Jihad, the temper tantrum of Islam 4

Islam has woken up to modernity. Muslims feel humiliated by their backwardness. A violent onslaught against the Western world is their foolish attempt at a remedy.

The jihad as it is being waged now is the most widespread, most aggressive temper tantrum in recorded history.

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  • George

    In their eyes , modern society and civilization has surpassed them tremendously , so instead of making an attempt to “catch up ” and improve their culture to come up to par with the rest of advanced society , they feel compelled to bring civil and advanced society DOWN to their backward level.      They hate  anything and everything modern , except to use it destroy those advances which even many in their society enjoy.    When they disagree with someone or of a different  particular culture, instead of engaging in civil discourse  , they attack, vilify, denigrate, malign, torture , destroy and murder and call that justified and even ” honor”  in their eyes.    As I have stated before, we have the current ability to defeat these radical terrorists but as for now , we do not have the will because  of  “political correctness ”  that is currently the rule of the day.    Our society has become “PC” ,  our government has become “PC” , our military has become “PC”   , our educational system has become “PC” and our current mainstream media because of left-wing liberal  indoctrination and influence has become vehemently “PC”.   
                           “Political correctness ” and “ultra-tollerance” could very well lead to our ultimate destruction.    These radical zealots DO NOT look upon  “niceness” , or “kindness” , or “fairness” or “generousity ” as a good thing that they feel obligated to reciprocate , but rather they look upon it as a form of weakness,  stupidy and foolishness and an opportunity for them to take advantage of while pretending they want to just be accepted .     The deceit of  taquiiya  is being played out to the fullest extent and so many supposedly intelligent westerners are swallowing it  —hook , line and sinker.   We have been losing because we  DO NOT have any strong patriotic and ethical leadership , or  gallant men of valor as before.  Gullible is what gullible does.   One would think we would have learned our lessons from past wars, conflicts and past fallen societies .      Instead we are so bent on going along in order to get along instead of standing up and doing the right thing.  How pathetic that such a great society as ours and such an advanced industrial culture  and infrastructure as ours could very well be lost and vanquished because of  limp-wristed wimps and PC  “girly men”  bafoons who are currently running the show and leading us down the road of  subjugation and/or anihilation .    Also, as I have stated before, even those who call themseves rational freethinkwers  ( both liberal and conservative ) share the blame for not speaking up publicly in the mainstream media forum but only chit-chatting to one another ( aka- preaching to the secular choir ) and nothing else.  Things are NOT going to change by spouting out only lip-service to each other and whining about this and that but rather— change occurs when someone does something —aka ( action and deeds and activities in the public sphere ).  Yes , we must continue to engage in discussion of these attrocities and horrific acts , but we MUST speak out by writing letters to the editor in newspapers and magazines , speaking on radio talk shows, having peaceful marches, demonstrations and contacting our political representatives and letting them know our feelings of what is going on and how we are fed up with the anti-American corruption and the betrayal of our allies .   Stand up, speak up and get involved . The society , future and country that we save could very well be our very own .  Semper Fi !

    • David

       while quite rightly pointing out that political correctness is slowly destroying the western world, you seem to suffer from a case of it yourself. They aren’t bothered or have a desire in anyway to catch their society up with ours because their book and whole mindset is from the 12th century, their idea is to bring is back because thats what they see as how things should be, they wouldn’t catch up with us if it was possible with the snap of a finger and thumb!

      Only when the west truely, truely learns this and accepts that islam only has ideas of conquer and convert will be free of this. and i don’t see it happening anytime soon.

      • Jillian Becker

        David –

        You seem to agree with us broadly, so why are you so aggressive towards us? Why do you want to insult us?

      • George

        David ——    
                         Your comment makes no sense whatsoever when you are agreeing with exactly what I posted.   How then do I have a case of ‘political correctness ” myself ?  Explain.  I’m all ears.  Everything you stated is exactly what I agree with —so where’s the problem ?   Instead of being arrogant for the sake of arrogance , point out to me what you disagree with and let’s discuss it maturely.  What you have exclaimed is the same as what I have asserted as well , so where is the disagreement ?  Be specific and point out what you are in difference to .  Otherwise your presentation or ad-hominem criticism  of me  is without merit—plain  and simple.