A dream of global warming 7

Of only we – the human race – could control the cosmic forces at work in our galaxy!

To be more realistic, we could at least try to manipulate the forces that affect the climates of our own planet. The best we can do at present is make small local changes. Plant a forest and get more rain. That sort of thing. Sometimes we wonder if there’s anything we could do – for instance – to warm the planet a little. Wouldn’t that be good?

But for the foreseeable future it must remain a dream.

This is from PJ Media, by Tom Harris:

On December 15, …  leading scientists appeared before the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources to challenge global warming advocacy. The hearing was the first of its kind in Canada. …

Guelph University Professor of Economics Dr. Ross McKitrick led off the hearing, explaining that the foundation of the climate scare — the science as promulgated by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — cannot be trusted:

The so-called Climategate emails confirmed the reality of bias and cronyism in the IPCC process. … IPCC Assessments are guaranteed merely to repeat and reinforce a set of foregone conclusions that make up the party line.

McKitrick explained how his research showed that much of the warming seen in the IPCC surface temperature record is almost certainly a result of urbanization, agriculture, and other land use changes, not greenhouse gases (GHG). He also found that the 50-year record of temperatures measured by balloons does not show the warming trend forecast by climate models.

University of Ottawa (U of O) Professor of Earth Sciences Dr. Ian Clark addressed the committee:

We have not really seen any global warming for the past 10 years. … This is in stark contrast with the IPCC forecast of an increase of some 0.2 degrees per decade.

Clark explained that 20th century warming is merely one of a series of warm periods in the last 10,000 years. During these intervals, carbon dioxide — the greenhouse gas most targeted by governments around the world — was relatively steady:

CO2 had nothing to do with these warming periods.

Clark continued, showing that the last 500 million years show no correlation between temperature and CO2. He explained that water vapor is in fact responsible for the majority of the greenhouse effect. Clark also promoted the theory that the Sun, not CO2, is driving climate change. …

U of Ottawa Distinguished University Professor Dr. Jan Veizer spoke next:

Many people think the science of climate change is settled. It is not. … [The Sun] drives the water cycle; the water cycle then generates climate, and climate decides how much jungle, how much tundra and so on we will have, and therefore drives around the carbon cycle. … The sun also warms the oceans that emit CO2 into the atmosphere. Atmospheric CO2 is thus the product and not the cause of the climate.

Veizer explained that solar output must be amplified to explain recent warming:

The IPCC argues that because no amplifier is known, which is an invalid assertion, man made greenhouse gases must be responsible. … However, this is an assumption. … There is no actual empirical experimental proof that carbon dioxide is a driver.

Veizer then showed that changes in cloudiness can account for much of the past century’s warming. Clouds have an enormous impact on temperature, he explained, and cloud extent appears to be controlled largely by cosmic rays entering the atmosphere, which are regulated by the Sun.

Carleton University Professor of Geology Dr. Timothy Patterson discussed how his research in the fjords of British Columbia revealed consistent correlations between solar cycles and climate over the past 5,000 years:

Hundreds of other studies have shown exactly the same thing. … The sun, and not variations in carbon dioxide, appears to be the most important driver of climate change. … Solar scientists predict that by later in this decade the sun will be starting into its weakest solar cycle of the past two centuries, and this will likely lead to unusually cool conditions on earth, which may persist for decades. … It is global cooling, not warming, that is the major climate threat to the world.

  • I posted these links from two “warming” proponents in an earlier post. They’re a little less than a decade old but they are more relevant than ever now:

    1. http://www.worlddreambank.org/D/DUBIA.HTM – Chris Wayan constructs a world where CO2 levels warm the globe to make even Antarctica a chilly vacation resort teeming with massive herds of bison.

    2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2002/dec/05/comment.climatechange – Dr. Duncan Steel accepts the evidence for global warming, but opposes the Gore fearmongering machine and says that it is a very good thing for humanity – if done correctly.

