Women crave a life of submission 5

Reality to Feminists: Give up, go home, stay close to the marital bed and the kitchen.

According to this report, tens of thousands of Western women are converting to Islam because they long to submit themselves  – to a husband and to Allah. It comes from Radical Islam, by Abigail R. Esman:

The first thing the Dutch girl did once she’d converted to Islam was change her name – to Soumaya, she says, because “she was the first martyr. She was prepared to die for Allah.”

Soumaya …  is one of a wave of tens of thousands of Westerners who convert to Islam every year, more than 75 percent of whom, astonishingly, are women. Equally surprising is the fact that most of these women gravitate to conservative Islamic groups – the more misogynistic and oppressive ones – insisting all the while that they feel “liberated” and “free.”

Reading through dozens of stories of such women, one can’t help but notice the similarities among them. All claim to have embraced Islam of their own free will; yet an overwhelming majority, like Soumaya (whose story was profiled in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool), converted only after dating (or wedding) a Muslim man, usually – interestingly enough – a Moroccan (even in countries like England, where Moroccans do not form the majority Muslim population).

Others speak of “finding themselves” after years of wild drink and drugs – a pattern similar to that found in male prison converts, who often are convinced by other Muslim inmates to seek salvation through Allah. They repeat, as if by rote, the same rhetoric about escaping the sexual objectification of women by adopting the hijab or full-body abaya

Hilariously, Soumaya, along with all the other young women profiled, appears photographed in hijab and a full face of makeup – which, of course, is what women wear in order to appear more beautiful to men. In so doing, they ignore … the very essence of what such coverings in fact represent: The notion that a woman is nothing but a sexual object, and therefore must be kept hidden  

Young female converts speak of wanting to be a good Muslim and a good wife; the two become equated, acted out in a life of feminine submission, first to her husband and then, by extension, to Allah.

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  • We are witness to the death of Western Civilization, the will of citizens to take responsibility for their own lives, and the lives of their families, abandoned for a spot in a politician’s cult and protection racket.

    Being a cult member is like dying, sweet, no responsibilities, drift into eternal sleep. Life is tough, you gotta fight for your Pursuit of Happiness, or somebody else takes up your space and you disappear.

  • liz

    This is interesting coming at the same time as we hear about American feminists who have chosen to stay home with their children rather than stick with a career. Like religion does (with it’s demand to deny the natural by submitting oneself to the demands of a “supernatural” god), feminism holds up an unrealistic and unnatural ideal for women – that they should aspire to be men and ignore biological reality. This results in psychological conflict and either hypocrisy or rebellion in women.
    I wouldn’t doubt that this trend among European women to marry into Islam stems at least in part from the same inner conflict with the hypocrisies of feminism.
    Sadly they are going from the frying pan into the fire, to be forced into the even more unnatural and unbearable state of submission to primitive religious barbarism.

    • Jack

      I wouldn’t doubt that this trend among European women to marry into
      Islam stems at least in part from the same inner conflict with the
      hypocrisies of feminism.

      I think the same. As pathetic as it is, Islam offers women masculinity, family and structure. Feminism sets women at war with their biology. But I think there is more. The Left demonizes anything associated with Western/European culture (pre-1960s). So these women are probably suffused with a contempt for Christianity and a respect for multiculturalism. Put that all together and you get this suicidal phenomenon. And of course feminists will be silent on this. They have to be. As egalitarians and relativists, they can never fully condemn Islam and say it is evil. That would violate their core beliefs.

      • liz

        Yep. Another proof that leftism, like religion, is not based on rational thinking. It contradicts itself all over the place.
        They are for “free speech” and “womens rights”, until all that crashes into their promotion of multiculturalism, i.e. Islam. It should cause them to self-destruct.

  • Frank

    Western women who convert to Islam are not ignorant they are stupid. Ignorance can be corrected with education but you can’t fix stupid.