“Terrorists are the world’s most god-fearing people” 4

Two videos from Creeping Sharia to remind the West that Islam is waging war against us.


  • Zena

    I believe that either this guy is a crazy extremist or was hired by the Mosaad or the CIA to spread such hate words. What he is saying is absolutely against Islamic basic rules. I don’t believe those people have read the same Quraan normal muslims read. May these people go to hell.

    Muslim woman

    • Liz

      Zena –
      It’s encouraging to hear from a Muslim who sees the evil and insanity of this.  But I’m wondering if you’ve actually read the whole Quraan.  I’ve read so many quotes from it that totally contradict the one you quoted, which tell Muslims to kill non-muslims and apostates.  And, as you surely must know, many of them take these commands literally and do just that (as in the video on the next post).  Do you and your family and friends ever discuss these problems, and if so, what are the conclusions? 

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/vekAsew7lOvzPtoZhB61ECRhcAE-#43299 Liz

    This is a good example of how “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  When an absolutist religion has absolute power over people, it causes their minds to degenerate into a state of absolutely abject enslavement to its control.  They believe the exact opposite of the truth unquestioningly.  And those who control them become absolute embodiments of true evil.

    • Zena

      i agree with you that this is true evil. I still can’t believe what i have just heard, although im a very conservative Muslim. These people are hate spreading extremists who have nothing to do with Islam.

      “anyone who murders any person who had not committed
      murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the
      people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the
      lives of all the people.”  05:032