Joey the clown 5

These pictures illustrating the fatuous, rude, jeering behavior of Vice-President Joe Biden during the October 11, 2012, vice-presidential debate between him and Paul Ryan, come from PowerLine:

Not only did Biden lie about the administration’s attempted cover-up of the 9/11/12 murders at the US legation in Libya, but he put on a clown’s performance with grinning, grimacing, and shouting his opponent down, while smugly defending the indefensible, apparently impervious to the fact that a national tragedy has recently occurred.

It wasn’t a debate – only one side arguing his points – but a bullying session. And as Joe Biden, the bully, was under the orders of his Party, he personified the Democrats in all their collective nastiness – the bullying Party.

  • Found this “Wall Street Journal” link on the Karl Rove Website… I go there to mock trolling liberals… when I get bored… no I’m not proud of it….
    Anyways, this is an excellent article, I highly recommend it.;-)

  • Worm_Can

    Batman and Robin, help!

  • liz

    It was almost too much to stomach watching Biden grin, laugh at, and rudely interrupt Ryan, to tell all the business-as-usual lies. Only it’s not business as usual anymore. People are dead because of them and everyone knows it. But you’re right – they apparently don’t KNOW that everyone else knows it! They are confident their cover-up has worked, as it always does.
    But the Emperors new clothes are getting pretty skimpy. They may find themselves standing naked before the world soon.

    • The only thing harder to stomach is Stephanie Cutter explaining why Biden was not really lying, and twist it all back onto the Republicans. People ask me if It’s hard to be an Atheist, thinking there is no heaven waiting for me. But what’s really hard is knowing there is no hell waiting for a few very deserving individuals.