Saving: Paul Ryan 1

The video clip and the following come from PowerLine:

Immediately following today’s release of the FY 2013 House GOP budget plan, Congressman Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, spoke at AEI [American Enterprise Institute] about some of the major policy proposals in the new plan and their implications for the American people.  In particular, he highlighted Medicare, arguing that … the system must undergo drastic reform to survive beyond the coming decade without compromising America’s future economic growth. He contended that the Obama administration’s recently released budget does not adequately address the future consequences of current health care legislation … and ultimately increases potential loopholes in the system. Congressman Ryan also voiced his concerns over the budget cuts facing the defense industry and, to that end, noted that his “Path to Prosperity” plan moves to ameliorate the nearly $55 billion in FY 2013 cuts to the defense budget mandated under sequestration.

Congressman Ryan asserted that by focusing on limited government regulation, maximizing free enterprise and leaving personal choices to the individual, this [his] House GOP budget puts America back on the path toward growth. He reiterated his belief that the coming budgetary crisis is as avoidable as it is recognizable and emphasized the responsibility of the president, Senate and Congress to act according to their legal and moral obligations in the best interests of the American people.

  • George

                             The real problem is that liberals are still stuck in FANTASY LAND and will fight this    ” tooth & nail ” . Liberals who insist on perpetually promotng the entitlement agenda and [ everybody owes me everything ] agenda .  This gentleman is a brave ,  honorable and ethical man for speaking out but as usual the problem still remains  as usual  —– Who will listen ?   Who will support him ?   Who will back him up ?    Who will join forces with him and institute a move to undo the mess that Obama and his corrupt administration has brought about upon our society .
                                 Even if we all listen to and watch this video all day and all night long it won’t change anything unless we take the message Ryan is delivering and go out into the public “arena” and spread the word and encourage as many as possible to vote for a true pro-American  and true EQUALITY believing  candidate . I’m grateful that Jillian posted this video and now the ball is in OUR court to take the info we receive and spread the word to others to SAVE AMERICA !
                         As we have discussed on earlier comment pages and articles , we are still stuck between a rock and a hard place considering that Obama will allow sharia to prevail in our nation with his extremist and radical socialist left wing ultra-liberal Democrat  Party agenda and then on the other hand we have to contend with the extremist right wing  Republican Party zealots who have the intention to transform America  into a Christian theocracy and atheists be damned . I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again —-either way ( regarding Obama or any of the Rebublican candidates )  we as secular freethinkers a’re still f***ed !!!  Now this leads to the fifty million dollar question———— What do we do ?