A prize for lies 3

Mark Steyn is being sued for libel in Canada by Michael Mann of Mann-made global warming – and is counter-suing the lying scientist.

In addition to lying about global warming with his infamous “hockey-stick” graph, Mann falsely claims that he was awarded a Nobel prize.

Kim Jong-un, dictator of North Korea, has just held a farcical general election, and finds himself the winner with 100% of the votes.

Very few Muslims (about 7 out of 1.6 billion) have won Nobel prizes, and many Muslims believe that is because of “Islamophobia”, so Iran will award prizes to the overlooked Islamic worthies.*

That is the background to this Mark Steyn joke:

Kim Jong-Un casts his vote for Michael E Mann’s Mustafa Prize

Mark Steyn writes:

Good news for fake Nobel Laureate Michael E Mann. Iran is launching an Islamic Nobel Prize to be named after Mustafa (ie, Mohammed). Given that he wants it so badly, maybe we can nominate Dr Mann for a Mustafa Prize.

* Recently an Iranian ayatollah claimed that Einstein (one of at least 193 Jews out of 13.75 million who really have won Nobel prizes) was a Shi’a Muslim.

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  • liz

    So if you can’t make it in reality, lying about it is just as good!
    Interesting thing about these pathological liars – they never stop to wonder why they never achieve the reality, or why it matters.
    Obama is in the same category as these losers – they may have “officially” given him the prize, but he didn’t do anything to achieve it, and he lies continuously to cover up that fact.

    • Azgael

      It proves these “prizes” are meaningless now, they give them out like candy to people who do/did nothing to actually earn then.

      • liz

        Yeah, and that’s putting it mildly!
        I cannot even fathom how deliberately, willfully, stubbornly ignorant, arrogant and sociopathic you would have to be to continue to force this destructive agenda on everyone, when the damage it’s already causing is becoming obvious even to the morons who voted for him.