What’s wrong with democracy 9

Adolf Hitler did not seize power in Germany; he was given power by democratic process, and then he established his dictatorship.

Hamas came to power in the Gaza strip through democratic election. It is unlikely to allow another election.

In Tunisia and Egypt, democratic elections have brought parties to power which intend to bring their countries under sharia law.

Elections in Iraq and Afghanistan will not give Iraqis or Afghans freedom under the rule of law. The majority of Iraqi and Afghan voters do not want freedom under the rule of law.  To call either country a democracy in the Western meaning of the word is to affect deliberate blindness.

Daniel Greenfield writes at Front Page:

The advocates of democracy have been unable to admit that Hamas, Al-Nahda, the Brotherhood and the Salafis are the people’s choice because they represent their values and ideals. The Salafist victory in Egypt was not based on any external factor or political cunning, but on their core message of hate for non-Muslims, repression for women and …  tyranny for Egypt.

Democracy is not in itself a prescription for good government. The very fact that it expresses the will of the majority of a nation is precisely why it is dangerous.

The trouble with democracy is that it is representative. It is representative in Egypt, in Tunisia, in the West Bank, in Iraq and beyond. …

Democracy has not worked all that well throughout the rest of the world either.

After all the efforts made to keep the Sandanistas out of power, El Salvador’s supreme leftist pedophile Daniel Ortega is back in the Presidential Palace in Nicaragua. …

Twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the second largest party in the Russian Duma is the Communist Party. Its actual vote totals are probably higher due to the fraudulent nature of the elections under the control of Putin’s United Russia Party. This roster is rounded out by the Liberal Democratic Party, which is run by a career lunatic who has proposed conquering Alaska, dumping nuclear waste on nearby nations and rounding up the Jews into camps. If Putin’s power base finally collapses, then the party best positioned to pick up the pieces is the Communist Party. It’s not at all inconceivable that within the decade we will see the return of a Communist Russia. …

Democracy is not a universal solvent. It is not a guarantor of human rights or the road to a free and enlightened society.

A strong showing at the ballot box eliminates the need to gather a mob. …

In Turkey the electoral victories of the AKP gave [it] the power to radically transform the country. Given another decade the elections in Turkey will be as much of a formality as they are in Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will follow the same program, bringing down the military leadership as soon as they can to the applause of the European Union and the United States who care more about the appearance of democracy than the reality of the totalitarian state they are endorsing.

When Western powers facilitate – in Iraq and Afghanistan compel  – democratic elections, they only encourage a charade; they play along with the pretense that universal suffrage will guarantee freedom. But most Russians and Nicaraguans don’t want freedom. The men of Iraq and Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, do not want freedom; their religion negates freedom, commands submission to an ancient set of oppressive laws.

Democratic elections are only as good as the people who take part in them. When the people want the Koran or Das Kapital, then they will get it.

Such elections measure the character of a people …  The Egyptians failed their election test [of character] … As did the Tunisians and the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza.

To the advocates of universal democracy such failures are only a temporary manifestation that can be reversed with enough funding for social NGO’s and political outreach. But the reality is that they represent a deeper moral and spiritual crisis that we ignore at our own risk.

Democracy worked for the West, as the least bad system of government yet devised, because the West wanted freedom under the rule of law. Nations get the government they deserve. Or, as Daniel Greenfield puts it, “Governments reflect the character of the people they rule over.”

The “democratic” elections that have taken place in Islamic states prove it.

Democracy is allowing the Muslim world to express its truest and deepest self. … By helping to liberate them we have set their worst selves free.

  • Lately I have been wondering if our current system of “representative” democracy, not the only possible kind, is really the least worst as I always have been led to believe it is. I have begun this by wading into controversy again with my latest two posts, challenging the concept of universal suffrage:

    Universal Suffrage Was A Mistake

    Universal Suffrage – Alternatives

    As always would be very interested to know what you think of those..

    • I agree with you. Only I think that a test of knowledge of public affairs would be good, and the questions could be varied so there’d be no possibility of making answers available in advance.

