Drought and the environmentalists 4

  • Don L

    On the way to hospital yesterday, treatments do me more harm than the underlying problems, the driver had Rush on and the topic was the ‘greens’. Some caller played an audio clip wherein in was revealed that a moose can annually exhale greenhouse gases equivalent to 1300 cars. So, it was decided that protected moose must now be shot…to save the environment. Ah, one of the voices was, not actually, Al Gore.

    OK, a made up scenario. But the circular logic is real. The greenies would kill off mankind to save the planet. So, then, what’s the purpose of saving the planet…for who or what? Incidentally, the planet will be here. There is absolutely nothing man can do to harm the planet. And, as for the environment, the planet has done more to wipe it out and start again than anything we could do. Can’t remember the name, but in the sout pacific there is a volcano spewing, in one year, more green house gases than man has pumped out in the last 100 years.

    The greenies are conditioned compulsory schooling system stooges…now a cult: false premise automatons. As with those on the political left who just can’t get it through their noggins…everywhere socialism has been implemented it has failed and yet they continue to demand it. Greenies will never face reality…so, let’s just round up the greenies and the socialists and load them onto some of those mothball fleet ships and shove ’em out to sea. Periodically drop some un-animal provisions…I wouldn’t bother but some might think me cruel and inhuman…they’d be right…ARRR!

    In fact, like gang members in prison. Why separate them…put them all together (black, white, hispanic, indians,,,they’re all precious in his sight) and let them live out their natural iives…on some old WWII Victory ships.

    It was actually used by a progressive, George Bernard Shaw, to describe talking with freedom-loving folk…an illogical and emotion-as-thought fool…the/his comment, of course, best describes speaking with greenies and socialists: “never get in a fight with a pig, you get dirty and the pig likes it”.


    Its always the same old battle……the “touchy-feely,” tree-hugging, overly educated, but retain-nothing-of-value-or-substance Left, against the thoughtful, common-sense approach of the thinking few!

    I think that you would discover that the majority of the followers of common sense and reason mostly take a conservative view of their surroundings.

    I can hear those ignorant Socialists screaming bloody murder if their “dam” agendas are not met.

    “You can’t build that dam! It will kill off the scarlet-ruffled fledglings!!!”
    These idiots would rather die of thirst than to lose even one bird!

    • Azgael

      Let them die, saves on ammo for when civilization collapses

      • Don L