The immaculate innocence of Islam 3

The persecution Christians are suffering in Islamic countries is apparently of little or no concern to the ever-bleeding hearts of the American Left.

The Obama administration is positively ignoring it.

We quote from an article by Raymond Ibrahim at Front Page:

The Obama administration’s support for its Islamist allies means lack of U.S. support for their enemies, or, more properly, victims — the Christian and other non-Muslim minorities of the Muslim world. …

On May 24 this year the US State department released the Country Reports on Human Rights.

For the first time ever, the State Department simply eliminated the section of religious freedom …

The State Department “refused to list Egypt as ‘a country of particular concern,’ even as [Coptic] Christians … were being murdered, churches destroyed, and girls kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. ”

Legislation to create a special envoy for religious minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia … has been stalled by Sen. James Webb (D-Va). In a letter sent to Webb Wednesday night, Rep. Frank Wolf [R-Va, who introduced the envoy bill] said he “cannot understand why” the hold had been placed on a bill that might help Coptic Christians and other groups “who face daily persecution, hardship, violence, instability and even death.” … Webb spokesman Will Jenkins explained the hold by saying that “after considering the legislation, Senator Webb asked the State Department for its analysis.” In a position paper issued in response, State Department officials said “we oppose the bill as it infringes on the Secretary’s [Hillary Clinton’s] flexibility to make appropriate staffing decisions …  The new special envoy position is unnecessary, duplicative, and likely counterproductive”.

The word “flexibility” has a special meaning when used by the Obama gang. Obama quietly informed the Russians that after he’d won the election in November he would have more “flexibility” – presumably to meet Putin’s demands more fully than he can before it. So the word may be taken to mean “ability to accommodate the wishes of America’s enemies”.

Once this reasonable deduction is made it is easy to see that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s need for “flexibility to make appropriate staffing decisions” means she does not want to have a pro-Christian or anti-Muslim envoy. (The same thing in the circumstances.)

In regard to which it should be recalled that among Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers – possibly standing alone as her closest adviser – is Huma Abedin, a Muslim with close ties (see here and here) to the Muslim Brotherhood.

With that fact in mind, no one should be surprised when “flexible” decisions are  seen to be implemented.

The administration … had nothing to say when Islamic terrorists bombed Nigerian churches on Easter Sunday, killing some 50 Christians and wounding hundreds. And when the Egyptian military indiscriminately massacred dozens of unarmed Christians for protesting the nonstop attacks on their churches, all the White House could say is, “Now is a time for restraint on all sides”—as if Egypt’s beleaguered Christian minority needs to “restrain” itself against the nation’s military, a military that intentionally ran armored-vehicles over them at Maspero.

In light of all this, naturally the Obama administration, in the guise of the State Department, would oppose a bill to create an envoy who will only expose more religious persecution for the administration to suppress or obfuscate.

Such is the current state of affairs. In its attempts to empower its Islamist allies, the current U.S. administration has taken up their cause by waging a war of silence on their despised minorities — the Christians and other non-Muslims of the Islamic world.

The Obama administration cannot allow Islam to be guilty of anything, even of deeds carried out insistently in its name. It will have America and the world know that Islam is irreproachably innocent of any aggression, persecution,  intolerance, or terrorism.

As an example of the administration’s campaign to “suppress knowledge” both of “the sufferings of religious minorities under Islam”  and of “knowledge concerning Islam itself” in connection with them, Raymond Ibrahim provides a link to this instructive video clip:


  • Liz

    “Waging a war of silence against their despised minorities” is exactly what Germany did while Hitler was murdering Jews. 
    I agree with earthman that Muslims should be deported (or put in dentention camps) just like the Japanese and Germans during WWII.  If they are at war with us by their own admission, we should treat them like it.
    Obama is a despicable traitor, whether as a Muslim, Communist, or just plain self-serving sell0ut.


    What in hell is wrong with these idiots?

    “Islam” declared war on the new United States in 1789. They began attacking our ships in the Mediterranean; seizing our ships and enslaving our crews.

    Jefferson and Adams met with the Moroccan Ambassador to England, 1789, and asked them why the Muslims were attacking our ships.

    The Ambassador replied that it was their duty under Islam, and stated in the Qur’an, that all Muslims must force all infidels to surrender to Islam and to make Islam the
    only religion and Allah the only god.

    Jefferson had never before heard such outrageous talk. He bought a Qur’an so he could understand how to fight them.

    As of 1789, the United States was paying the Muslims of the Barbary Coast 20% of our annual national revenue as “Jizya,” tribute so the Muslims would not attack
    our ships. Most of the maritime states in Europe were paying “tribute.”

    The Muslims kept attacking our ships and enslaving our crews.

    Jefferson convinced congress to build a huge navy. They did. By the time Jefferson was elected president, he had his navy. His campaign promise was “Millions for
    defense, not one penny for tribute.”

    We finally began attacking the Muslims in 1800. The war lasted 15 years and was not really interrupted by the war of 1812.

    We finally won the war by deposing the head muckity-muck of Libya; destroying the Muslim military, and the Muslims surrendered, but, they complained that according to their religion they could not enter into a treaty of peace with infidels. They never did.

    Islam never made peace with America. They are forbidden to make peace with infidels. Their declaration of war is still, and eternally, in effect.

    So, even the members of congress are wholly ignorant of this fact and ignorant of the fact that Obama is a Muslim and a mortal enemy of the people of the United States.

    We were at war with English Imperialism; we were at war with Nazism; we were at war with Communism, and we have always been at war with Islam.

    We have to get rid of these brainless, gutless, traitors in Washington DC.

    I demand that all Muslims be rounded up and deported to Saudi Arabia no matter their country of origin.

    • Jillian Becker

      Thank you, EARTHMAN1, for your instructive comment. It’s a valuable contribution. 

      The history of the long war with the Barbary Pirates needs to be recalled in the context of Islam’s renewed assault on the West, and yet it is hardly ever mentioned.  

      I also understand your impatience with the traitors in Washington, and appreciate the robustness of your idea that Saudi Arabia be made the depository of all Muslims. 

      It might also be a good idea to bomb the Kaaba.