Shut up! 3

We like this video, so we’ll overlook one small point in it which we don’t, of course, agree with – that being “anti-religious” is a bad thing.

Now we’ll shut up.


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  • I agree with being anti-religious.

    Everybody Draw Muhammad Day is tomorrow. I hope you all celebrate.

  • Liz

    Really good!
    I can even agree with him on the “anti-religious” part.  I don’t agree with atheists who try to force things like the removal of religious symbols or names from public places that are part of the history of a place, etc., pretending to be offended by them. You can’t erase religion from history.  Learn from it and move on.
    On the other hand, the religious need to stop pretending that the separation of church and state is something atheists made up out of thin air to further their nefarious agenda.  But they got where they are by pretending, so I doubt that will happen.

  • Frank