Why bear with this artist? 7

Abraham Poincheval is an artist.

His is the art of living inside a small hole, a metal cylinder, a bear’s carcass, or the French Alps for a week or more.

This is from the Washington Post:

As you read this, Poincheval is inhabiting a bear. A hollowed-out, sterilized bear carcass, to be exact. He’s been there since yesterday [April 2, 2014], and he won’t leave until April 13. That means he’ll eat, sleep, drink and — yes — “go to the bathroom” inside the bear.

He talks nonsense.

Poincheval, according to the exhibition’s press release, has long had a “need to become one with such an animal.” During a previous performance, which involved him living in the French Alps, he “repeatedly encountered animal carcasses.” That got the French artist’s wheels turning. What would it be like to live inside one?

His thoughts on the matter got pretty deep.

“The transcendence between man and bear endures since the dawn of time,” the press release says. “A profound symbolism has existed since the prehistory, a symbolism that is still gripping the Western world’s imagination today.”

Transcendence cannot be between two things. For one to transcend the other he or it must go beyond it or him.

And neither man nor bear have existed since “the dawn of time”.

And there cannot have been any symbolism “since the prehistory” [presumably of mankind] as only human beings can create symbols. But what symbolism does he mean? What is being symbolized? However did he discover that the symbolism of whatever it may be is gripping the Western world’s imagination? (It’s not gripping ours.)

Poincheval wanted to make imagination into reality.

Meaning presumably that he wanted to make real something that he imagined.

Though such a feat — especially when it involves residing inside a giant bear carcass for a fortnight — isn’t necessarily an easy task. It takes patience. It takes calculation. It takes a very comfortable pillow.

The piece [of performance art], which he’s filming with two cameras, is being held at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (Hunting and Wildlife Museum).

“Thought as being the intermediary between the world of men and the world of animals, for a long time the bear was believed to be man’s ancestor,” [his] press release tells people …  “Becoming [a] bear and the wearing of [its] skin is to bring about a liberating choice between human nature and animal nature. … Right from the start, this communion between Abraham Poincheval and the bear will inevitably bring him to a state of profound meditation.”

Will it? Inevitably?

A boon for the Western world’s imagination.

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  • Roger

    I see nothing wrong with artists selling their “art” to the highest bidder, so long as that bidder is using private money. Government has no business buying art or “art” with our money! Love the comments on transcendence! I think this guy has transcended rationality for sure.

  • Don L

    It seems to me that people, across the industrialized/’izing’ world, have been progressively indoctrinated to believe in EXPERTS over self-judgement.

    It doesn’t matter that “I know what I like when I see it” because you’re not an expert and are therefore wrong…the bear guy is absolutely right. Answering questions like “what about the fact that neither man nor bear have existed since the dawn of time?” don’t have to be addressed…an expert has already commented. The debate over climate change is over!

    Crapspeak is the language of EXPERT. My field of interest is economics. It just amazes me how Crapspeak is never questioned. A litany of nonsensical and incomprhensive statements will be made and then a conclusion out of thin air is then ascerted as having just been proved: “the consumer price index has shown that an increased money supply has maximized the trend toward lowered savings…so, it is obvious government needs to invest another trillion in stimulus spending. Americans having been indoctrinated to believe they aren’t smart enough to know accept this utterly meaningless Crapspeak as gospel…vote for me…and EXPERT supports me.

    Virtually every area of endeavor has been corrupted by special and political interest spending whereby EXPERTS and their Crapspeak provide the cover behind which we are stripped of wealth and rights. The two areas of thought that have had the most damaging effects on America are Economics and History. Central planning is never to be questioned and the unconstitutional horrors & war crimes and genocide policies (no good indian but a a dead indian) of Lincoln’s American System are foisted as great leadership…all hiding behing Crapspeak uttered by bought-and-paid-for EXPERTS.

    GRRR…blood at the boil…have to go…ARGHHH.

    BODY FLUIDS IN ART – from Wikipedia

    • liz

      Shades of “L”! (The chart. Disgusting).
      Interesting how “art” reflects political thought – “Crapspeak” describes both quite well!
      If centralization was achieved with Lincoln, and has (I assume) been continually worsening since then, it would seem almost impossible to correct at this point. Our only choice in voting is between crony capitalists and crony socialists!

      • Don L

        Hi Liz…hey, not to despair. One Boom & Bust economic cycle too many and an Obismal are revealing the failure of government and the Central bank.

        Yes, Lincoln destroyed States’s rights and laid the foundation for crony capiatlism, but it still took another 110 years before his disciples could actually fully implement the policies (1973 Nixon separated the dollar from gold). Yup, big government and big crony capitalism have grown exponentially since 1973.but to their detriment.

        Nobama’s lies, keep your doctor & insurance…period, and the failed economy are having an effect.. Illuminating the role of the FED and the failure of central planning is having good effect. It’s slow going for now but I think it is gaining momentum.

        If you affect one and they affect another…pretty soon…
        Hey, a couple months ago, before “The Real Lincoln”…you were pushing the myth…now you see the undelying lie(s) of centralized government and your analiysis and evaluation…decisions are greatly improved. right?

        And so it grows. Faster would be better…not at all would be horrid.

      • Don L

        I bought “L”, I have to get to it. I guess I was the other one. LOL That’l come back to haunt me! LOL, LOL

  • liz

    Yes, I can tell he’s really “becoming one” with that bear, there. Such transcendence! Way to be a couch potato and get paid for it.

  • So, apparently now talking a load of crap and being a kook is “art.”

    Silver lining: Since this is in France, presumably at least he’s not getting a buttload of cash from the NEA.