A Sunni Muslim performs his religious duty 2

A very devout Sunni praises Allah as he takes out a row
of Shia ‘infidels’ in Syria.


Picture and caption from The Religion of Peace

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  • Don L

    I have figured out the secrets of life. Once I obtain the position of power…there is no longer the need for freedom of speech or thought. All things will be given upon you to do and have. Do not question these things upon subject to death. I, who have the answers, have spoken.

  • Luther

    “Islamic terrorists take and execute hostages on an almost daily basis. So much so, that mainstream Muslims rarely even bother to report. Often we are assured that this practice has “nothing to do with Islam” because Muhammad never executed prisoners of war, or anyone else taken hostage…

    Except that he did.”

    Know Mo, know Islam.