    Climatology is such a messy enterprise that I take no stance on the scientific validity of global warming/cooling myself. All I say that we can and should be prepared to adapt either way through our scientific ingenuity, and that I firmly OPPOSE ANY government interference in private affairs in an attempt to mitigate or promote global warming/cooling.

  • Liz

    This is why I will be quite happy to vote for someone with a god delusion, rather than the other.

  • Liz

    Great!  The further exposing of the BULLSHIT of AGW, and the hypocrisy of those pushing it.

    • George

      Hi Liz.  If you get a chance check out the book titked : ” Not By Fire But By Ice ” . It exposes the Gloobal Warming fraud ( aka- climate chance promulgators ).  I heard he author of the book on a late night radio talk show for a couple of hours.  He was brilliant. You can order the book on Amazon or your local bookstore should have it.   The author  ( a scientist in that specific field ) explains we are not approaching a warming period but rather we are actually approaching a coming Ice Age which occurs every 11,500 years. The Global warming promulgators are actually the “greenies” pushing theior green dubious agenda .  When the BP oil spill occurred in the Gulf ,  one company appealed to the Obama Administration and told them that they could cap that spill withing 8 hours and the Obama Administration turned them down flat. Obama and his cronies wanted the environment to be ruined as a result of that spill so that he could uses that as his argument to convince people that oil wells off shore are dangerous and will destroy our environment so that he and his Greenie comrades could promote their green agenda  ( carbon footprints –ala Al Gore ) who flies  around in his multimillion dollar business jet while preaching to all of us about SUV’s and crap.  Then we have Nancy Pelosi using  Air Force jets costing a fortune at tax payers expense while preaching to us about conserving fuel at the pump.  recent report indicated that if Iran takes over the Strait of Hormuz, gas prices in America will double. We have enough oil fields on our American soil and offshore to be totally independent of the Middle Eastern nations  ( many who use the money we pay them for oil to fund terrorist groups ). They have no industry over there in the Middle East. Where do they get all the billions of dollars to buy weapons , bombs and their lavish lifestyles for their elite rulers ? I’ll tell you where ? From us when we fill up at the  the pumps. These people over there are literally laughing at us.  They see weakness in the West , espcially with Osama ( err -Obama ) running the country. Obama has weakened our military and national defenses and capitulated to our open enemies.  This is what has made them bolder and more brazen because they fear no retaliation with that scumbag Otrauma ( err Obama ) in the seat of the Presidency .  As an ethnic minority myself I find him to be a disgusting , shameful, embarrassing, and humiliating poor excuse of a human being as well as our President.  He is capitulating to our enemies and making our great nation more and more vulnerable .  This proves how gullible the  American people really are to have put that a**hole in office in the first f***ing place .  Sure , he has transformed America alright— FOR THE WORST  !!!!!!   If we don’t vote a true competant conservative pro-American president into office , we could very well lose this country and if America goes , world civilization could very well go.  America is the last beacon for civil rights and hope for world freedom.   I LOVE America . I love my country but I don’t trust my government.  May rational thinking bless America !       Semper Fi !!!    Ooh rah !!!!!!!!

      • Keith

        Regarding the BP spill, if it weren’t for ridiculous government regulations they wouldn’t have been drilling in waters so deep that it made capping the well damm near impossible. 

        One thing that bugs me about the capping of the well, why do you pump concrete into it and seal it up after you have contained it? Why not let BP connect a pipe to it and get the oil? The damage is already done. The gulf coast would have been repaid for any losses 100 times over by time the well would have run dry just from the support industries.

        If you want to read about global warming from a real scientists point of view look for anything by Dr. Roy Spencer.

        • George

          You’re right keith. That well should have not been there in those deep waters in the first place and since they had it dug already , pouring a concrete slab over it wasn’t the answer. BP was warned NOT to drill there in the first place and they ignored the warnings and they used substandard cheap components to save money and it was a disaster.  As you said if we didn’t have the government regulations in the first place all off this could have been avoided.  So true ! 

      • Liz

        Amen to that!!  May rational thinking prevail.