A plea for help we dare not respond to? 12

We have had a plea for help from a young man in Afghanistan. His name is Zvahedd. He writes as a comment on About us:

i am afghan boy i donnu wich god is better to have or no GOD!! help me AT:zvaheed@yahoo-DMLNMRM3XVTGX5CBFAY62PPK74:disqus .com

What can we do? What should we do?

Send him our arguments against religious belief in general and Islam in particular?

What if he found them persuasive?

If a person in Afghanistan is known to be an apostate from Islam, he will in all probability be killed.

Readers’ responsible suggestions are invited.

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  • Andrew M

    If he is looking for a reason why not to accept Islam (or any other faith), I would recommend sending him some information about the science of evolution. Darwin’s discovery alone made atheism a more intellectually satisfying positions for millions, and I see no reason it will not continue to do so. TalkOrigins would be a good place for him to start.

    Even though he is in the UAE, it might not be the best idea for him to bumble around websites which insult Islam so nonchalantly with his actual IP address. I suspect this is what eventually led to the arrest of Walid Husayin, the atheist barber from Palestine. Therefore, I would also send him a link on how to avoid scrutiny by setting up an anonymous proxy using Tor.

    ليس هناك إي عيب على الإلحاد

    • Andrew M

      For those who are curious, my Arabic says “There isn’t any shame in atheism”.

  • Jillian Becker

    Turns out Zvaheed (right spelling) does not live in Afghanistan, though he is an Afghan, but in Dubai. So he’s comparatively safe. He writes by email:

    If anyone wants to send him a book list, his email address is

    i live in UAE .Dubai i and All afghans really need to end there religions and starts a new life of humanity and i really need to study more and help my country and all human beings do end there dreams about gods they made in stores there is no god help us but humanity i need your helps if wanted to help me please leave me a massage thanks I don’t know what help he hopes for. But I agree “all Afghans need to end their religion”.

  • Jillian Becker

    Thanks to all commenters for their thoughts, all good. 

    I’ve replied to Zvahedd along these lines: 

    We do not believe in the supernatural and we are sure there is no god. Nobody who does believe in a god of any sort has ever been able to prove his existence. This alone is sufficient reason not to believe that any god exists. We are very glad that you are thinking for yourself in a society that defines itself by its religious beliefs. We would like to think that there are many more like you. The world would be a better place without religion. It  has caused – and continues to cause – much suffering. If you are curious about the universe, become a scientist. Come to a Western country to study if you can.  

  • Ralph

    It’s good to hear a young man with questions. It means he is thinking for himself in the heart of ignorance. I don’t know how to help him, but he represents one small dot of hope for a better tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Should I marry Cindy or not…what do you think?  Do I want chocolate or vanilla…what do you think?

    All you can tell anyone is…it’s up to you!  Tell him to get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  On one side he should list all those things he thinks favor a god…on the other all those things against…what makes sense to him is the answer.  This is the Ben Franklin sales closing technique…it works.

    • Anonymous

      Oh…I regitered with Diqus and wound up with a number…GRRR!

    • Anonymous

      Oh…first impression, for me, especially recognizing the apostate dilema…seems like a setup…but I’m a skeptic anyway!  LOL.

  • Liz

    I think you should present him with the reasoning, but as with anyone, leave it up to him to decide what to believe.  It was he who asked you, after all.   

  • SummonerofDoubt

    this is what you do. You tell him the arguments but say in no way if he chooses to be an atheist to tell anyone, ever , not even his best friends and family. unless he chooses to move to a country where it is safe like somewhere is Europe or the US.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, indeed.  They hate atheists more than Jews, if you can imagine that.

      • Don L

        Tht’s true here, in America,  with christians too!