A religious ceremony 4

The horrible piercing is real, but the Muslims doing it are Sufi Dervishes, not Shias.

(Hat tip to our reader and commenter Steve M Cardon)

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  • What it looks like is a “sherm” smoking body modification party… except no girls are invited… how lame is that ?!!

    Look, I’m going to come right out and say what most of us are probably thinking… this damn hurricane benefits O’bama by giving him a chance to look presidential, and show his deep concern for Americans affected by the storm. He will be very generous with the credit card cutting through all the “red tape”. Millions of pizza’s will be shipped in. Even more than that, it takes Benghazi off the headlines, and makes it sound petty by comparison to unfolding humanitarian crisis that O’bama will be working tirelessly to address.

  • liz

    This reminds me alot of those hippies that used to be into …something or other, I forget what it was called. Probably this….

  • woooohoooo!! Who says islam can’t be fun!!! I tell ya, I respect the hell out of these guys Give’em a nuke and put their finger on the button. I want to party with these cats! ,,,, ,,,, well… ok, maybe not….

  • Holy shit, those people are crazy!