you merely want to abuse us? Or do you want to speak up for your beliefs? If the latter, please use our pages to put your arguments. We’ll listen to them. 

      • Keith

        This site has obviously struck a nerve out in the blogosphere. Heath and LisaM seem to part of the same effort to discredit this site as the ones all outraged over a mislabeled photo.

        Instead of a rational argument they resort to the “nana nana boo boo shame on you” argument.

        Kinda funny when you think about it, kinda sad too.

        • George

          You’re right  Keith about their desire to discredit this site because this site is gaining in recognition and popularity so they (trolls) have to find some way to get people NOT to pay attention of the contents.  As far as the riot photo , actually it wasn’t mislabeled . It occurred just as Jillian posted it and those attacking her knew it but set out on a dubious agenda to intentionally sabotage this website and to try to discredit Jillian.        The uproar over a previous photo containing charred bodies  was confirmed to have been accurate as originally posted and I personally sent Jillian  several sites that confirmed such.  I researched literally dozens of sites for many hours and even mainstream media sources that confirmed such. As far as the “green energy” bunch , these are the same individuals claiming that driving a large SUV will destroy our  planet or that using an aerosol spray can will destroy the earth’s ozone when scientists have concluded that our earth’s ozone is constantly being replenished and that our climate changes are CYCLICAL.
                          The liberals hate industry , hate capitalism , and hate technology even though they claim otherwise. They are deceitful and will use every tactic and trick in the book to promote their anti-advancement agenda.
                                  These people are such losers who lead such miserable lives and so they have to make everyone else miserable along with themselves.  Even the wealthy ones who made their fortune using  the very conservative free enterprise technological and industrial base  that allowed them to acquire their fortune has now become a target of which they seek to destroy. How absurd and and totally assinine.  Whenever they disagree with a point of view or presentation , instead of rationally pointing out in intricate detail substantiated and verifiable facts to the contrary , they go on their personal ad hominem attacks and then when we stand up to them and don’t let them push us around with their tricks and deceit , they have the unmitigated to call us names and consider us as being intolerant and hostile when they are the ones who initiated the fiasco in the first place.  They have gotten away with their deceitful tactics and propaganda ploys for so long and now they are set out to actually call us that which  THEY  are . I will never trust these individuals because I use to associate and work along side such individuals until I “stepped outside of the box ” and began doing individual research and investigation and then finding out the truth and how we as a society have been so hoodwinked and bamboozled .    People need to learn to think for themselves and question everything ( including what is posted here ) and take NOTHING on face value .    We must continue to support FREEDOM OF  INQUIRY   and independent thought  and not be  ” mental puppets” for anyones agenda  !                 

    • C. Gee

      All teachers need to know to teach Climate Change is how to operate a computer to download “An Inconvenient Truth”. Unless you teach in Britain, you are not even required to mention points mandated by a court to mitigate the movie’s  propaganda. Having terrified children into believing that the world will end and it is their, their parents’, their culture’s and their nation’s fault, the teacher may then get the children saving the world by magic rituals: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. And voting Democrat. 

  • Heath Blount

    This has to be one of the most exaggerated and reactionary articles, drawing baseless conclusions out of mid air, that I have ever read. Your revelation of a desire for a UN run autocracy smacks of the same superstitious mythology you claim to renounce. The triple bottom line and transit oriented development responds to a long held American ideal of self reliance, and conservation of economy and natural resources. ‘Tis sad you are too blind to see the intelligent and effective solutions presented by a green economy. I’d love to refute the red herrings in each of your points but would be too easy and not worth the carbon impact.

    • C. Gee

      “The triple bottom line and transit oriented development responds to a long held American ideal of self reliance, and conservation of economy and natural resources. ”

      One may trace many tributary streams of thinking which culminate in the new religion of Climatism.  Yes, there is the ideal of pastoral husbandry shared by American and British landowners – the huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ types – often against the “city”, urbanites, industrial encroachment, commerce and trade, technological innovation: the upper class version of the Luddites.  There are the self-sufficiency zealots – cultish, separatist, paranoid, waiting for the apocalypse. There are Rachel Carson’s intellectual heirs –  environmentalists who see man as the despoiler of nature. These are closely allied with Rousseau’s children, the hippies, who believe in noble savagery, a return to simplicity, a return to  nature. There are feminists who are tired of the patriarchal hegemony of scientific rationality and who want to liberate the instinctual and spiritual, a new earth-worship. Christians who promote poverty as a value. And then there are the Marxists who want to destroy capitalism and redistribute wealth, symbolized by the international corporation and greedy industrialist (and Jewish banker).  And let’s throw in vegetarians too : the moral eaters who look with fear and loathing at farting cattle. Malthusians. Jains. Anorexics too. 

