Democrats and Katrina 6

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s conviction on corruption charges leaves little doubt the Katrina disaster would never have unfolded as fatally as it did had there not been Third World-style mismanagement in that city.  The mayor who was so critical of President Bush for not doing more to prevent the disaster and help New Orleans after the levees broke, even demonizing him as a heartless racist, was mismanaging funds and operations that could have reinforced the levees and saved lives. Instead of building up the levees, he was building up his own personal fortune.

This is from Investor’s Business Daily:

A federal jury on Wednesday found Nagin guilty of bribery, fraud and money-laundering during his two terms as mayor of New Orleans from 2002 to 2010. The Democrat spent lavishly on personal parties, private-jet rides and first-class airfare for a Nagin family shopping spree in Manhattan that totaled more than $500,000. …

Nagin led a chorus of Democrat boos over the Bush administration’s handling of the 2005 hurricane, which took more than 1,500 lives and left tens of thousands homeless. But his record of corruption lends credence to Republican arguments that local Democratic officials in Louisiana were to blame for the post-storm debacle.

Indeed, a confidential and independent report commissioned by the Defense Department found that “corruption and mismanagement within the New Orleans city government diverted money earmarked for improving flood protection.”

The leaked 2005 report, which was commissioned by the Office of Secretary of Defense as an “independent and critical review” of what went so wrong, details how taxpayer money earmarked for flood control was diverted “to other, more vote-getting, projects.”

On Nagin’s watch, public funding was spent on Mardi Gras parties, marinas and gambling operations instead of levee maintenance. Had it not been for the failure of the levees protecting New Orleans from flooding, Katrina wouldn’t have killed as many or caused the damage it did. The National Hurricane Center ruled in December 2005 that Katrina was a mere Category 3 when it slammed ashore the Gulf Coast.

“Past mayors and governors gambled that the long-expected Big Killer hurricane would never happen,” the report said. “That bet was lost with Hurricane Katrina.”

Dare we hope that voters will fully grasp the fact that the rule of Democrats caused the ruin of both New Orleans and Detroit? And then keep the Democratic Party out of power?

Nah. Won’t happen. People who vote Democratic obviously don’t recognize facts and don’t like to think.

  • liz

    That is a perfect microcosm of what is now happening to the entire country under the completely corrupt, lawless dictatorship of Obama and Holder.
    And of course those who voted them in for all the wrong, ignorant reasons won’t learn a thing from the resulting disaster.


      Great point, liz! The larceny that occurred in New Orleans does seem to be a perfect synonym for our president’s agenda….The shallow-thinking people in the country seem to have this same agenda. Obama’s supporters, that is!

      Samuel L. Jackson stated the other day that he voted for Obama strictly because he was black. That was enough of a reason for Jackson to vote him in. I’m certain that there were many voters who followed Jackson’s processes.

      Someone once called me a racist because I told them that I would like to see the day when a citizen of America wasn’t called a “Black” American, or an “Hispanic” American, but simply an “American.”

      All those other folks who just wanted to see a well-trained Socialist “wunderkind” loot the country’s coffers, no matter what color his skin was, had all of the right reasons to vote for him, too!

      • liz

        Yes, voting for a president BECAUSE HE’S BLACK isn’t racist, but voting against him because of his idiotic ideology IS.
        If we ever get a black conservative nominated, they’ll have to re-define racism (again!), so it’ll be racist to vote FOR him.

      • donl

        Samuel L Jackson (not Fishburne) and even whites voted for the NoBama because he’s black because Americans have been systematically, over 100 years, been kept from ever knowing any information as to how to select or evaluate a candidate for office. No standards against which to judge.

        If you don’t actually know what free market capitalism IS, you can be made to believe it exists when it doesn’t…it doesn’t. You can be lulled and gulled to believe it is immoral, corrupt and the cause of all economic adversity when it isn’t…it isn’t. And, you can be brought to accept ‘leaders’ who can solve all problems when they can’t…they can’t, haven’t and never will be able to.

        When a compulsory schooling system has so mis-educated, obfuscated and indoctrinated…the population accepts “it takes a village – Hitler youth”, “social justice – government as gun to steal”…all the emotional crap becomes the voting determinant…politicians run rampant.

        Incidentally…self-check…if one doesn’t know what fractional reserve central banking is…then one doesn’t know what Free Market Capitalism is. Hint: that it exists is the evidence the freedom doesn’t either.

  • Frank

    I’ll tell you what else you had after Katrina – looting. In comparison, after the tsunami hit Japan there was no looting. Draw your own conclusions.


      No…no Frank. That was a simple transfer of wealth to those who deserved it more…it was a “re-allocation,” if you like.