Cruel but not unusual in the Arab world 4

The authenticity of this horrific video of a man being buried alive in Syria is being questioned.

Sparse as the information surrounding it is, it seems to us extremely unlikely that anyone would voluntarily undergo what we see this man suffering merely to help create a propaganda hoax.

As it is not made clear who the perpetrators are, for whom would the propaganda be useful? They are assumed to be Syrian soldiers, but do Syrian soldiers wear sneakers? And if most of them are soldiers, why is the man in jeans working with them?

What we do know is that such atrocities are carried out in the Arab world. The language spoken here is Arabic. It is generally agreed that the video has come from Syria. It seems certain enough that Arabs are doing it.

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  • Ralph

    Why would they need to point AK-47s at a man in this condition?

    • Liz

      If the other video (of the stoning) is any indication, it’s actually their idea of being “merciful”.  To make sure the guy is dead after they think they’ve tortured him enough.  Even barbarian psychos have their limit!

  • George

                  I don’t see the UN ( Useless Neanderthals ) speaking out against this. I don’t see the mainstream news media speaking out against this , reporting  this and presenting this to the mainstream populace . I don’t see our civilized society in general making an at large widespread  public outcry regarding this ( both liberal and conservative ).  It’s no wonder that it is still going on.  Where are all the loudmouths , and so-called concerned and compassionate individuals who have candle-light vigils and wringing of the hands when a mass murderer is being executed in America ?  Why the widespread worldwide SILENCE regarding this ? 
                           I’m just waiting for the trolls to come pouncing on this site with their BS claims that it’s FAKE .   Sound familiar ?

    • Bahahaha! Useless Neanderthals! That’s a good one!

      You hit the nail on the head about the “compassionate” people who have candle-light vigils for death row inmates. Those people are hypocrites of the highest order! They don’t want to kill a murderer, but would gladly kill an innocent fetus!