What a Muslim man may do to his wife 3

AP reports:

Pakistani acid attack victim Fakhra Younus had endured more than three dozen surgeries over more than a decade to repair her severely damaged face and body when she finally decided life was no longer worth living. … [She] jumped from the sixth floor of a building in Rome, where she had been living and receiving treatment. …

She had been a dancer. Her husband, Bilal Khar, a “law-maker”, poured the acid over her.

It must have been excruciatingly painful, and it hideously disfigured her.

Bilal Khar was brought to trial and acquitted.

“Many believe he used his connections to escape the law’s grip –  a common occurrence in Pakistan.”

His father was Ghulam Mustafa Khar, who had been governor of Pakistan’s largest province, Punjab.

The couple was married for three years, but Younus eventually left him because he …  physically and verbally abused her….

He came to her mother’s house, found her lying asleep and “poured acid all over her”.

He will suffer no punishment. He walks a free man.

More than 8,500 acid attacks, forced marriages and other forms of violence against women were reported in Pakistan in 2011 … The figure is likely an undercount…

  • I feel like this is an opportune time to publish the essay I wrote on Islam for one of my women’s studies classes: http://bit.ly/HqKbFN

    A long read, but I hope you enjoy it. I could not post this essay without its whimsical conclusion which I just recently found.

    Yes, my almost-undoubtedly liberal professor gave an A for the essay.

  • Liz

    It is intolerable that things like this are not only gotten away with but are commonplace.  And not only tolerated but condoned by the pillars of Muslim society.  I don’t doubt there were sermons preached about the dire consequences of not being a “submissive wife” when this happened.

    • George

      Liz, where are the loud-mouth feminists to speak out about this  ?    Also where is the mainstream media to report about  this crisis ?  Here we have such a beautiful woman disfigured and totured and then she jumped to her death because of her suffering  and there is total silence by the f***ing feminist groups who proclaim so loudly that they care so much about women. This sickens me horribly.  Oh gee , I think I know where the feminists are . They are out marching , shouting, demonstrating and conducting sit-ins and media interviews about lesbian rights , abortion rights , destroying the traditional family and traditional marriage and bashing men perpetually. That’s their agenda and they (feminists ) couldn’t give a rat’s  a**  what happens to these women.  It’s pathetic and nauseating.