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As we provoked indignant comments from an environmentalist enemy with our post yesterday (though he/she only addresses marginal points), we return to the attack today with more on the UN’s climate conference being held now in Durban, South Africa, and the lethal threat named “Agenda 21”  (see our posts Beware “Agenda 21”, June 24, 2011; The once and new religion of earth-worship, October 27, 2011; Agenda 21: the “smart growth” conspiracy, November 21, 2011).

Phyllis Schlafly goes right to the heart of the matter – the UN making a power-grab on the pretext of protecting the planet from human depredation – with this article at Townhall:

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, opening on Nov. 28, called COP-17, is one of a series of U.N. meetings working toward a specific goal … to move the United States into a global government by environmental regulations and a vast network of taxes. These newly imposed taxes will give the U.N. a tremendous stream of money in addition to U.S. dues and congressional appropriations.

The plan for taxes was launched at the 1992 U.N. meeting in Rio de Janeiro, known as the Earth Summit, where Conference Secretary-General Maurice Strong produced a 300-page document with 40 proposals called Agenda 21.

The tax-seeking route then proceeded through U.N. meetings in Cancun in 2010, in Durban this November and will be finalized next year at what is called Rio+20 (i.e., Rio de Janeiro after 20 years).

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive master plan to reshape and control the U.S. while locking us into the clutches of the U.N. under the innocuous phrase “sustainable development.” Along with 178 countries, President George H.W. Bush accepted Agenda 21 as “soft law.” It was adopted by a new tactic called collaborative consensus building, instead of by treaty.

Bush popularized the term “new world order,” but left it for others to define. Mikhail Gorbachev said the threat of an environmental crisis will be the international key to unlocking the new world order, and former President Bill Clinton issued an executive order in 1993 creating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.

Advocates of Agenda 21 talk about the three E’s of sustainable development: economy, equity and environment.

Equity means replacing our American constitutional system with central planning and social justice, which is a code word for redistribution of wealth, abolition of private property rights and giving favored corporations tax breaks, grants, and use of eminent domain.

Economy means shifting from a private enterprise system to government, private-corporation partnerships. That would be a giant step toward total government and U.N. control of our economy, with the ability to redistribute our goods and services to foreign countries.

Environment means giving animals and plants more rights or equal rights with humans. It also promotes worship of nature and mother Earth.

Yes, a multitude of genuine anti-human fanatics are only too happy to be used by the UN as it pursues its political aim of a centrally controlled world economy, which is to say a global socialist tyranny.

To talk about Agenda 21, you will have to get used to a new vocabulary: green jobs, green building codes, going green, regional planning, smart growth, biodiversity, sustainable farming, growth management, resilient cities, sustainable communities, redistribution, urban growth boundaries, redevelopment districts and consensus.

Agenda 21 wants to herd people into crowded communities with limited housing space and limited parking spaces. This will promote the green goal of reducing our use of automobiles, allowing only electric cars that can’t go very fast or very far, so people will have to walk, use bicycles and mass transit.

Agenda 21 supports the Wildlands Project, which seeks to re-wild 50% of our nation and turn it into a pre-Columbian wilderness where animals roam freely and humans are crowded into limited spaces. Already, we find that rural roads are not being repaired or maintained.

Agenda 21 has started its attacks on rural and small-town property rights. Six hundred U.S. cities and counties have signed on to the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives putting themselves indirectly under supervision of U.N. regulations and restrictions.

Advocates of Agenda 21 believe the earth is overcrowded. They demand an 85% reduction in human population. It’s a major goal of Agenda 21 to lower the U.S. standard of living by cutting our use of energy. Agenda 21 plans to use smart meters, smart grids and smart growth so that our nation’s use of electricity can be controlled, limited and redistributed.

Schools and universities are important to Agenda 21’s goals. The plan is make them indoctrination institutions, where kids are taught “green” propaganda, as well as global education to make them citizens of the world.

The UN will tax “currency transfers, fossil energy production including oil, natural gas and coal, the commercial use of oceans, international airplane tickets and all foreign exchange transactions”.

Taxes of this magnitude would give the U.N. so much power that it would become a de facto world government.

So, Phyllis Schlafly urges, take action to prevent this happening:

Tell your members of Congress to pledge that the day the U.N. adopts this nonsense will be the day we say goodbye to the U.N.

But why wait until then? The UN does enough harm right now.

The UN must be destroyed.

  • Don L

    Ralph is absolutely right:  “It is the failure of socialism.”.  But, this truth is true only to those who know what capitalism is and who understand the tactics of its enemies.  Regretably, the number of folks in this category are relatively small.
    Fortunately, the enemies of capitalism are also small in number.  The problem is the vast majority haven’t a clue and are swayed by pure emotional appeals.  It is boring to know facts and principles when ‘feeling’ is so much more engaging.

    In order to save capitalism, the rights of the individual and the concept of a government “by the consent of the governed” the challenge is to educate the masses as to what capitalism IS!  It’s enemies have even gotten its supposed ‘friends’ to aplogize for profit.  They have people believing that wealth is some fixed size…class warfare.  Wealth is ever expanding…just go and produce something worthwhile to consumers…poof…wealth…at no ones expense.

    The enemies of free market capitalism have managed to convince most folk that failing socialism is capitalism.  Further, they have managed to condition folk to ignore, be repulsed by and shun any information about economics…”it’s over your head…only experts can manage the economy'”.

    So, in your own self interest, to keep your unalienable rights…arm yourself with the knowledge of what capitalism is and attack the conditioning and expose all you can to the principles of the Founders’ vision of economics — CAPITALISM.

    Here’s an opener:  just ask anyone, “Do you know what fractional reserve central banking is?”.  Of course you have to know what it is too!  Most don’t.  So, send them here:  Once people learn what it is…things can begin to turn our way!

    And, again, there’s this site too:  The 10-Pack of knowledge is absolutely free! 

  • Ralph

    The media calls the economic crisis in Europe a debt or financial crisis. That much is true. The media fails to explain why the crisis exists. It is the failure of socialism. The nanny nations have run out of other people’s money. Rather than learn from this wreched system some now want to take it to a global level. This type of thinking is a fractured fairy tale.

  • Rajan alexander

    Just like bio-fuels, a few years from now, CSA will be exposed not to be make development sustainable but poverty and hunger sustainable.


    • Liz

      Right – and what is “unsustainable” in all this is our prosperity and freedom.  Our economy will collapse, and everyone will be equally miserable, except those in power.  
      History is about to repeat itself on a grand scale.