  • George

    I can recall back in the 1950’s when our public school teachers taught us drills in how to take cover under our classroom desks in case of a nuclear missile attack by the  Soviets.  Today , the Russians are the least of my worries ( and NO , the Russians are not our fiends or allies ).  Today we have the threat of sharia and jihad and  also the uprising of the socialists / communists , and the out of control “political correctness ” running amuk in world society ( including the USA ).  
                         We currently have the ABILITY to defeat our enemies , but because of the liberal PC mindset which has become commonplace , we don’t have the WILL .    Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s I dreamed that around this time —post 2000 era , world society as I envisioned would be like the TV cartoon show—The Jetsons  , whereby we would have world peace, tranquility , advanced technology and innovation and everyone everywhere getting along and pulling together for the benefit of uplifting the human race as a whole.  That dream has now become a nightmare.   Who would have thought we would be in this world chaos and turmoil as we have today ?  How did so-called intelligent , wise, educated, and technologically savy individuals allow this to happen ? I have transcended from –  ” I have a dream ” to ” I have a nightmare ” in my lifetime.    How could this happen  ?  Why did people allow this to happen ? Where is the valor, pride, and patriotic dedication as before ?   The world had better make a drastic turnaround for the future freedoms and world civil society and survival or it’s over and our enemies know it . They are literally laughing at us and asking themselves —how can a people , civilization and  society that is so technologically and industrially advanced be full of such stupid naive gullible fools  ? .      The world had better wake up before it’s too late or it’s over. The world had better  take their heads from being burried in the sand like an ostrich and face the reality of what is going on around the world and even in our own society.  The media can’t be trusted and government corruption is at an all time high.  
                          We need to do more than just chit-chat to one another but let our voices be heard loud and clear in the public forum , mass media  and in our communities as well as to our political leaders.     We are currently in a world crisis and it’s getting worse each day.      The sand is running out of the hour glass and it’s up to us ( all of us ) to flip it over and jumpstart civil society and true freedom or else we can kiss our future and freedoms GOODBYE forever . Think about it .   Stand up, speak up and be civily assertive in the public “sphere”  before these rights we now enjoy are gone for good and we end up cast back into the 7th century of darkness and horror.         Semper Fi    !!!!!!!!!!!!  

  • bornagainpagan

    The soundtrack for this movement was developed by the Wisconsin Teachers Union: 
    “This is What Democracy Looks Like”

    Seems to have flawlessly translated to Egyptian. Precisely why I prefer living in a Representative Republic.

  • Don L

    Democracy is the rule of the majority.  That’s why our Founders established a republic which is ruled according to law.

    And, the law of the republic favored individual sovereignty.  No one reading this comment was alive when the progressives implemented their policies to subvert the republic.  And, the chronic use of the term democracy is part of the distortion and deception. 

    Today Americans willy nilly take the pledge of allegiance never even understanding it is a refutation of the republic established by the Constitution.
    The primary check and balance against democracy and large corrupted government was the union of states.  The United States ARE…not Is was the union created by the Founders. The states were divisible; the threat of cessation was employed several times before the war between states to force the central government back into line. 

    It was a union of separate sovereign nations.  The notion of ‘indivisible’ in the pledge is anti-american.  Indeed, the pledge was written by hardcore progressives specifically to distort and undermine understanding of the founding.

    The idea that Lincoln was a great president is a myth…a lie perpetrated by progressives rewriting history.  Licoln was a flaming racist.  The war between states had nothing to do with freeing slaves.  Read the proclomation…it frees slaves only where confederates still held territory.  Once captured by the ‘union’ the were slaves again.

    No the war was to enforce central government planning.  Lincoln didn’t save the union…he destroyed it in favor of statism…it ended the republic.  Today, we suffer under expanding democracy.  The idea of doing away with the electoral college and electing the president by poular vote would be tantamount to establishing a dictatorship.

    In 1913, the next biggest blow against the remnants of the republi idea was the passage (deceptively foisted after 7 years of hard propagandizing) of the 17th amendment that severed US Senators from actually representing their states.  As I’ve said before, 36 states opposed Obamacare…States rights suffered a coup de grasse with the 17th amendment.

    Our Founders understood the tyranny of Monarchs, popes and pastors…as Ben Franklin told the woman who asked what kind of government we had…” a republic if you can keep it.

    Watch this video: american form of government — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DioQooFIcgE

    • Liz

      Interesting about the Pledge – supposedly patriotic but written by socialists with a hidden agenda, then modified by the religious right, who are so intent on getting things re-written to include God that they miss the whole point… pretty much a snapshot of the state of the nation for the last century or so!

  • Ralph

    We can’t expect people like Obama and Hillary Clinton to foster the principles of a republic in any nation. For years the left has been dismantling our republic it is unreasonable to think they will erect one elsewhere.

  • Hortensio

    Gaza, Egypt, Tunisia: all are classic examples of one man, one vote, one time regimes. Without limited, constitutional government – and the electorate’s desire to protect it – giving people the vote is playing an elaborate game of Elect Your Tyrant.

  • Liz

    Interesting point.  We tend to imagine that the desire for freedom is universal and the right to it is self-evident. We forget how lucky we are that our government was formed at just the right window of opportunity in history, when Enlightenment values had prepared us for it.
    Without the values informing the people, it wouldn’t have worked, and we are witnessing the breakdown of it now, with those values being eroded.
    In the Muslim countries, they were never there to begin with.  Introducing democracy to them is like setting a computer down in the middle of an Amazon tribe and expecting them to know what to do with it.