Ayn Rand on liberty versus socialism 11

Ayn Rand wants  “the separation of state and economics“.

And so do we.

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  • Anonymous

    Mike Wallace was so annoying.  
    Rand was so focused and articulate. 
    Imagine a world of voluntaryism, non-compulsion, non-coercion, and by extension, non-intervention internationally.

    It is really sad that there is no dominant spokesperson for these principles today.  The majority of those on the right need their god to make their point, and theists do not make good advocates of conservative values, because in the final analysis, they are more like collectivists than individualists. 
    When one needs to refer to asinine, non-existant concepts to find a moral defense for individual rights, they enter into battle with no weapons and no armor.

    • Don L

      So unfortunate but…Ron Paul actually comes the closest…on a national now being recognized scale.  His Chamberlain-like pacifism undoes him.  I understand the Constitution and warnings of the Founders as to non-involvement.  The problem is we didn’t heed those rational notions.  Turning away from the monster created will not be a good outcome.

      And, of course, with my little econ site…I’m dancing as fast as I can!  LOL!

  • Liz

    Ayn Rand is awesome!  I wish she were still around to continue to say these things in person, since it is more applicable today than ever.  Plus she spoke from a purely rational perspective, not bogged down by the religious garbage conservatives are always mired in.  Our “champions” today, like Glen Beck, give her a little nod, but do they take her advice and defend conservatism from a purely rational standpoint?  No, of course not.  They have to insert their irrational beliefs at every turn, damaging the credibility of the entire conservative stance in the process.  

    • Don L

      Beck…GRRR! During the “ACORN’ days, he had folks from the Ayn Rand Institude on frequently. Then…he found god and the addiction began. A former alcoholic he has replaced one addiction for another. Seems the addicted often cannot accept that they are responsible for their own ‘cure’/sobriety…whatever. “God saved me”… (never considering…god did this to me…curious?)He used to have 3 lines he tossed out.  One was Jefferson’s question/observation…question boldly,  even the existence of god…For, Bech, however…there was no bold question because he refused any answer other than there is a god.I was watching the first show after his 10/28/2010 event…he actually started acknowlwedging that he now talked with god and was wondering what god wanted him to do next…It was the last time I watched his show.He and his staff did wonderous and helpful research and exposed so much about the government and especially Obama’s networks.  Unfortunately, the solution of trust in god and all will be good was/is ludicrous.  The buy gold was OK, however.Because the addiction is god, no one minds.  His illness is still just as serious as if it were still alcohol.  Last I was aware, he had given up on rational guests and a line up of the televangelists were filing through. 

      • Don L

        Is it just my machine?  All paragraph separations disappear when I post.

        • Anonymous

          Hmmm.  My separators above seem to have held.  I am using Firefox browser, don’t know if that makes a difference.

  • Don L

    Wallace perpetuates the lie that government uses to destroy the economy.  It is the lie that tugs at the hearts of Americas whereas they are useful stooges in their own destruction.  The lie:  not government, but the economy itself is the cause of economic adversity: unemployment, poverty & hunger, poor education…etcetras.  And, they continue, the economy is based on Free Market Capitalism.  So, we must regulate and free market thieves. Why does the lie work…because Americans are conditioned in government schools: miseducated about, taught to ignore and even be repulsed by E C O N O M I C S.  Consider your own emotional and physical response to the mere idea of thinking about economics.  Now, consider:

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” — Thomas Jefferson  A president, 100 senators, 435 congressmen and 9 justices; elected or appointed 545 ‘at-a-time’, are the ONLY officials to hold decision-making authority for the U.S. government. The 545 ‘at-a-time’ are entrusted to be reasonable, diligent, truthful, honest, accountable and responsible in the performance of their duties. They are restricted to specific, and not more, responsibilities and tasks and granted, “by the consent of the governed”, limited, and not more, powers as set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America. Today, America is on the verge of Bankruptcy, facing unfathomable generational debt.  And, coincidently, the consequent of Americans’ frustration and “grasping at straws” over the economic situation, they elected, based on a preponderance of direct and circumstantial evidence, a domestic enemy, Obama; who now ‘occupies’ the White House. 
    Are you aware of any politician, in any party, or justice stating that once in office they intended to violate the Constitution, bankrupt America and enslave future generations with horrendous debt?  No…not one? That’s curious. Because, that is precisely what the trusted, from all parties, 545 ‘at-a-time’ have done…intentionally for over 100 years (in the last and now longest attack).  So, how was it possible for the 545 ‘at-a-time’ to break “…the chains of the Constitution” and then, over scores of years, to steal the wealth of America, and place its future in jeopardy; all in plain view (in-your-face) of every citizen without the majority of Americans trying to stop it? In fact, incredulously, Americans, unwittingly, actually encourage the ongoing theft of their money and loss of individual rights. The answer to it all is quite simple.

