The leader who knows nothing 9

Posted under cartoons, United States by Jillian Becker on Sunday, December 22, 2013

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  • 1goodbob

    Our leader is so delusional and self-serving he is pathetic. He either thinks he knows everything or he is waiting for his ” Orders,” from Geo. Soros and the “World bankers,” intent on our demise.

  • Ralph

    He does know Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

  • Steve M Cardon

    Given that Valerie Jarret and others are probably calling the shots anyways while Obama vacations, entertains, and fund-raises, I would say Obama has very plausible deniability… not that it lets him off the hook. I sometimes wonder what drugs they must load him up on to be able to continue in his acting role day in and day out while the wolves increasingly gather outside the walls. It certainly seems to have aged him. 😉


    Of course he doesn’t/ didn’t/ don’t know, yet he IS the boss. So, if he didn’t know then someone in his ‘transparent regime’ below him, his lieutenants, did know!

    Yet, throughout all of Obama’s “didn’t knows,” how many of these folks have been found out, and disciplined by the boss?

    Apparently, the buck stops somewhere other than the oval office!

    • Frank

      But apparently the Saudi riyal does stop there.

      • liz

        Yes, I should probably have stated in my reply above – “the propaganda arm of the SAUDI regime”, since apparently they are the ones actually funding this whole show.

    • liz

      That is where the real crime lies in all this – with the media.
      Obama (and his minions) have been “hidden in plain sight” this entire time precisely because the media have DELIBERATELY lied, omitted truth and facts, failed to investigate, conducted smear campaigns – in other words, been the Propaganda arm of the communist regime.
      They could have prevented it simply by doing their job, but instead they did the opposite. Its obvious what they consider their REAL job to be.


        Most of the consumers of mainstream media are too busy with their personal lives to care about doing an investigation into the numerous stories of Barack Obama and his regime….the ones that ring clear as a bell…..with purposefully-suppressed fact.

        I know this first-hand as I was one of these people, at first.

  • Frank

    That’s spot on the mark. He not only didn’t know – he really doesn’t care.