Deep corruption 6

Here are just some of the questions hanging in the air over the Obama administration, whose hands are soaked with the American blood shed in Benghazi, about the Generals in Disgrace Affair. They are by Victor Davis Hanson, and we take them from The Corner of the National Review:

How can some individual just call up an FBI friend (?) and thereby instigate an FBI investigation?

That is what Jill Kelley, now said to have been in an intimate relationship with General John Allen, did. Why did she do it?

It seems she is in serious debt, and may have hoped to launch a scandal in order to make money from the media.

How can a Florida socialite by any stretch of the imagination merit a vast e-mail correspondence with the nation’s highest ranking warriors entrusted to conduct our most critical struggles?

Because corruption has become normal.

What in the world is an “honorary consul general” and who extends such Alice Through the Looking Glass titles?

That’s what she called herself, and on the strength of the self-awarded title asked the FBI for diplomatic protection.

How can a Ph.D. candidate, without any journalistic or historical credentials, become the public face of a four-star general and be privy to information to the point of hitting the lecture circuit to pontificate about a CIA annex in Benghazi? How did an early-middle-aged married mother of two suddenly morph into a court biographer who lectured on everything from military practice to leadership to national-security challenges?

This refers of course to Paula Broadwell, who was not a writer but has her name on the biography (actually penned, we surmise, by her “co-author” Vernon Loeb) of General Petraeus. Our suggestion: She didn’t get close to the General because she was writing his biography; she thought up the idea of “writing” his biography as a pretext for staying close to him.

We are not outraged by adultery. As the schoolboy said, the lifelong marriage of one man with one woman is called monotony.

We are outraged by what Obama, Hillary Clinton, General Petraeus, Leon Panetta and Co allowed to happen, or caused to happen in Benghazi. The divers devious divas who play their parts in the spectacle of corruption merely decorate the stage.

We await the day of judgment on the Benghazi disaster – but not with high hopes that justice will be done.

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    “It is depressing to see Fox News so desperately flogging the Benghazi attack in the last moments of the election. Is that really the best that Romney and the Republicans have at this point? It is a sideshow to the real problems facing the country, and the idea that the State Department under Obama is less concerned than heretofore about the safety of its personnel, or that our intelligence agencies are systemically less focused on preventing terror attacks, is fanciful.”
    [My 12th flogging of the Benghazi issue on this thread]

    “If one simply lets the administration slide (as opposed to beating a horse that is far from dead), why do we need any checks and balances at all? Obama will win every war of attrition, and have Carte Blanche to spin and obfuscate his way out of every contraversy. Sure, let him do what he wants and not be answerable for the consequences. Who cares right? If you allow every redirection to succeed you will wind up concluding what he wants you to conclude, and go exactly where he wants you to go. “Baaaa'”

  • Sigh.. once again sorry for off-topic though as I have continued to predict, tangentially related. Video of IDF strike on Hamas military wing leader is about to break it wide open, this is the beginning of massive escalation IMO.

    • Good Lord, F Chuck Todd is such a waterboy for Obama that he asks Obama the question then provides him the best answer as part of the question (in case Obama forgets the answer he was prepped to give. (Press conference ongoing at this moment)

      • liz

        And Obama can stand there and act offended that they would have the nerve to “besmirch” Susan Rices reputation because she repeated their lie. It was THEIR lie, after all! How dare you?

  • liz

    It almost makes me think that this may not have been her idea, but something that was planned in advance, in order to be able to control Petraus in the event he became a threat to them, which event Benghazi was.
    That would explain all these transparent pretenses, which just COINCIDENTALLY all came to a boiling point right before the congressional investigation! Plan B was put into action, and if that doesn’t work, we have plans C,D, and F.
    The corruption has been gaining mass for the pass 50 years, and since Obama’s first election has gained enormous speed. Trying to stop it now is like standing in front of an oncoming train. Which I assume is why the Republicans are being such weenies about it.

    • Going to war is a tried and tested tactic used when a ruler is in political trouble and needs to distract the public away from it. Machiavelli wrote about it fairly extensively. Appeal to patriotism to put petty squabbles aside in order to face “more pressing” issues. Everything old is new again.
      You are exactly right Liz. Israel has been right up there on the contingency plan list… the kitchen sink is somewhere on the list too;-)