    It’s magic! Ok, there’s no such thing as magic. But, a magician, performing in plain view of an audience, succeeds because of misdirection! While you are watching what you are manipulated, misdirected, to see…the trick is done…Tadaa…magic! And, the audience clamors for more. They know they are being tricked but not how. The magician denies any trickery and insists it is truly magic! This is the same tactic of the 545 ‘at-a-time’.

    The 545 ‘at-a-time’ deny fault, guilt or, in any manner or fashion, blame for any economic catastrophe. Americans know the 545 ‘at-a-time’ are untruthful…but not about what. The 545 ‘at-a-time’ say, again, the fault arises from the economy itself; and, that the economic system Of America is Free Market Capitalism. This is the misdirection…this IS the lie!

     The 545 ‘at-a-time’ officially enacted, deceptively, nearly 100 years ago, in 1913, a different economic system: PLANNED MARKET ‘CREDITISM’ .  AND, IT IS NOT  FREE MARKET CAPITALISM.  After 7 plus years of covert and conspiriatorial discussion, a cabal of cartelized banks and many of the 545 ‘at-a-time’ (during the progressive president Woodrow Wilson’s admimnistration along with a democrat controlled Congress) established the Federal Reserve Banking system. It (a chairman and a Board play at being a market), not free markets, are in-charge!  “He who has the gold makes the rules”. How is this secreted misdirection accomplished and maintained? Ask, who or what has been in control of education, in America, for the last 100 years?

    Now, your liberty and money are inextricably linked to the economy: savings, retirement, occupational choice, vacations, etcetras. Yet, what do you know of, do you even care about, economics? There are three questions that if you know the answers, you’ll know the 545 ‘at-a-time’ secret! If you don’t know the answers…you are the useful stooge of the 545 ‘at-a-time’.

    Can you answer the following questions? They are deemed to represent the minimum of knowledge a practical citizen should possess about the workings of the U.S. economy.

    1. What is the role of ‘economist’ in a Free Market society?(Hint: Contrived indices & fortuneteller-analytics are not conducive to a free and properous society. They are evidence of a disdain for the “governed” and the baseless & egregious tools of government-planned markets.

    2. Can you ‘compare & contrast’ the basics of mainstream Keynesian, monetarism and supply-side theories with Austrian economics?(Hint: The economic policy Congress enacts determines if gov’t, by decree and force, or you, acting with free will, make your life’s choices: Centrally-Planned Socialism vs Free Market Capitalism.)

    3. Do you know what FRACTIONAL RESERVE CENTRAL BANKING is?(Hint: The ENTIRE American economic system is structured around and manipulated according to this ectoconstitutional monetary scheme. (If you don’t know, when you find out…you’ll Really be TEA’d off!)

    Ignoring the very unalike-capitalism economic policies, foisted by, 545 ‘at-a-time’ , duplicitous career politicians, doesn’t mean those policies will ignore you! Why is there unemployment? Who determines profits? How is wealth created and why exactly are there poor? Why does an economy become depressed? And, if nobody’s needs and wants are ever satisfied, how did politicians get away with wasting $1 trillion on a scheme to stimulate demand? 

    If you don’t know what FREE MARKET CAPITALISM is, you can be convinced it exists, when it doesn’t; you can be gulled to believe it is the source of economic adversity, when it isn’t; and, the principle of ‘unalienable rights’ can be covertly made meaningless!

    It’s time to discover the answers and stop being gulled…don’t you think? You can begin that discovery at http://teapartyeconomics.com/  The tea Party Econ 10-Pack is absolutely free.  Get the answers to the 3 questions. Help restore  “the chains of the Constitution” and end the misdirection! Remember, it’s “by the consent of the goverened”.  Regain the knowledge to govern.

    PS: Ayn Rand’s book, CAPITALISM: The New Ideal is higly recommended: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0451147952/ref=as_li_ss_til?tag=teapartyecono-20&camp=213381&creative=390973&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=0451147952&adid=1R08WPETJ0W200X5G7WB&&ref-refURL=

    • Don L

      My apologies.  The paragraphs ran together upon posting. ?

  • Andrew M

    She reminds me of the actions of my former robber baron scumbag governor who was in the headlines all day yesterday. I am talking, of course, about Jon Corzine.

    The federal government is punishing honest capitalists who are “protecting” them with regulations that ultimately favor whichever businessman can raise the most money to buy off the regulator. An interesting dynamic emerges when you consider that the other viable way to influence this regulator is through sheer numbers, which is how the unions exert their muscle.

    Folks, this is class warfare in action.

    • Anonymous

      When individuals are allowed to achieve their goals with voluntary methods rather than coercion and compulsion, only goals that are worthwhile will be pursued.  When one’s goals can be financed by one’s neighbors at the point of the gooberment’s guns, freedom ends and serfdom begins.

      • Don L

        Hi cheongyei,

        Thanks for feed back. Another query…please?   Internet explorer has a setting called compatibility mode.  Does Firefox.  I have Firefox too, but too many sites display weird.  The compatability setting with ie fixed it.  ??

        Thanks again,

        Don L