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At our readers’ behest, we are proud to unveil the first official Atheist Conservative t-shirt! Pick it up on the Republican gear superstore Pax Republicana. Show you have the courage of your convictions. Wear this shirt.

If you think it, flaunt it!

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  • George

                      There is one very important thing that I must precaution people on and I just thought about it after pondering this matter.        Some atheists have placed atheist  bumper stickers or decals on their personal vehicle   only to have their car vandalized ( the car keyed,  spray painted with grafitti, tires slashed , lights and/or windows broken out ) by zealot fundamentalist Christians who hate such displays and will  even get violent and obnoxious to such displays.   So a word of caution is in order. Nothing would piss you off more than to place an atheist  sticker on your car  and go to a shopping mall and return and find your car vandalized .     A atheist friend of mine  had an atheist license tag on his car and zealot Christians when passing him on the highway flipped him the bird, blew their horns at him while shaking their bibles at him and shouting insults .  Understand what you have to deal with and expect it and know how to  respond properly.   Don’t let these zealots cause you to do something stupid or illegal because of their provocation and  harrassment.
                           I had an atheist decal in my rear window of my car about 25 years ago while parked in front of  a convenience store and a  christian woman walked pass and saw it and removed her bible out of her purse as I was preparing to get in my car and shook it at me and told me I needed to turn to jesus and accept the lord. I in turn told her to take her jesus , her bible, her god and her christianity  and shove it up her f***ing  a**  , and her mouth dropped wide open in shock and she angrily hurried  into the store  in horror .   What an arrogant a**hole !
                         A man  at a sandwich shop paid for my food and then tried to proselytize his christianity afterwards. I gave his money back and he told me I was costing him a blessing from god ( he was doing it for selfish reasons which I told him ) and he got the message.    
                                 Just realize that whenever we display secular logos or writings publicly you are going to get some hostile reactions and just prepare in advance how to repond and don’t let these individuals get  under your skin and make you lose your “cool”.   It’s a start of a new and much neeeded trend and we need to all get onboard to inspire others to join in as well.   Hopefully it may become commonplace and that would indeed be a ground-breaking step in the right direction .   Let’s do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • Yes, this is why I prefer the shirt over the bumper sticker. Forces you to deal with me in the flesh rather than my inanimate transportation.

      Though you might want to learn some Brazilian jiu-jitsu, especially if walking through Islamic lands.

      • George

                                 Andrew , I agree regarding wearing the  t-shirt to deal with the zealots face to face. I actually prefer both , meaning I get to deal with these zealots face to face in person and  also spread the word in my travels . In other words , I give them a double-dose of reason and rationality ( they get a double-whammy ) . As far as learning  Brazillian jiu-jitsu  is concerned, I was on the college wrestling team , studied Japanese and Korean karate, and Chinese Gung-Fu  , and was taught boxing by a Golden Glove professional boxer and I am rated as  a rifle expert, and also rated as a  distinguished master pistol shooter and I shoot perfect scores often on the range and I’m an instructor as well.  So if some barbarian want’s to attack me with a sword , I don’t think that will be a good idea.   
                                I don’t like violence of any kind  ( only the use of force in self-defense ) .     Sometimes I think the world today has gone increasingly mad and backwards. If people in world society spent as much time learning civility, common sense, character, and fair & just treatment of others , then the world as a whole would be much better off.  Unfortunately we have intolerant bigots who are so adamant that they have to force their beliefs and political/ philosophical views on everyone else and thus therein we have the widespread problem. 

    • Liz

      Yes, what happens to all the Christian “love” when you don’t respond to their proselytizing the way you’re supposed to?  Seems to vanish quickly.  It makes you realize what a thin line there is between them and a jihadist, when you get down to the brass tacks. They won’t go so far as to blow themselves up to kill you, but they will gleefully anticipate your burning in hell.

  • Fan of Heather Mac Donald

    Wanted to buy one, would have, but they are not available in XL  🙁

    • Jillian Becker

      I’ll talk to them about stocking XL, Fan of Heather Mac Donald.

      Will let you know under this post what they say. 

    • George

                     Hey Fan of Heather Mac Donald , heres a tip I suggested to a  XL friend before and it works great.   Go ahead and order the T-shirt  ( whether it’s small, medium or large  ) and when it arrives , use scissors on a straight-edge and cut out a rectangular border around the lettering. Then get a brand new plain white  XL T-shirt and use fabric glue and bond the lettering rectangular patch ( with the logo wording ) onto the XL T-shirt.  If the background white color t-shirt is the same color as the newly cut-out rectangular area it will only appear as a rectangular border line around the lettering and in most cases you can’t even tell the diference . I’ve done this myself and suggeted it to a friend or two and it works and you will have a t-shirt in your size using the same lettering but only attached to a larger t-shirt but it  still looks the same and no one will know the difference.   Keep your purchase receipt in case someone tries to say you’re copying someone’s copyright design logo  ( which you aren’t ) .  Once you purchase the logo legally , whatever you attach it to or how you wear it is up to you and if you decide to attach the logo to one of your own  t-shirts as an addition there is no infringement whatsoever. Try it —I have , and  it really works.

      • George

                        Clarification——-  My comment was regarding any larger size t-shirt in general and not just specifically this one . As Jillian has posted , the XL sizes will be available in 3 weeks and that is the best way to go .  I’m only illustrating a way to display patches or logos that you purchase and then place them on other shirts that you may own  that will have a proper fit.   I  like the shirts and stickers both——–a great idea to proudly flaunt our beliefs and position.  The Christians proudly display their t-shirts , bumper stickers and patches  , then why shouldn’t we ?   The more we secular freethinkers come out of the closet and proudly let the world know who we are and that we are NOT a mere miniscule number , the more we will be recognized .  
                               Now , I’m wondering who makes an atheist flag , banner, pendant , key chain , printed ink pen logo , patches for shirts and jackets , and an atheist beach towel for lounging in front of the surf ———now that’s the way to go .   Don’t laugh , I wouldn’t be surprised if they may be out soon ! 

        • Jillian Becker

          Good ideas, George.  I’ll suggest them to Pax Republicana who so far have been responsive to our wishes.

  • Jillian Becker

    George – and all readers – 

    Atheist Conservative bumper stickers are now available from Pax Republicana.

    • George

      Thanks Jillian

  • Andrew M

    Thanks for spreading the word, Jillian! I would love to see these shirts crop up at Tea Party events surrounded by beautiful American flags.

    Let’s live the dream now!

    • George

      Hey Andrew , I wonder if it’s available as a bumper sticker decal also .

      • Jillian Becker

        George – I asked Pax Republicana about Atheist Conservative bumper stickers and they say they WILL BE stocking them soon. Will let me know when.