As the roof of Europe begins to fall in … 4

Greek fury, British candor.

See a video clip of Greek politicians slapping each other here. A male member of the Nazi “Golden Dawn” party and a female member of the Communist Party come to blows on a TV show, after the Nazi throws water (or something) at another leftist lady.

And here Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party “tells it like it is” in the European parliament. ( A talking shop merely, it has no powers. The EU is run by the diktat of bureaucrats. It is not a democracy.)

  • I just got a news update that Conservatives won the Greek election! There may be hope for the world after all.

  • Ralph

    Socialism has become so expensive Capitalism can’t support it.

  • George

                                      The gutsy patriotic people of Europe need to get together and form a massive  “grass roots”  movement throughout Europe to stand up and take their society back and kick out the corrupt politicians who are selling their society out.   The big question is — ” How did things come to this point in the first place ” ?   The answer is because the public got hoodwinked by dubious propagandists and they ( just like us ) got   “sold out”   by corrupt and cowardly  politicians who caved in to the enemies of their society instead of standing up and doing the right thing.  That’s how it happened.  It looks like the [ FIFTH COLUMN ] is in Europe as well as in America .  Africa is already finished and is currently hopeless.  The European people hopefully will stand up , fight back and not roll over and go quietly into the night . We are living in dangerous times and it’s getting worse each day.  
                           I hope the European people come to their senses and get rid of these corrupt political individuals who are endangering their soverignty , society and future.   

  • SAD

    EU has NO PLAN B, ….. terrible WWII type leaders….
    BUILD EU of EWON ….:   Europeans Willing Of North …
    D, NL Scandinavia Hanze ect. They can use cheap labour from the south…

    Please no ridged German centralization,
    German Centralization doesn’t work.