Ask a stupid question 6

… and get an unwelcome answer.

Do Muslims “have a right to be offended?”  Right or no right, human beings take offense. But which is more offensive to a rational mind: a bad video, or acts of atrocious cruelty?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, self-emancipated from Islam, superbly intelligent, superbly lucid, speaks truth to a morally deaf TV interviewer, and is sharply cut off when she makes an inarguable point.


(Video clip via Creeping Sharia)

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  • Andrew M

    She’s a stronger patriot than many (if not most) of our native-born Westerners.

    If anyone here has not read her memoir Infidel, I implore you to do so. It will have a permanent spot on my bookshelf for as long as I live.

    Also, it should come to little surprise that when I mentioned her name to one of my Muslim friends, he called her a “hater”. If Ayaan Hirsi Magan never left the Islamic world nor enriched her mind with Western political thought, I imagine she would likely say the same thing about the modern Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Physics has yet to discover just how much Islam warps the fabric of reality.

  • She laid it out about as clearly as could be hoped for.. It’s always a pleasure to hear individuals who speak with concise economy, yet frame the point perfectly… I wish I had that skill. It didn’t appear to me that she was cut off because her argument was unassaIlable, I think it was just a time issue. The reporter handled it reasonably smoothly I thought. Great post, thanks!!

    • Jillian Becker

      Glad you liked the post, Steve.
      Just want to say that I am familiar with the BBC’s Newsnight program, and that particular interviewer. I’m pretty sure that Ayaan Hirsi Ali was abruptly cut off because I am very sure that what she said was not to the liking of the interviewer, the program, or the BBC, and unwelcome opinions are all too often treated like that.

      • OK, you have the inside dope then… but I still insist on feeling noble for at least attempting to defend that poor, maligned and misunderstood interviewer… who of course was not worthy to wash Ms Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s feet.LOL (I don’t do lol’s often thankfully)
        P,S.: It is REALLY SHAMEFUL the degree to which the BBC has swung to the left. It basically has become Britain’s “MSNBC”. Didn’t it used to have at least a little credibility way way way back when? Or am I just having a flashback to my old liberal days. Yep, I used to switch to BBC when NPR and PRI shut down for the day… never mind;-)

  • liz

    She’s right. Why apologize to barbarians for being civilized? Much less give up one inch of our rights as free people to them.

  • cheongyei

    Regardless of the acts of 9/11 in 2001 or in 2012, by the very book that they call ‘holy’ isslamm is at war with its non-adherents. The only proper course is to meet their violence with violence, until they learn to behave in a civilized world, or until they are all gone.
    There is no middle ground, and clearly they are not a religion of peace, but rather a religion of tearing or burning or blowing things to pieces.