      The fabulous thing about carbon dioxide is that it is a proxy for all the bad demons of all these different world views. It is a great unifier. Carbon dioxide symbolizes: the “city”, industry, commerce, science, the unnatural, the military-industrial complex, patriarchy, imperialism, big business, the greedy rich, meat eaters, the soulless, machine-dependent automatons, the human population using up nature. But it is not just a symbol of all that is rotten with society. Being an atmospheric gas, carbon dioxide is the Satan which goes not merely up and down and to and fro, but Everywhere. There is no escaping the Evil anywhere on the planet. As it is a global problem it must have a global solution . Unless all governments agree, chop-chop, to regulate emissions, CO2 will bring The End. 

      Climatism is the ultimate puritanism of collectivist ideology. Climatists are the Taliban. 

      • Liz

        Well put, C.Gee.  Exactly right.  As for Heath and LisaM, go on believing yourselves to be the intellectual elites who know better.  You will wake up someday to realize, too late, that you drank the Koolade.  You are useful idiots for the latest version of totalitarianism.  

        • George

          You’re right Liz but you may as well be talking to a brick wall for all the good it will do. You can’t be rational with the irrational. Even liberal atheists are IRRATIONAL.

      • George

        You’re telling the truth C. Gee , but unfortunately your ( and our ) message continues to fall upon deaf ears and blind eyes.    

      • Ronnie Safreed

        Agenda 21 plans to do away with all pets & farm & zoo & circus animals!!!!! Even pet-food is looked upon as unsustainable!!!! PETA, HSUS & Dept of Agraculture sees all pet owners, farmers & ranchers & zoo keepers & circus animal handlers as “terrorist & abusers of animals” & all are guilty til proven innocent if you “CAN” !!!!! All vetenarians will like the doctors be exterminated!!!!!! Animal control in many areas are like gestapo/stazi jackboot thugs seizing animals & taking people to court & even jail on nothing charges!!!!! Once again a guilty til you can prove yourself innocent “if you can” !!!!!

    • Liz

      Here we have a great example of the brainwashing at work before our very eyes.  Just goes to show how insidious and creepy it is. 

  • Andrew M

    Robert Menendez is my senator.

    That scumbag is going to have a word with me…. after I read his bill.

  • I am not interested in the supernaturalism of Christianity, but am very interested in the study of the early history of the group. I am always happy to have others that are also interested in this topic contact me. My interest specifically is up till perhaps a generation or two after Irenaeus. But I would say I am interested in anything from the Maccabean revolt up till about 384CE when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire.

    The best thing to do is contact me via email, via


    • Jillian Becker

      Rich, please see our post “The invention of Christianity” – first part of a proposed  intermittent series. On our front page Friday October 28.

      Contributions as comments are welcome.

      • George

        Jillian , I was net surfing on various websites regarding the environmentalists  and animal rights groups and I found that federal agencies here in the USA have concluded that the animal rights extremist  groups and the environmentalist extremist groups are the number one primary perpetrators of domestic terrorism  in the USA and are at  the top of the list as being the most dangerous groups in the country.   These people are not only wacky but are outright dangerous I knew in advance that it was just a matter of time before they  started  attacking you and your website and just as I predicted —-they did .   It’s like clockwork—-they always come through as expected.  They don’t want your message getting out to awaken people mentally.   So therefore they attack the message by attacking the messenger.   It’s a propaganda ploy which they have used for so long ——-but here they realize that we are not falling for their tricks and deceit and it frustrates the %$# out of them.    As I stated previously —–they have the unmitigated gall to call US that which THEY are. Yes , the mind is a terrible thing to waste and there are indeed a bunch of wasted minds out there and it’s getting worse every day.  

  • George

    I have witnessed how the environmentalist extremists and the animal rights extremists are working arm-in-arm together and these nut-cases have gone off the deep end .    Any decent and civil minded individual is concerned about protecting the environment and protecting animals  but these loonies have taken this to such a far extreme that they are not only absurd but dangerous.